10 crazy contraceptives

In a time when condoms and contraceptive pills has not yet been, people have used a rather strange method of contraception. In some cases, these contraceptives worked, and some have been detrimental to health, even led to death. Here are 10 of the most bizarre contraceptive:

1. The excrement of the crocodile

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Egyptian hieroglyphs, dated to 1850 BC, describes pessary objects or mixture, including crocodile excrement, honey and calcium carbonate, which are introduced intrawaginalno to neutralize sperm. Pessary was commonly used as a method of contraception. Crocodile dung really has a mild alkaline properties as today’s spermicides, so that, in the end, it could operate.

2. The testicles of a weasel

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Medieval cultures had some creative ways to prevent procreation, such as tying eggs caresses around her inner thighs. According to the myth, if two apparently normal testicles caresses, tied to the hip woman who also wears a bone affection as an amulet that prevents conception.

3. Mercury

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More dangerous birth control methods included the drinking of lead and mercury by Chinese women thousands of years ago. This deadly potion was used by concubines in ancient China to become infertile. These substances are known to cause kidney failure, brain damage and of course death.

4. Infusion with beaver eggs

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This practice dates back to the 16th century, when in Canada, women sought to prevent conception by soaking dried beaver testicles in a concentrated solution of alcohol and then drank the resulting infusion. There is no record of its effectiveness.

5. The intestines of animals

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One of the oldest known condoms is made from intestines of a pig. There’s even a user manual that offers to soak it in warm milk before use to make it softer and more pliable.

Some historians claim that the first illustration of the person wearing the condom during sexual intercourse was king of Crete — Minos, son of Zeus and Europa, who lived around the year 3000 BC According to legend, the curse filled the sperm of Minos snakes and Scorpions. To protect his sexual partner from these animals, Minos used the bladder of goats as condoms.

6. Water Koval

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According to Soranus, a Greek gynecologist practicing during the 2nd century ad, women are recommended to drink the water in which blacksmiths cooled metal.

Despite the fact that it is not clear why someone believed this, women voluntarily worked for lead plants, suggesting that this will keep them sterile, even during the First world war. This practice could lead to neurological problems, kidney failure, coma, and even death.

7. The resin of the opium

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At the beginning of civilization beeswax and resin of the opium is used for the formation of the cervical cap, thereby preventing unwanted pregnancy.

8. Swab of acacia, dates and honey

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One of the world’s first written instructions on the issue of contraception is a sheet of papyrus from Egypt in 1550. to BC, which describes a tampon made of seed cotton, dipped in powdered acacia, dates and honey.

Despite its primitiveness, the tampon worked, because the enzymes of acacia is an ingredient that is used in today’s contraceptives.

9. Coca-Cola

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Syringe Coca-Cola became a part of contraceptive tradition during the 50 and 60-ies of the last century, when other methods of birth control were difficult to find. The idea that Coca Cola can be used as a spermicide was the big sensation of Nobel prizes, held at Harvard in October 2008. The experiment was conducted in laboratory birth control at Harvard Medical school. Scientists Anderson, hill and Empirr mixed four different types of coke with sperm to see whether the idea is true the contraceptive qualities of the beverage. During laboratory experiments, scientists found that diet Cola killed all sperm within one minute, and 41% were still swimming in the recently introduced New Cola.

10. Lemons

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Lemons were used in the 1700s as a quite effective method of birth control, in the form of a vaginal cap. It was thought that the acid in citrus kills the sperm. However, lemon juice can damage vaginal tissue, so lemons are probably not a sensible choice.

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