10 books that will change your life

Literature is different and for different tastes. Is the one that we read for pleasure, forgetting the whole story immediately after the last page. There are deep, intellectual literature, where suffering and being withdrawn into the absolute. But there are those pages that overwhelm you inexhaustible flow of lava, turning over your whole life. We witnessed this! Texts change people – that’s a fact. And if you want to find something that will make you better or at least make your brain work like clockwork TNT bombs, then come closer. Don’t be scared, here gathered a great company.

1. «The Churchill factor: How one man changed history». Boris Johnson

The fact that these pages are written by the current politician, London mayor Boris Johnson of the conservative party, it is extremely important addition, because Churchill is not only an epic personality of world history, but also the image of the ideal father of the nation from the point of view of the conservative wing of British society. However, despite personal interest, Boris Johnson portrays his hero a man of conflicting, with their fears and virtues, which, however, had a devastating impact on the mid-twentieth century and, in particular, on the infamous Second world war. We can have different attitudes to that historical figure, but its significance and importance for the whole of Western society to deny we can’t. In addition, the book shows that a strong and influential personality is not obligated to forfeit his human face.

2. «Bread with ham». Charles Bukowski

Many people know Charles Bukowski as drunks, who scribbles stories in dirty ottalkivayusche intellectuals style. And so actually there is, because Bukowski, unlike many intellectuals of the twentieth century, was the closest to a regular American guy. He knew those people who were just the guys fend questionable jobs, rent cheap prostitutes and saarivuoma in these holes, which for some reason are referred to as bars. Real life middle class and afraid to think. After all, these people should have a voice and that voice was Charles Bukowski.

We are confident that the Russian people need to know the work of this «old goat». And not only because the reality of States is remarkably similar to the reality in Russia, but also because «Bread with ham» is the best autobiographical fiction, which answers the question: why not put a healthy bolt on your future?

3. «One flew over the cuckoo’s nest». Ken Kesey

The first reading of this book was a real discovery. And you probably heard about the film adaptation Milos Forman, which, incidentally, was subjected to severe criticism the Kesey. But it will not, because we are interested in the literary source.

The book is a story of Chief Bromden, one of the patients of the psychiatric hospital in Salem, Oregon. He describes a life of «medical» institutions, relationships between patients and medical staff. Of course, all this sets, which represent modern society, where dissidents are pressed and rejected in the most brutal way. In short, the creation of Ken Kesey not about the system itself as such, but about a man who decided to go against her. A powerful thing that is hard to forget, and which everybody should read.

4. «Judas Iscariot/stories». Leonid Andreyev

Leonid Andreev in our country few know. In schools, it did not pass, in the institutions relate briefly. He has a son, Daniel, who wrote crazy mystical epic «wind rose», which may be known of many works of the father. However, all this is somewhat unfair, because we liked it a cult writer, which demonstrated that Russian literature can be steel balls.

If some mad genius combined the mind of Dostoyevsky and the mind of HP Lovecraft, I’d Andreev. However, the identity of the representative of the Silver age does not hold. There are a lot of really strong things like short stories «the Abyss», «Red Laughter» or the story «Judas Iscariot». Note his unfinished novel «the Diary of Satan», which demonstrates what monsters people have become. And indeed, creativity Andreeva gives Russianness, the dark side of our identity, which is sometimes unpleasant to watch, but necessary. Otherwise, even Satan will seem like a good guy compared to us.

5. «My brief history». Stephen Hawking

If science has its own rock star, she will definitely be Stephen Hawking. The person who inspires popularitywith, challenges conventional scientific dogma. Thanks to him, many people realized that scientific specialization is really cool, much cooler than being a wrestler or porn. Thanks to such figures as Stephen Hawking, humanity can still count on a Happy End.

I believe that people with disabilities should concentrate on things in which their physical disabilities are not a hindrance and not regret what they cannot do.

– Stephen Hawking –a Book written by the physicist, tells of the courage and fight of a cornered man who decided not to give up and even to counteract his terrible disease. He made a bet on your brain and not lost, after all, the mind is the main feature of man that distinguishes him from other animals. It gives the mind the freedom, the flight of thought, the genius that characterizes a great man. Autobiography not only motivates, but also talks about the interesting possibilities of the person within the Universe.

