10 commandments for gym, to avoid being branded a poser

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In the gym is important not only to coach, not only the General atmosphere and condition of the equipment and the clientele. When you’re swinging surrounded by girls and friendly people who live a healthy lifestyle, it is far better than swing, surrounded by office workers who want two months before the holidays to lose weight. Students who are trying to do something, so they finally gave is also quite annoying. Too harsh of a duck, which, seemingly, have only one goal in life — to drink the whole protein and to pump up his muscles the size of a house, annoying. But nobody likes posers who come to the gym in anything, wear stupid clothes, take pictures every 15 minutes of your progress on the phone.

So you don’t accidentally become one of those idiots who are equally hated by both supporters HLS, pitching, office plankton, girls and other people, listen to the code of ethics of the gyms.

1. Don’t take some extra weight

First, for training it’s bad. First worked on technique with lighter weight and then move on to more and more. While your technique will not be perfect, do not think about progressive training! Nobody in the gym will not surprise the weight that you lift. For fun, look at that big huge guy with terrible biceps, this bro can raise not only your post, but you in addition. Someone is surprised? Not really! But you look like a complete fool, trying my hardest to pull the rack, wriggling all over. So if you are not sure, don’t add extra pancake to your bench press: you look pathetic. It will definitely draw attention to you, except that you do not like it.

2. Did not happen to the gym like it’s an elite country club

It just so happens that if you have average income, you can afford to visit the gym 2-3 times a week. The gym is for fitness, health and improving your body, right? But posers don’t share this opinion of the majority. For them it is a place where people can come, as in some nineteenth century English club, and feel like a man. Of course, you can grab a protein shake and it is important to talk with the regulars, but you guys came into this room not to do this, remember! Yes, it’s a social club, but these clubs have, you will be surprised, to do what your interest. Annoy all the guys who want to start a conversation with girls that do approach or another come and go.

3. Do not get carried away.

We are working to be healthy and strong, of course. But most often we work in order to look good. From time to time, we may go to the mirror and look at the result of their labors. This is absolutely normal. But when the man every 15 minutes looking at the result of their work, torturing the unfortunate bicep, it looks simply unrealistic sorry. Kill yourself, please!

4. To wear sleeveless tank tops with a plunging neckline

These shirts correctly called singlets, but that almost nobody knows. They look like this:

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When dudes have problems with muscle mass in its complete absence, these t-shirts they wear, you should not. Even worse when some idiots are buying the usual t-shirts and cut off their sleeves so that through these slits you can easily see their pelvic bones. Guys, to be honest, we don’t want to see our equipment, bathed in your so you have at least Mike is, which retains the sweat. So buy yourself a t-shirt and a small towel.

5. Don’t be m…someone in relation to other people in the gym

You’re not the only person in the gym. Even if you’re a complete egomaniac, obsessed with self, we should not forget that there are other people who also need to be addressed. And we all have the same rights on simulators and shells, as you do. If you’re so selfish, then I suggest you just go to the gym in the so-called quiet hours: 10 a.m. every day and on weekends to 10 am. And no miser, cooperate with people: one approach you’re one of them!

6. It is not necessary to do the hairstyle before workouts

I saw in the simulator already a few dudes with coiffed hair. Need to explain why it is a stupid idea? Especially to put gel in my hair back. Fu to be so! You go to the gym for fitness, for women?

7. Throwing goods on the floor

There is always the opportunity to gently take the bar to the chest and put on the ground, instead of strictly leave it on the floor, scaring a passing girls. By the way, nobody told you that this is dangerous because the bar could roll and break your legs? If you can’t retain the goods in his hands, then maybe you just need to take it?

8. To walk in the locker room as though you’re at home in the bathroom

When you come out from the shower, the towel should be wrapped around your thighs and not lie on the shoulder. Nobody wants to see other people’s genitals. If you’re a long time looking at myself in the mirror, standing naked and scratching his balls, be prepared that one day someone will tear off and feed it to the dog under the stewed beans.

9. Don’t leave pancakes, dumbbells and barbells lying on the floor or unmade

It is quite revealing nothing. If you take weight, you have to put them in place after tsunemasa. And needless to say, that for this purpose there are specially trained people. Most often, these people do not provide, we have a gym, not an ice cream parlor. By the way, when’s the next time you will not be able to find a suitable label, remember those dudes who don’t clean up after themselves. And where now to look?

10. Not to prove anything to anyone, working to death on the machines

I’ve seen a lot of dudes that are long and tedious work to exhaustion on the same simulator. It’s not the guys who are doing progressive training or TABATA are those who are trying to show others how much they can lift weight. They are as annoying as those who constantly occupy the gym, sit on them, talking and talking legs. Don’t kill yourself and set me free!

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