10 dumbest companies on Kikstarter who received the money

Crowdfunding sites – the real Jesus for the perspective of modern business and interesting ideas. They not only help dreams to come true, but also give a chance for the world to change for the better. And if you have an idea that can change the world, crowdfunding to help you. Because even if or given on such useless crap, the chances are great. Do not understand how this shit could only receive any money.

Coat with a grizzly


Coat with a grizzly – it’s like the marshmallow Mare’s milk, President with Stas Beleckogo, Cologne of sweat. This is just idiotic. But despite this, the guys klenivka money on such a slag, I was able to reach the hearts of the 200 people who have donated more than $29,000 in order to coat with a grizzly became a reality. After a successful campaign they’ve had enough profit to continue to create new nonsense: a coat of pink bear, wolf, brown bear and Panda. Is one of those coats $199.99.

The world’s largest jockstrap

Although much more strange to find someone who matched this brace. But artist Michael Barrett was more important to make the famous Guinness book of records included him among its laureates. Only $854 took the guy to manufacture it, and gathered they were pretty fast. Record – a sacred thing.

Combat kitchenware

Selenology the Creator of this shit claimed that his utensils are ideal for self-defense. Fried and immediately whacked the enemy. All «combat» in tableware boils down to the hilt on the handle and aggressive design.

Selenology crank received a $46 261 from 561 backers. And in vain, on these pans to cook nor uncomfortable, nor to fight. Fooled again.

Protection the left hand


Instead of use soap, the makers recommended to protect yourself from ugly ink spots that remain after pen, with ugly rags. It simply wraps around the wrist and the little finger – and voila! The only problem is that it is a miracle created just for lefties. Right-handers will have to suffer. Apparently, the creators decided to take revenge on a right-handed world. Regardless of the fact that this protection is primitive and terribly uncomfortable, there were 16 guys who gave $233.

Crystal bacon

The taste of this bacon is about the same as that of the crystals. Simply put, it is not edible, and therefore useless. The creators recommend to use it as a cute Fennec and even as Christmas toys. Worst of all, made this bacon is not made of crystal, and of the usual acrylic plastic. They are artists, they see.

Set without raisins

Dried fruit is fabulously useful, but unfortunately, not everyone likes their taste. Especially the cloying sweetness of the raisins. Especially hate when you buy a set of nuts and dried fruit, and there, among tasty cashews and figs comes this little bastard. Michael Starling tried to collect on Kickstarter $250 to build… the Kit without raisins. What do you think? Cloying annoyed him and four other blockheads, who sent $26. So purely mixed nuts, which he was going to replace the dried fruit and which, as it turned out, already exists, will not soon see the light.

My Little Po-Mo: Volume One


This is a collection of academic essays on the topic «My little pony: friendship is Magic», written by a blogger under the name jed A. blue, who is quite fat adult man with a ponytail, goatee and absolutely derdowski way of life.

Basically, the guy asked a little more than $1,000 to turn your blog into a book, and 30 people helped him with that. By the way, the second volume has already been funded, so please be patient. It is better to write good fanfiction than doing 3D cartoons in which these ponies unconsciously steeples each other.

Bag for coins

«A minimalist wallet that you can throw a handful of coins, gaming dice, jewelry, and more,» is what was written in the annotation to the invention. Just a fucking purse, which was worn in the age of 12. Who in our time of need impractical purse the size of a scrotum, you can buy the same, but the large size! However, 556 comrades felt that the additional «ball sack,» only at the hip, they needed, and gave $14650 for these needs.

Chicken burrito from shipotle


If you really want is use the ingenuity of one of the unknown comrade. He just collects the money in order «to know the great taste of a burrito from shipotle» (a chain of Mexican food restaurants).

Although the guy only asked $8.10 (the amount includes a one dollar tip waiters), donatary was Archimede and gave the guy $1050 this very important project. How many burritos were eaten the money is unknown.


Perhaps the most useful thing of all. StackUp sought to solve the main problem of humanity – uncomfortable process taking chips «Pringles».

Just need to put the plastic stand in the Bank, and voila! – the process has become much easier. But the guys have made a number of mistakes at the stage of fundraising. They shouted that so much easier to share chips with friends and relatives («Pringles» too expensive to have someone to share them), and secondly, they said $800 93. Of course, the amount was never collected.

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