6. «Fear and loathing of the race `72». Hunter S Thompson

Know why, my friend, you do not see manygoodtips.com stories about politics? All because politics is a very dirty business, which is impossible to do in sound mind. And the attitude we have to it is appropriate. Maybe someday this will change, who knows? But so far, nothing has changed since then, when hunter S. Thompson wrote his ominous and dramatic book about elections in the United States in 1972. If you want to get rid of the desire to succumb to the trap of populist, read this wonderful journalistic work. It’s not Las Vegas, the drugs became less and more disgust.

I’m not too excited to receive an invitation to spend time alone with Richard Nixon. In the end, he was a Born Loser, and even if somehow he managed to be nominated for President from the Republican party, I thought he had no chance to win the election of Lyndon Johnson.

– Hunter s Thompson –in fact, the book is interesting also to the dudes who wish to learn more about the spirit of American society, its angels and demons. An interesting read that forces you to follow the author closely. It’s like you’re immersed in the book itself, you see people depicted in it, become the accomplice of events. This is the style of hunter, he always knew how to captivate a reader. And, of course, a huge plus of the story is that it has more truth than many modern investigations.

7. «Elon Musk. Tesla, SpaceX and the road ahead». Ashley Vance

PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, SolarCity – all children Elon musk, one of the brightest entrepreneurs of our time. And if the guy who will replace the aura of Steve jobs, they, in our opinion, is Elon Musk. Started this man is not from Harvard but from a one-way ticket from South Africa to Canada. There he worked in the lumber camps, cleaning descaling boilers, was interrupted by heavy physical hack. Then went to University, got a degree and began to build the future. When he was 40, he already had a fortune of 13 billion dollars. Now his influence on the industry is growing, and his ambition, which, in the opinion of the author, based on ideas, not on money. Ideas – that’s the main thing, is they make reality.

Born to fly – the sky is not a hindrance.If you want to read the detailed story of the Titan who builds space rockets, cars and works in the field of renewable energy, then this book is for you. It is possible that his company will allow us to step into the world, free from oil wars and engaged in the conquest of space and the whole visible Universe. Elon Musk is our guy!

8. «Submission.» Michelle Uelbek

New novel, popular in France, and in the world of the author, whose name is Michelle, and the name of Welbeck. We’ve read his previous stuff and realized that the thing he knows. His lyrics are not just history, not just the story, but look at the current state of Affairs. He is able to see weaknesses of their society and humanity as a whole. New novel «Submission» is something, something incredible. It is talking about is pretty scary and, most importantly, possible ways of development of society in the near future. This is dystopia, which bares its teeth now: the terrorist attacks in Paris, the fall of our aircraft over the Sinai, a terrorist attack in San Bernardino. All of this not so distant event, it was our very eyes.

«Submission» tells the story of how the Islamic fundamentalists, using democratic Institute, were able to seize power in France. And absolutely legitimate means. France is changing, Sharia is becoming a reality. Instead of good old French Republic, proud of its freedoms, there is a state-antagonist. The protagonist of the novel, sees these changes, his country is falling apart, his life is falling apart, and he doesn’t know how to live and what to do in this reality. Powerful thing that has a touch of prophecy not only for France but also for Russia, where there are many problems of this kind.

9. «Important years. Why you should not put off life for later». Meg Jay

When we leave everything for later, after thirty on our shoulders a huge burden: we need to succeed, to marry or to marry, earn money, buy a house, start a business, have two or three children – all in a very short time.

Wonderful fiction, which, at first glance, it seems normal writings in the spirit of «Stop sitting on your ass, do it!» But Meg Jay approached the question differently. She led the most important decade in the life of man: from the twentieth to the thirtieth year. And detail, from a scientific point of view, explained why this is the most important decade. The book combines current research and real-life stories of people who have crossed your twenties. You will find answers to many of your questions that will help you to solve many problems to create a good future. This is not a book-motivator, this is a book that just helps and gives answers.

10. «The book of the samurai: Budoshoshinshu». Hagakure

An important book that should be in the pocket of any samurai, even if he lives in the city or on the mother’s apartment. So distant from us Japanese, and man’s essence realized like no other. Kagura is a compilation of teachings from the old samurai, Yamamoto, Tsunetomo. Already in the 17th century he whined about the fact that Japanese men have become wimpy. What would he say about modern dudes? Not important, important is that the book provides, without jokes, great advice about how to relate to the world, than to see its purpose, how to be a man and how to give a life for the Lord, of course. We recommend that you take this book and carry it everywhere. If you need to read something wise in the tube, then open any page and read. Domestic troubles just fade into the second, and even third plan.