10 crazy fan theories about «the Guy»

Who is crazy? You say that the madman Herostratus, having burnt the wonder of the world, the temple of Artemis at Ephesus for the sake of eternal glory? No. The Bulgarian magician who showed the children magic tricks with animal entrails? No. Fans of the series, turned to conspiracy theories – that’s the real crazy. Even such a masterpiece as «Fixies» falls victim to a KGB conspiracy. But if encroached on the sacred, and to «family Guy» in the neighborhood. The most insane fan theory about «Family guy» and its creators – especially for you. And don’t forget that this animated series, a fiction, a parody of society. And all the guesswork is only guesswork.

1. Brian is a victim of the CIA


Family guy never really explained what the hell the dog has a more developed intellect than Chris and half of Quahog, why he is so affected and why Brian is equally effortless licks genitals and drinking gorgeous wine, quoting Baudrillard. There is a version that hairy aesthete and a ladies ‘ man was a man. Just his brain inserted into the body of the dog. Apparently, MacFarlane was very fond of Bulgakov.

In confirmation of this theory cite the fact that «family Guy» «American dad» and «the Cleveland Show» – with the same silly Universe. Remember the goldfish Klaus with a «Daddy» who is actually fallen in the Alpine permafrost of the German skier, whose brain the CIA implanted in the body of a goldfish? By connecting two filament together fans in a cold sweat and the music of «Secret materials» in the head came to the conclusion that Brian must be also a victim of CIA experiments. In fact it is the only explanation for the strange fact that Brian is the only dog with human behavior from the world of «Family guy.» Other bark and I think that Gore Vidal is something like the names of the dog’s canned food, but the American polygraph Polygraphovich Sharikov even interview him, wanted to take.

But actually it is a sick fantasy writers. Well, cool, dog drink wine, make love to the ladies, infecting Stewie with herpes.

2. All animals – victims of the CIA


By the way, an assortment of anthropomorphic animals in the universe series is very high. But what the hell did they do it? Why produce beasts like a giant rooster?

Someone’s sick head came up with that is a new method of solving troublesome problems. Judge for yourself, Klaus was the main rival of the US Olympic team, and Brian with his too liberal views were dangerous to the state. Cock is just a cock, for the life of the rooster. That’s why not to kill the bad guys, they decided to make their animals. Sounds cruel, but it is actually not so bad. Brian continues to drink, and raise awareness. The rooster still has Peter, but Klaus… Yes, it is, of course, no luck.

And what is most interesting, apparently, in this kind of universe, where nightmare of the Iraq Lobster dances to the guitar, this method is quite common, so no one is surprised the speaker to the beast, where women willingly enter into a sexual relationship with dogs. In fact, a terrible country, like some kind of sadistic scientific dictatorship. Take and for no reason that put human brains in different animals. What a depraved woman here! Do not shy away from dog’s penis. Yes, this society is really strange. But this idea of creators is to show the society in a grotesque wrapper.

3. Stewie – the dark side of the souls McFarlane


Now let’s talk about another strange creature from your favorite TV series is about a strange little child with high intelligence and homosexual tendencies, Stewie Griffin. The group «the Orgasm of Nostradamus» is a great song «Giant baby» but I doubt if the founders heard this masterpiece. So fans of the rivet, one after the other conspiracy theories. But as you know, the crazy theories come from the most unexpected places. For example, some have found a link between Stewart and the unforgettable Arabic Airshow on 11 September 2001.

Here’s the thing, Seth MacFarlane was booked on one of the hijacked planes that crashed into the tower. But with the horrible hangover he missed his flight (another argument in favor of drinking). Remember the last 3 series of the 4th season called «Stewie: the untold story», where he almost dies trying to undermine a competitor. According to fans, this is a reference to a near-death experience Set. The film is replete with snippets of dialogue with references to sabaliauskas towers. Stewie also wakes up with a hangover, in the feature – numbers 1109 and a bunch of weird quotes like: «Yes, I did it, I stopped the tower from falling!»

