10 depressing facts about the Internet

manygoodtips.com_6.08.2015_2ZWMHsAncvqKdThe Internet is an amazing place. He gave us e-mails, numerous memes of cats that play the piano, and much more. It also helps the formation of a free information society, and at times resets the dictatorship. But our solar utopia, it seems, is not eternal. Worldwide governments and corporations, religious fanatics and conservatives unite in order to take control of the network under various pretexts. Perhaps we are witnessing a time when the Internet will remain only a shell, and all the freedom and the joy have gone away or into hiding.

1. The hype

When was the last time you were really angry at something on the Internet? Probably not so long ago, after all the outrage on the Internet is, you can tell, the national pastime. This does not condemn. Just before was much more substantial grounds.

What now? People start to resent because of racist jokes of any comedian or due to the fact that someone doesn’t like the construction of religious buildings around his Park. The controversial cover in a popular magazine is causing a storm of emotion, if not more, as new information about the execution of the innocent in Syria or the violation of human rights in the city. People just stopped thinking and lost the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. Important news mixed with thrash, which can only that to eat away at your brain. What is the future of Internet debate, if you are already a couch war is a squabble between the trolls and the students.

2. The smell of money

The reason for this news right, not hidden somewhere in the underground government laboratories. The reason for that is the smell of money. If some people are creating that are passionate about the topic, sincerely worried about what is happening in this world – honest material is always visible to the naked eye, another important rating that does not involve their own, independent opinions. The glory of atoms that are still not so bad. However, compare the news footage online. Which way will the roll? Senseless rambling nonsense created in order to liquefy the brain, or is it news, really important for the society, country and individual? The texts may be completely devoid of any passion, the main thing is the shocking title, as well as the easy digestibility of sense.

3. Bots

They became more than people, seriously. It’s like to live in a city where robots and much more. Are you going to feel safe? The modern Internet is such a city. The cloud servers of Amazon bots are a stunning 78% of the traffic. Of course, some of them are useful, but what about those 23% of bots that are going to steal the data of your Bank card to access your e-mail? And the number is growing. To protect users from malicious bots are getting harder and harder. And perhaps soon it will become a real problem.

4. The government

Can you remember the fuss when it was revealed the activities undertaken by the NSA against the civilian of different countries? The so-called «backdoors» that would theoretically allow you to read any message sent on the Internet. And there is no control for this? Yes, and if people will need to enter this control, unless someone is in front of them to report? Governments think about their safety, about preventing terrorist attacks and on the extension of powers, but they do not think that control over such technologies of surveillance of the population unable to do the «bad guys», terrorists, murderers, crooks and other Scam.

5. Monopoly

Since then, as the Internet became widespread, it gave rise to several very large corporations that now have such large incomes that can easily break the budgets of some countries. For example, Google controls 90% of the search market in Europe. The EU didn’t like it, and they accused the U.S. company of violating antitrust laws. Of course, having such a gigantic structure, it is difficult to resist the temptation to abuse their position. But monopolies are harmful when finances are concentrated in the hands of a small group of people, it destroyed any possibility of neutrality and objective perspective on issues.

6. Constant DDoS attacks

With a quick and convenient way to «put» the site is DDoS attack, which has nerves of many people. More recently, this was done by regulars 4sһap from Russia. Now this case has become one of the business tools that are actively used by various companies hoping to stick it to a competitor. And all this is growing in scale, and protection, as before, is no guarantee. With the end of 2013 the number of such attacks has increased by 90%.

7. Fictitious movement

Lately, cases, when a Corporation or government with the help of the Internet creates a fictitious «movement», which must be agreed with their policies. These movements should not real power, but the power of propaganda in a vacuum. And Russia, and other countries are not an exception. More such activity is entering the mainstream, and it infected even the small «princelings». All this makes it impossible for a fair and honest public debate, and the payment for the participation in such projects completely destroys a free society.

8. «Free» programs

Here we have to be careful. Remember «Hall»? Perhaps she now stands you in apps. This plugin allows you to circumvent the restrictions on the network, so you could surf on different websites in your country is prohibited. Do you know that the application has funded a number of corporations? «Hola» to sell traffic to companies and not even told you about it. This means that anyone with money can use your IP address in order to perform the procedure with drug-or download a couple of clips of child porn. Of course, he would be safe, but safe? To talk about other apps and sites such as «Instagram»? Probably will not be much to scare you with this. Most importantly, remember: free cheese only in a mousetrap.

9. Unpaid content, which infests the network

How much you have to spend time to Wade through the swamp of poorly written copy-paste? Where is all this shit? If you want to blame bloggers, the authors of the articles, I have some exciting news: they are not to blame. Any man would be happy to give a good material is its reputation, but the business model that hooked many site owners completely kills the entire interest of the authors in a good text. Copywriters write on a pre-prepared stamps, receiving for his labors a penny. Customers articles almost do not understand the content, they only care about the number of clicks. Therefore, the authors write, like a madman, uttering of 10 texts a day, to somehow earn. Quality, of course, will be appropriate. The situation’s comical. Why our society has formed the opinion that authors should not get a Decent fee for their work, is not clear.

10. It’s not too late to change

Well, we caught up with negativity. You cannot finish the text on a down note. The Internet is a good tool of interaction with the environment, using it to explore the Universe and to fully Express yourself. Even though it rests on a wobbly bolts, but still holding on. What can we do for him? First and foremost, we must maintain quality content, you must understand the difference between original text in translation and the usual copy-paste. It should be more reasonably to relate to the fact which programs you use. The Internet was not created for dancing cats and singing dogs. It was created for people to carry the light of freedom and knowledge. If we want the Internet to become better, we must become better. TV we have already lost – let’s keep at least that.

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