10 carbon tracks from the surf rock


Music gives us reason to say that the world is not such a bad place. It energizes, makes one rethink their life plans, and finally hits us on the head, letting him know that we were very vague and weak. But why do something unexpected, when the window is hot sun, you have friends and girlfriends, and in the country there are beaches where the music does not abate at night? So, today we decided that it’s time for you to relax, escape from all the troubles that fell on your head and inhale air a full breast. This will help us a surf-rock style of American music that emerged in the 60s, but became popular thanks to the films of Quentin Tarantino. Keep it simple, buddy — grab a friend, get in the car and directly into the sea. Let this music will brighten your way!

1 The Ventures — Surf Rider Great motive which plays a very long time after listening. Once submitted, mountainous, winding highway, which leads us towards the shore. The group «The Ventures» is considered canonical in the genre, as «Surf Rider» is not the only song of this band here.

2 Johnny Rivers — Secret Agent Man Song is not quite surf rock, but it influenced a whole generation of musicians that worked in this genre and others too. «The Ventures» even did a cover of it, but we decided to include the original — so it is very steep in all respects.

3 Dick Dale — Misirlou

It is called «king of the surf guitar» and even bad quality concert videos will not prevent the dick Dale hit you on the brain. This track is you know, no doubt. Not even going to say where it was used. One Dick Dale we will not stop here — that would be a crime.

4 The Ventures — Apache Said it would be another topic from this group. This time will give you a little Indian wisdom, which is never superfluous. Instrumental thing about the Apache in the head wakes up the smells and types of the Prairie and the images of hunters, who are on the trail of the bison herd.

5 Herman Brood & Dick Dale — Jungle

Unfortunately, dick Dale is not so many clips to share, so fans prefer to do a steep associative cuts like this. By the way, some people think dick Dale is absolutely unkillable. The fact that he overcame not only gangrene, but cancer of the rectum two times. And so, we do not forget about the Herman Brody — he is cool, the living embodiment of the commandment «sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.»

6 The Tornadoes — Bustin’ Surfboards Noble group, which unearthed Quentin Tarantino for their «Pulp Fiction». After all, «The Tornadoes» is full of good tracks like born for the ocean or waves of the sea. Perfect music to collapse on a lounger and SIP a rum cocktail, preparing for a sharp jump in the water.

7 The’s — Scream is One of my favorite songs of this crazy team. The’s — originally from Japan, but the heart of the California waves. I would say that this trio of friends is damn crazy, but girls know a lot about musical perversions and surf-rock, perfectly combine the styles and, perhaps for this reason they were in the movie «Kill bill». Enjoy!

8 The Beach Boys — Surfin USA

If it wasn’t for this song, the surf collection would have lost one of the most important episodes of its history. Anyway, but this song is in the Pantheon. Besides, The Beach Boys, probably the only team represented, which is known in itself, not because of the Hollywood Director. And the song at the time was a hit.

9 The Revels — Tough Soul If you take the sax in a surf band, we get even better. It adds drive, it is not strange. Take, for example, the song «Tough Soul». A memorable motif, which tells us: «Relax, friend, and get your mind off all the shit the time of surfing!»

10 The Dead Rocks — Surf Explosão

It may seem that a surf-rock in the past that he’s flabby, old and no longer breathing, because the new performers in this musical Comedy. But it is not so, quite the contrary. Surf rock is outside of California and is now developed worldwide. It has become more international and the new group no way inferior to the old. Of course, they have no benefactor, we have to cope with his unpopularity on our own, but we believe that the wave they still get caught. Complete our track list, young group from Brazil.

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