10 everyday things that have an unexpected story

In our homes full of stuff. Some of them seem so familiar to us that we will never be able to associate them with the biography, which is hidden in their history. And it is not only surprising, but shocking.

1 treadmill

If you ever been on a treadmill and thought to myself that this is torture, then you’re more right than it seems at first glance. Treadmills originally designed to make people suffer. The first treadmill was built in 1818 by William Kubica. It was a wooden platform equipped with a railing, which worked like a hamster wheel. Cubitt has put these devices in prison, where forced convicted criminals to walk with him up to 10 hours a day. After some time, the inspectors realized that they could hook up treadmills to grain grinders and water pumps in order to find a cheap source of energy. Soon, treadmills appeared in prisons across the UK. But when approached the twentieth century, some people said that it was too cruel even for the worst offenders.

2 lettuce This plant about 5000 years. The earliest accounts come from Egypt (2680 G. C. E.), when people used this salad to enhance sexual energy. The Egyptians did not eat this salad, considering it taste nasty. But they were isolated from it the liquid that is drank in order to become sex gods. They believed that the juice of lettuce is one of the best aphrodisiacs in the world. This salad was his divine patron, whose name was Min — it’s the same deity with an erection (it really portrayed).

3 Wireless Internet

The history of wireless Internet began with physics named John o’sullivan. He studied the theory of Stephen Hawking, where he said that small black holes can evaporate, sending radio signals when they do it. O’sullivan wanted to prove it. There was a possibility that these signals can be detected from Earth. They were small and almost invisible, but o’sullivan has worked hard to develop a way of finding these signals. But his work was not crowned with success. In 1992 he got a job in a company that tried to create wireless computer networks. No one could do it while o’sullivan did not use their developments on black holes in a new field. It worked, the idea o Sullivan helped create the Wi-Fi. 4 Bowling bowling Technically began in Egypt. In the tomb of an Egyptian child buried in 3200 BC, was discovered a set of nine stones elongated shape and a stone ball. Some historians came to the conclusion that these stones were used almost exactly as in the modern bowling alley. It could be a coincidence, but was discovered by another discovery — this time in Germany sample of the third century of our era. Such archaeological discoveries were few, which led to certain interpretations. Surprisingly, in Europe this game came primarily in the first Christian churches. Parishioners picked up the ball and tried to knock the wooden stakes, which represent the Gentiles. If «decent Christian» shot down all the stones, cleansed ourselves from sin. Over time people have turned this strange ritual in the normal game. So if you get a strike, you can not worry about their sins.

5 Shaving of the perineum Muslims are probably the last people you will be considered trendsetters. But during the Crusades the Islamic world was a real alternative to European civilization. The Arab world was a flourishing science and culture. Strangely, the Arabs have preserved the ancient heritage of Europe. In their cities were the baths, what the Europeans have forgotten. So when the crusaders saw naked Arab, they found it «out there» would be shaved. As far as we can judge, that the crusaders brought the fashion to shave their crotch to Europe. And it went from the Arabs.

6 the Middle finger

Show the middle finger — it’s not the best idea, especially if you’re in some kind of Siberian bar. We all know that it’s a shame, but most of us don’t really understand why this is so. As it turned out, the middle finger is one of the oldest obscene gestures. The first mention comes from the IV century BC. The Greek philosopher Diogenes gave a speech in front of a crowd of sleepy people, but they were not listening to, so to provide decent feedback, Diogenes pulled the middle finger so that his hand looked like a penis and balls. The gesture was distributed by Diogenes as a natural disaster. Soon the poet Aristophanes involved in this game.

7 balloon animal for the First balloon animal was made by the Aztecs, but it had no relation to children’s fun. The Aztecs made their balloon out of cat guts that has been dried and sewn sealed gasket. These «balls» was an attribute of rituals, a kind of sacrifice to the Aztec gods. It is unlikely that the clown Henry Maar, who in 1939, twisted balloon in the shape of animals, I thought that a parody of an ancient Aztec ritual. The next time you buy a ball, I remember that from above look at you blood-thirsty gods who want offerings to have more.

8 Chinese checkers

If you’re a fan of Board games, then you probably were playing «Chinese checkers». What are they interested in? The fact that they do not have any connection with China. Chinese checkers was invented by the German company in Ravensburg. The first Board of this game appeared in 1892. Then Chinese checkers became a hit in Germany and then spread throughout Europe and the United States. After the First world war, Germany was in disgrace, so the producers of «Chinese checkers» decided to pretend that this game was really created in China, although in the early stage of the game the names were many. For example, in Germany it was known as «Star jump». 9 Mini-Golf, 1867 — this is the dawn of the Victorian era. 18-hole Golf course, which was opened in St. Andrews (Scotland), was considered one of the dirtiest places in the country. Women, shamelessly playing in public, openly and blatantly violated their own hands, exposing the shoulders. The Victorians considered it so obscene, that women are forbidden to play normal Golf. But the initiative of a friend to put up with it did not. They created the world’s first Golf team mini-Golf, and she was female. Later mini-Golf has become popular not only in women but also in men.

10 Candles on a birthday There are many different theories about why we started putting candles in a cake for a birthday and no one still did not prove anything in particular. However, in history there is an episode that serves as the basis for the explanation of the phenomenon. The ancient Greeks were the first people who prepared honey cakes and put candles in them. It was a compulsory part of the celebration of the spring festival of Municii. Women used honey cakes as a gift to the goddess Artemis. But the Greeks were not limited to honey cake they also let the blood of the goat. If you decide to organize children holidays, it is better not to copy the Greeks.

According to the materials of Mark Oliver

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