10 easy ways to dumbfound girl

«Chivalry is dead» – complain women here and there, lamenting the past is gone forever. And they are not extinct – they just evolved. We don’t dress up, unless you say so, as it did 500 years ago – so why in this case we have to ride on horses and fight with swords? Now, in the age of high technology and the accelerated pace of life, chivalry is manifested in the other. At first glance it may seem trifles, but trifles are important, thanks to them you can distinguish stupid dork from normal bro. We, the editors understand the etiquette and can tell you about ten things, doing that, you’ll look like a knight in the eyes of his girlfriend. And most importantly, it does not require you little to no effort.

10. Give place to public transport


We all go by public transport, and often yield to do not want. But try still stands. If the bus is not crowded, and you see how you are approaching a woman, just stand up when she comes close, and offered her a subtle gesture and a slight smile. All the knight the essence of the moment will be ruined if you’re going to make this a big event and will require women to sit in your place. In this case, it will feel awkward, and neither of which chivalry will not be considered.

9. Choose for her a dish in the restaurant


Often during Dating, it happens: that will eat the woman, depends on what the outcome of the evening. Not always appropriate to make an order for his companion, but sometimes the situation requires you to. For example, if you went to an exotic restaurant which of the two of you only know you. Take the situation into your own hands! Another example is if you meet not for the first time and you know about her preferences. But even then be prepared for the unexpected, and if you haven’t guessed, is able to warn the waiter that you would like to change the order.

8. Offer her help with physical work


When it comes to modern women, it is difficult to predict their reaction to an offer of assistance in criminal matters, which need physical strength. If she carries something that looks hard, do not throw immediately to help her. Instead, say: «It would be easier/faster if we did it together» or something equally meaningless. Of course, everything inside you will scream: «Yes, I’ll carry it!» but it will be possible to offer a minute later.

7. Get up when it leaves the table or sits down


This is a very old-fashioned form of politeness, and if you mess this up, then your friend will be very uncomfortable. No need to get up just because a woman approaches the Desk or stands up for him. If you’re in a restaurant and she needed to use the toilet, why once again draw attention to it? To get appropriate when you need to congratulate the lady or say goodbye to her. If you’re up for it, it will show that she is important to you, no matter how short your conversation.

6. Hold the door


«Dude, what is this stupid column, and I still hold the door?» Yeah. I understand that you know how to hold the door, and that a woman could actually do it myself. But it’s not that she doesn’t have hands, and that it is a gesture of courtesy. No need to run 20 steps ahead and frantically open the door, and then stand and wait until your friend finally fit. If she beat you, come to the door and help. And what of those who go after her? In fact, to hold the door until you approach another dude and get the door before them. Well, within reasonable limits, of course. To be a knight is to be courteous to all, not just his friend.

5. Introduce her to your friends and family properly

meeting family

I don’t know why many have a problem with that. We all want to make a good first impression, and the best way to help your friend in this – to follow the usual rules of etiquette. As a rule, people of younger age (or less important) are older people (or more meaningful), for example, can you imagine her father, but not Vice versa. First picture of her group of friends, and then her already – each other. In our day to be a knight means to smooth over uncomfortable moments for your lady as possible. Created etiquette.

4. Take her home

to take me home

Accompany girl is cool. It is not trailer a murky mob – and if the trailer, you’ll be able to give these ghouls back. The problem is that when you offer the girl to take her home, do you really like ask her to stay. Express yourself clearly and let it be known that you’ll go to the other side, when you are sure that she safely reached home. Stop before reaching the doors. If it is time for a kiss – she will let you know. If not, just say goodbye and go home – she’ll appreciate it.

3. Hold an umbrella over it


In fact, it’s much cooler than it sounds, because most umbrellas are not intended for use by two people. This is the case when you can go from a knight in the guy who was invited into the house (you’re quite wet). No worries, don’t screw around with an umbrella like a real waiter. Pull her close and make sure that the umbrella covers her better than you. It’s just rain, you won’t melt. The hairstyle you will be able to correct the hands for 30 seconds, but she can’t.

2. Help strangers in an uncomfortable situation


In our case, under the awkward situation we understand unwanted attentions from another boy. Maybe he just got her, and she rolls her eyes, and maybe it’s something more serious. Will you have enough courage to intervene? In addition, you need to understand when you must rush to the rescue, and when this fight should remain on the conscience of those two. Remember: any girl will appreciate, if you just came to the rescue.

1. Offer her your jacket


Girls never dress for the weather. For example, you went to the bar in October, did you check the weather forecast and put on a jacket. And she dressed in a blouse without sleeves. If so – rejoice, man, she wanted to look good for you. Offer her your jacket. Don’t ask, just tell: «You’re cold, take my jacket.» What is chivalry? Well, now you are freezing.

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