10 cool and unusual things

You always want to have in your home or wardrobe that is original. Or what is your favorite character or movie. Can be high in front of your friends or to invite to the apartment of a girl under the pretext to see something interesting (Yes, it still works). And it’s a great gift for your friend or colleague.

Here are a few things that will help you not simply something to brighten your life, but also make your life easier:

1.Lamp in the form of hats


Plunge into the 19th century. Decorate your apartment this small do men’s accessory, which will definitely attract the attention of guests and will give zest to the interior.

Buy a lamp in the shape of a hat

2.The stacker being integrated t-shirts


If you’re a fan of the big Bang Theory, then this item should be in your Arsenal! The thing that will help you to fold a t-shirt. I must buy Laundry downstairs. Now you can, as Sheldon carefully fold my things and make the brain neighbor-blonde.

Buy stacker being integrated t-shirts

3.Slippers zombie


Sticky nights in front of computer and watch the Walking dead? We found something for you. Now a carcass that dares to threaten your life, will always be with you.

Buy Slippers

4.Watch uncut-firecracker


«Action!». So, now you can shoot a cool video with the inalienable attribute set. This clock has an alarm and to turn it off, close the top cover. To by cracker

5.Set of plates «Dinner with Rorschach»


You’ve heard of the Rorschach test and maybe even passed it. If you love such psychedelic accessories, then this set of plates for you. Most importantly, do not heavily focus on deciphering the images and then you will quickly bore your friends if you constantly utter philosophical thought.

Buy plates

6.Interactive travel map True Map


Fans of lottery tickets and travel. This scratch world map where you can mark the cities and countries that you have visited. This map depicts the special Golden washable scratch coat, which can erase ordinary coin, like you do with a lottery ticket.

To buy a card

7.Jedi umbrella


This umbrella is equipped with a luminous handle. Under cover of night it will look like you have in the hands the lightsaber. First pressing mode is activated a smooth transition of colors. The second pressing of the umbrella flashes. The third press turns off the umbrella.

To buy an umbrella

8.Key finder


Every time when you lose your keys, you think about why shouldn’t they call?! It is actually possible. With this thing your life significantly easier. You can find your keys even if they are in another room or on another floor. The range of the search key is 30 meters.

Buy search engine

9.Drinks dispenser


If you’ve been looking for an original way to serve drinks, you’re probably surprised to see this clinic in a gas station. The principle: pour into a container with a drink, click on the gun, enjoy the spectacular action.

Buy dispensary

10.Test tubes for spices


Store spices in a conventional salt — too easy. Be original and make little scientific sense in kitchen design. The set includes wooden stand, 6 test tubes, 5 silicone covers and a set of labels with names of spices. Sticker stylized periodic system of elements.

To buy tubes

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