And that is why Stewie is the same turnip-head like Arnold from the movie of the same name, is unclear. The answer to this question, we couldn’t find.

4. Gossip from the voice Department


Peter, Brian, Stewie, Quagmire, and many other characters dream to drag Lois into bed. Nice legible a housewife is almost the main object of passion in the series. And there are many fans saw behind-the-scenes intrigue. Supposedly MacFarlane thus showing their sympathy for Alex Borshteyn, the actress who voiced Lois. But, unfortunately for Seth, Alex, happily married, and so the only way for MacFarlane to «otlupit» actress through the movie.

This theory is crazy, but even crazier is the fact that in theory there is a bright confirmation. All the characters that are in love with or just want Lois, voiced by MacFarlane. This theory is all the more strengthened when one tries to explore other female characters of the series. Quagmire has always been funny and Horny, you can say, man-boner. But more attention than usual, he has been given after the love lines with the wife of Cleveland and with the Tricia Takanawa. What binds Loretta brown and Takanawa? Correctly, the voice Borshteyn. She voiced them. Actually, all love stories in the series revolves around heroes McFarlane and Borshteyn.

5. Money for housing


The times Guy was having financial problems, but they continue to live in a big house, have a car and at the same time tasty and sated to live. Peter is constantly changing and in not the most highly paid that it’s an Assembly-line worker, working at the brewery, a fisherman, a toy factory. But in these works the condition will not do, especially when a family has four dependants, and the dog-an alcoholic, which is more busy work than work. Chichi’s family lives? Where he got the money to daily gatherings in the «Drunken oysters»? Here it is not the rich father of Lois, but there’s other forces.

Remember the episode where Stewie eventually becomes a model for Calvin Clain. Hardly a cynical Guy could refuse that kind of money. It is believed that Stewie still remain in this business. Besides, where else have Stewie’s money for his modern laboratory?

6. The Boston terrorist attack – the handiwork of family Guy


In the episode «turban Cowboy» shows the two are absolutely not related things. First: Peter some incredible talent in bold won the Boston marathon, and the second: Peter accidentally detonated a bomb from his cell phone. When the episode aired, no one said about it like nothing happened.

After some time, at the Boston Marathon really was an explosion, which resulted in a bunch of conspiracy verbal vyser.

Some believed that the Griffins have foreseen such a tragedy. Some uploaded to the Internet video was very similar to the ill-fated series. As a result, some craftsmen have begun to make videos that combined footage from the movie with footage of eyewitnesses to the explosion. Every American, from the rednecks to the son of a Senator of Massachusetts, recalled the striking resemblance. In the end, the series had to be removed from the esters.

MacFarlane has not commented on the situation, saying only that the video is disgusting and no connection, except for the mystical, he can not find.

7. Paul Walker died because of Brian


When the fast and the furious star Paul Walker has died, the world cried. More precisely, the part that considered him an actor. And when a celebrity dies in this way, the world embraces the inevitable wave of conspiracy theories regarding the circumstances of his death. Someone even accused him of the death of the Illuminati, although to us he was not interested, we have better things to do. Heard about Berezovsky?

In the same week that killed Walker, was broadcast the episode in which Brian was hit by a car and killed. After Walker died, some YouTube geniuses, linking together some completely ridiculous facts, came up with a crazy theory that the death of Brian was a prophecy of the death of Walker. Among the logical explanation was that Brian and Paul died in the accident, and that the character of Walker in «fast and Furious» was also named Brian. Perhaps, among writers, there are a couple of Bulgarian Vang and at least a dozen of Voodoo sorcerers, or a stream of tragedies to explain.

8. The world is in the mind of Peter


To say that the reality of «family Guy» is adequate, is to call it song Selena Gomez good. What is this crazy world where cocks fight people, destroying half the city, and the street of the sailors, who instead of hands and feet stick? The explanation is simple as day: it is only the fruit of a sick imagination of Peter.

