10 casting decisions, not ruined a great movie

The film begins long before the first frame. One of the biggest challenges in creating the movie — selection of the actors. There is a special profession — a casting Director, who is in search of performers for each role. Often they are a step away from mistakes that could prove fatal for the future of the tape. Today our post is about actors who almost played the wrong roles.

1. A. J. Simpson — The Terminator


James Cameron knew that the biggest challenge in filming «Terminator» — find large enough and physically developed person, so that it can be mistaken for killer robots from the future. Administrators Hamdale Pictures nominated Orenthal James Simpson, a young and charismatic American football player. It seemed like a good idea. Cameron did not agree with them, because Simpson didn’t look like a killer.» Time will put everything in its place: A. J. was accused of killing his wife, and in the world — physiognomic abilities of Cameron was much weaker directing. However, he never regretted that endorsed Schwarzenegger for the role of T-800.

2. John Travolta — Forrest Gump


Tom Hanks perfectly fit into the role tugodumny Everyman Forrest Gump. His talent is making everyone empathize with the slow-witted and awkward hero, despite his lag in development. However, Hanks confirmed for the role at once: first, his place was claimed by John Travolta, who rejected the proposal. Interestingly, Hanks played got Travolta to the role more than once: it was the same with the movies «Splash» and «Apollo 13». Winston Groom, whose book was made into a movie, and even wanted to Gump sergal John Goodman.

3. Robin Williams — «Shining»


The choice of Jack Nicholson for the lead role in the Stanley Kubrick film «the Shining» is one of the best casting decisions of all time. Interestingly, at first he was not a candidate for this role. Instead, the Director considered Robert De Niro and… Robin Williams. In the end, he, fortunately, did not choose any of them, and the famous «here’s johnny» was improvised eerie and unforgettable Nicholson.

4. Frank Sinatra — «Dirty Harry»


The role of police detective in San Francisco named Harry Callahan opened new horizons for Clint Eastwood, who had previously appeared only in westerns. We know now, but in 1970, when Warner Brothers bought the rights to the script, the main role they saw… Frank Sinatra. 55-year-old singer broke his wrist on the set of another movie and therefore could not raise the famous Dirty Harry’s revolver Smith&Wesson. There would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped.

5. Will Smith — «The Matrix»


Keanu Reeves specific ingredient, are not appropriate in any cinematic cocktail. However, the «Matrix» it is impossible to imagine without his pale face: that anyone and had to move between the real and virtual world. First, the producers wanted Neo played by will Smith, is bathed in glory after «independence Day.» Smith not impressed with the script, and he made a choice in favor of the film «wild Wild West». He later acknowledged that this decision benefited his career: now it is clear as day that he wouldn’t fit into the role of Savior of mankind from the power of machines.

6. Britney Spears — «the notebook»


Perhaps this film is like your friend. «The notebook» makes you cry any girl, even if she watches it for the umpteenth time, largely thanks to the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Director Nick Cassavetes first wanted the male role was played by unknown actor (just after «the notebook» was released, Gosling became famous). But the main female role Cassavetes determined Britney Spears, who was trying to become an actress and has already starred in the movie «Crossroads».

7. Jim Carrey — «Elf»


Before the film was released in 2003, was conducted over a very long job. The role of elf buddy did will Ferrel in-demand actor, but in 1993, when it was written in the script, the main role was intended for Jim Carrey, has just starred in ACE Ventura. In the end it was decided that his restless nature does not fit with the deeply positive nature of the elf.

8. Sean Connery — «the Lord of the rings»


Now Gandalf the Grey for the viewer is inseparable from Ian Mackellen. Surprisingly, Peter Jackson’s first thought to shoot him in the role. Initially it was assumed that the wizard will help to recreate Sean Connery. He rejected this offer, having heard that the shooting will last 12 weeks. Connery this project is not inspired, he endlessly called hobbits «bobbity», despite the fact that the fee he was offered 0,15% of the amount of the rental. Just think, he could get $ 450 million!

9. Elvis Presley — «Midnight cowboy»


In the sixties the king of rock ‘ n ‘ roll almost signed a contract for shooting in a film that could ruin his career. «Midnight cowboy» is considered a classic of American cinema, but the story of a boy from Texas farm, came to new York to become a gigolo, scared the shit out of the Manager Presley. Especially the fact that the singer could play a male prostitute. In the end the role went to Jon Voight. This is the only film in the X category, which received the «Oscar».

10. Dan Carvy and Jon Lovitz — «Bad boys»


Seriously, it was originally planned that the main role in this Comedy will go to the stars of the TV show Saturday Night Live. Originally the film was called «Bulletproof heart», and his script was repeatedly rewritten in 1992-93. Disney abandoned film in favor of the Columbia Studio, where it was decided to invite the main roles of black actors. They picked will Smith and Martin Lawrence and allowed them to improvise. The result is stunning.

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