10 crazy plastic surgeries to impersonate someone else

1. 16-year-old Superman fan has plastic surgery to look like him


Although Clark Kent famously used a phone booth to become Superman, it seems that there is another way to become an iconic superhero, and this is nineteen cosmetic surgery.

2. The Japanese model has spent over 100,000$ on plastic surgery to look like French doll


3. A Brazilian man has decided to be like the dog


The man (whose name has been withheld at his request) have spent a huge amount of money on surgeons to transplant his face the face of a real dog. The doctor transplanted it onto the facial features, ears, nose, lips and eyebrows with parts obtained from severed head of a dead dog.

The man was named as the first man-dog in the world following his bizarre surgery.

4. Plastic surgery cost more than 100,000$ to look like Ken Barbie


Over the past decade, Justin Jedlica new York had 90 cosmetic procedures, from pectoral implementations to increase cheeks. 32-year-old man spent $ 100,000$ so that he could become a living Ken doll. He first went under the knife at 18 years, beginning the costly and dangerous habit with a nose change.

5. Ukrainian girls do plastic surgery to look like dolls


Valeria Lukyanova caused an Internet sensation-but also deep concern when her cosmetically altered appearance turned her into a living doll.

Now, she is joined by 24-year-old Olga «Dominica» Oleynik, which also owes its doll-like appearance of plastic surgeons.

6. Julie Chen had plastic surgery to look like a Chinese


Chinese-American 43-year-old female had plastic surgery to increase eyes and nose reduction surgery. Chen discussed plastic surgery with her parents, and with their support, she went under the knife. According to her, she’s not moga to achieve success in your career, being Chinese.

7. Woman has plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian


Obsession Nice, Inanaga to be a copy of Kim Kardashian is getting painful; she’s about to undergo plastic surgery to look just like Kim. The girl says she’s tired of being the «fat version of Kim,» She explains, «I’m obsessed with her body and want mine was exactly the same.»

8. Chinese girl wants to be like Jessica Alba for her boyfriend


In 2010, 21-year-old Chinese woman Xiaoqing broke off relations with his friend. The cause was a strange obsession of her friend by American actress Jessica Alba. He used to make Xiaoqing wear a blonde wig and mimic the star’s style. After the break up, Xiaoqing suffered greatly and decided to go for surgery to look like Jessica Alba, and to get your boyfriend back.

9. Dude wants to be like Ryan Gosling


Nicholas Ryan, the actor-an aspiring new Jersey, became poorer by the$ 5,000, spend it on plastic surgery to look like actor and heartthrob Ryan Gosling. Just two hours of surgery and his career is Nicholas (he hopes), will go up.

His plastic surgeon, Dr. Tim Nivin, who specializiruetsya on how to help people to be like celebrities, said that Nicholas really has some common features Gosling, but we need to focus on certain areas to make it more like their idol.

10. A woman wants to look older


While the majority of people after 30 years are surprised by the appearance of wrinkles and gray hair, 47-year-old Anne Bolton finds himself in the age-related changes. She looks younger in two, which according to her is ruining her life.

Anne says that her youthful looks have ruined a marriage and two long-term relationships, as younger men constantly hitting on her. She also believes jealous friends have abandoned her because she makes them look older.

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