In fact, in the family of Peter reigned idyll. Meg was in reality a beautiful and popular girl that was in love with her mentally retarded brother Chris. One night Meg took Chris to a party and got into a drunken crash on the way home. Unable to accept the death of children, Lois, who was pregnant at that moment, Stewie, on the background of stress and hormonal failures, he committed suicide. The family is gone, and Peter began to slowly slide into the abyss of madness. Not wanting to put up with this, Sweat began to reproduce the world in my head where everything was alive. Peter harbored a grudge against Meg, as her drinking and driving was the cause of death of suicide Chris and Lois. That’s actually why it became the main joke of the show though deep down he loves her. Stewie was never born, so Peter was presented as the ageless child with huge potential. In the understanding of Peter, Stewie tries to kill Lois, just for the fact that she gave him to be born.

Probably Peter was a smart man, but he felt guilty for not being able to protect his family. Out of desperation he turned into a good-natured idiot, talking to the only living family member – his dog Brian, which he was awarded the intelligence, he also wants someone to talk to.

He dreams that they were alive and therefore comes up with stories for them in my head.

Such a theory was «the Simpsons». Fans claimed that Homer is in a coma and everything that happens is a distortion of reality. And even «Oh, these kids!» fell victim to conspiracy. Alleged Angelica represented the dead children of their relatives. In fact, Seth was just doing a grotesque parody of society. Only. Don’t forget that it’s only a cartoon. And knowing McFarlane, it is hardly possible to think that he will tell through the prism of such sad stories.

9. The world is in the mind of Stuart


But there is another theory according to which all the action takes place in the mind of Stuart. Many fans suggest that it is much more logical to present this show as a fantasy Stewie than Peter.

Since everything is viewed from the perspective of Stewie, he thinks he’s smarter and better than everyone else on Earth, this explains his keen intelligence and laboratory, which are unlikely to collect the baby, even if his head looks like a Rugby ball. Peter – my dear dad, who behaves with children childish Lisp and tenderly, so Stewie sees it as obtuse moron with a strange behavior. Lois is a strict mother who bathes and feeds him. But the kids don’t particularly like to bathe and eat tasteless healthy food. Therefore, the mother, is for him the embodiment of evil that must be eradicated, but then he grows up and understands a bit more. Meg and Chris in his view – demented ugly Teens, but only because they don’t spend time with him, because they have their own life. So Stewie on offense puts them in bad light.

The only one beside Stewie is a dog, which the imagination of a child endowed with human characteristics and equal intelligence. For Brian not sorry, because it is, in fact, his best friend. This explains that a small child travels to America and go to public places accompanied by a dog. It’s not family Guy bad parents, it’s Stewie so invented. And his head of this is because he thinks he’s very clever, and all the children believe that the larger the brain the smarter the person.

10. The series – the story, written by Brian


As you know, Brian wants to write a book, but all his pieces of music is empty and meaningless. Some fans believe that the American Bulbs can’t write new material just because it really describes this whole show called «Family guy», and it is nothing like an autobiography: all the events described really happened to him.

Given the level of idiocy and absurdity of the show, Brian is often billed as the voice of reason, making the series even more meaningless. The level of absurdity such that «Monty Python», watching him fall into depression.

In fact, the images of the other characters fit the worldview of the wise dog. Remember, Meg tried to feed him pie with her hair, what explains this attitude towards the unfortunate girl. Brian forever in love with Lois, because she is very beautiful and always treated well. Peter and Chris are just average intelligence guys. But Brian needed a couple of idiots for the show, because he greatly exaggerated their mental abilities. Only Stewie is the closest to him in the family, so so many episodes dedicated to only their adventures, so they are shown in much greater detail than, say, their adventures with Peter.

And since Brian is the author of the show, it explains the case: why is no surprise that walks and talks dog, and why none of the girls considers a relationship with him bestiality.

Returning to the book, why Brian can’t write something good? Because he used to write the absurd material, and the soul wants to write something serious, deep and monumental. It does not get old.

One thing is unclear: it is thought the dog, or just Seth MacFarlane decided to portray themselves in the dog’s way?

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