10 etiquette rules that violate all

rules for the consular service

Well, not all, but many. It would seem that such a simple thing, but so difficult to fulfill! Moreover, this complexity is not clear where it came from. Sure dude, what annoys you fools who do not cover when we sneeze, or who somehow think that keeping his girlfriend in the ass in public — it’s cool, it supposedly shows what they look like alpha males.

And somehow people have is rejection of the word «etiquette». But, it means nothing! It’s not necessarily know how to deal with a whole Arsenal of knives and forks, which lay on the table in elegant gourmet restaurants. Often it’s the simple things that anyone bro, if he has all limbs and a brain to boot. People judge you first by your appearance and your manner. Do not disappoint them in advance, let him give you a chance! Here are 10 violations of the rules of etiquette, which is easy to avoid, but profit from it is difficult to overestimate.

1. Not to introduce strangers to each other people

rules for the consular service

It doesn’t matter where: at work or among friends — it’s always awkward when you forget to provide each other people, each of whom you know. And when you suddenly go from the company, these guys are still some time awkward exchange words and stupid smile, until he finally will have each other. It’s just a social agreement — meet strangers, although they can do it themselves. If you introduce people at work — introduce people with thoughtful posts below the main first and main — then. But this is a part — most importantly — imagination!

2. Ringing in people

the man with the phone

It happens that you are in society, in the same room with several people, and you need to text or call. At the same time you stop paying attention to others and completely immersed in his phone. This is especially inappropriate during a joint Breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea — in short, any meals. If you need to call — just leave the room, well, go out in the corridor, do not lose anything from you. Otherwise, all immediately shut up not to disturb you, and be forced to listen to your conversation. Even if you’re just standing in a queue among strangers, just walk away.

3. To argue for the bill.


A simple rule for those who dine company-prepare yourself to share the amount of the check equally at all — you have to pay even more than you owe, but just do not have to be that guy, because someone on someone’s share fall large costs. Be prepared for the fact that any type be sure to order expensive steak and will miss a couple of martinis, for which you also partially pay, adding part of its cost to your salad. If it bothers you, don’t let him see directly into the restaurant. In addition, if you split the check equally, this is such a simple way to show that you are generous and magnanimous.

4. Late

alarm clock

People love when they are appreciated. And the best way to show that you are someone not appreciate — late for a meeting, and then did not come. Remember how someone the last time I stayed, and you were waiting for him. How did you change your mind about how people are free to dispose of someone else’s time? Of course, you can walk in 20 minutes later than the scheduled time and prepare a good explanation for his tardiness, but to discover that the man was gone, wonder why he actually cares more about your relationship than you do. This is especially true for business meetings with bosses and clients. As a rule, so the whole room is divided into two groups of people: those with a sense of offended dignity awaiting someone’s arrival, and those who came and tells the story about why he didn’t do it in time.

5. Not to give way

pouni bus

Many rules of etiquette are intended to prevent people considered themselves the center of the world and thinking about others. For example, the rule to give way to those who need more of you — from such, it really has nothing to do with sexism, as parry lot bro, loving warm ass on a bus seat. Maybe the pregnant woman or grandmother do not require to give them a place, besides you’ve had a long day, sore feet, and the bus is full — who cares? Just stand up and give already at last place.

6. Leave a little tip

the waiter

We have already talked about that work in the service sector — a very valuable experience. And so, we wrote that in many ways the earnings of staff depends on tipping: the guys have a small salary, because the owners hope that visitors — generous guys willing to pay 15-20% of the bill amount to the waiter. Okay for you to leave and less if you’re not happy with the service. But not to leave a tip at all, because it is expensive or you thought about this object of expenditure is the height of boorishness. And do not refuse to eat because of some nonsense, and don’t need to treat waiters like they’re subservient. Of course, they all endure, but it will not fix the fact that you’re acting like a fool.

7. Avoid talking only about yourself

angry girl

Narcissism is no one color. Of course, I hate when people on each replica responds: «But I…» or «I have…» And you’re not alone! If you want to answer in this spirit, shut up for a minute, and then continue the conversation. Help! And also a good way to establish some kind of a question — so you show that he is interested in your conversation.

8. To behave in the gym like a moron

the gym

Etiquette gyms are pretty simple, but it is not always valid, and there are still stupid. It’s those idiots that hang a long time on a single simulator, with like nothing on it not making, or throw the weight to the floor with a big Bang, or scream as if they are killed, or do not wipe the equipment. Simple rule: don’t act like the whole world revolves around you. You are here along with a bunch of people, and you with them absolutely equal, they also paid money to use the equipment. So what’s the problem?

9. To freshen up on people

goly type

It is not necessary to recover in the presence of other people, even if you think they’re not looking. In General, everything you do in the bathroom and in the toilet there and do it: cut your legs, Procesi eyes and ears — all things that relate to personal hygiene. And keep your hands away from your face when you are in society. It is very easy to understand what people do should not be allowed just because you without hesitation would do for pretty girls.

10. Chew with your mouth open

the guy eats with his mouth open

This is one of the worst mistakes that you can do (which is a matter of etiquette, of course). In society the guy who eats with his mouth open, all cease to enjoy their meal. About women in General to forget.

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