10 Board games for a fun-filled evening

There are domestic companies that have openly encouraging. Do not blindly copy the Western experience, and make your original product, which, in turn, makes people happy all over the country.

Today we will tell something about Hobby World and more about their products, which we yuzaem at corporate events. Yes, we love Board games, whiskey and pizza, seriously. Besides, if you are a frequenter of people, including young children, without a doubt, was dealing with rastolkli from Hobby World. This is not surprising: the range is huge, the quality is excellent, you can find anything. Game – for every level of interest, financial resources and corruption. Besides, there is always the opportunity to break in with friends in some place and to play in anything, not even buying the game itself. In General, the magical link will answer your question: where to play in our vast and great? Do note that the closest Store will be held on December 19-20. But do not worry, spend them regularly!

Let’s start my story that will open your eyes to the original Board game, which will be a welcome addition to any Friday night, any holiday, and even the New year. After all, what is important in life? Of course, a good and friendly company! If you want to keep it, pay attention to well-composed manygoodtips.com list.

1. Munchkin under a fur coat

There is such a fit in every sense of the game. You must have heard, and played 100%. But if you do not know, then listen!

What good it is? First, it is easy to play. Second, it does not require much time. And, of course, it has a special, unique flavor of the card, which is different from anything you’ve seen before. The game can be called hell of the soul, and it allows you to combine cards from different sets. In the end you buy yourself a Christmas soaked reindeer and Santas, a log called «Munchkin under a fur coat«, and after immersing it in the world of the previous sets, there is a place where villains of the Wild West, terrible beasts from the world of Lovecraft or space travel. In General, if you want to enjoy a simple, yet exciting game, accompanied by the clink of beer mugs in front of the chiming clock, grab this game, you will not regret it!

If we are talking about the Board game as a gift, then give it to everyone around you: colleagues, young dudes, Mature dudes, dudes a century.

2. Zombitse. The Rue Morgue

Oh, devilry you to the party. «Zombitse. The Rue Morgue» is a complete Board game with its rules, monstrous figures and «horrible» in a good way, cards. You find yourself in a world where civilization is still sunk in the abyss of ignorance and cruelty. At the forefront are crowds of evil zombies, everything else is much more dangerous than it was assumed. You and your friends, which you can dial as many as 12 people, have to save the pieces of the human world. You wanted to do something useful until this is over rich on the events of the year? manygoodtips.com gives you the opportunity save mankind from extinction, Santa would approve!

A gift like dudes that like to play longer, whether to friends and family. Zombies are cool, so easy to please!

3. Ticket to Ride: Europe

Official statement: I love the little train!

– Sheldon Cooper –

We, too, Sheldon, and so are we!.. «Ticket to Ride: Europe» – is a classic game that has many fans for a long 10 years. It is customary to purchase before the holidays, so we chose her.

Before you open the big map of the Old world that you want to build up the transport networks to become the main «railroad» the whole of Europe. The rules are quite simple, and the gameplay draws from the first minute. But what else? The huge expanse of action, hundreds of cars, a lot of stations and the desire to find secrets in all these lands. And, importantly, an amazing atmosphere of the early twentieth century – a time when the railway was the most innovative tool you drag a body from one place to another.

Beware of Sheldon, if you want to safely give this game to your friends!

4. Carcassonne. Royal gift

You know perfectly well that we could not do without our beloved era of the Middle ages. Besides, «Carcassonne» is a wonderful example of turn-based strategy, where you have to create a whole Kingdom, starting with one small piece of road.

For this game there is a bunch of applications, where the theme of building their own state and fight with other players decently developed. Therefore, we recommend to take the «Royal gift», which includes the original game and 4 of the full complement. God knows us and that sort of thing, and hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Give her children, friends, co-workers and landless knights.

5. Pathfinder. The return of the rune lords

No selection of Board games can’t do without one that is built on the classic role-playing system Dungeons & Dragons. This game takes enough time, but it is eventful and unforgettable experience. You pick a character (Canon: warrior, magician, bard, Ranger, etc) and go on a fascinating journey, taking with him his friend.

We recommend to order fast food and to open the «Pathfinder. The return of the rune lords» for the holidays, and devote long, but a hell of a fun watch.

Give her friends, often go to visit. To play this piece – sheer fun, and therefore may be at hand.

6. The colonialists

There is a monopoly, and there are «Colonialists«. Which is better? You might say: «to Each his own!» But we would not hurry, because often the game is good because hell understand and are not able to get bored. «Colonialists» is from this Opera. Extract resources, base settlement, roads and, of course, trade with other players. Such a good economic strategy that is behind many high-profile titles.

Who? And to everyone! However, the game is really simple, so children a priority.

7. A godsend for a spy

If you got «Mafia», but to you it’s still hard to unlearn from conversational games, the «find for the spy» is an elegant choice. Kosher Russian flavor, funny cards, unique rules, and novelty. We are pleased when I learned about her – brightened the many friendly get-togethers.

Congratulations this game with colleagues and friends, as well as the guys from the GRU.

8. Voobrazhenii. Party

Here there are games that are made for large and definitely fun company. And there are games that make a dull new year’s guests of noble merry even without the help of the alcohol reserves of the master of the house! Here «Voobrazhenii. Party» – it’s a game that can cheer up any. Without such a party game way too closed guys steel.

Take «Voobrazhenie» corporate, bring to a party or just give a second.

9. Time’s Up

Another carbon game for parties where you have to show that person or character whose name is written on this card you. Cards actually fully four hundred. Among them you can meet Chewbacca, Lenin and even Sasha grey. But not so simple. If in the first round you can tell about the character on the map, the second will give you only one word for it … and the third… In the third you have to show the wonders wit, flexibility of your face, owning your own gestures and facial expressions. And, of course, time is not unlimited, otherwise the game is not called «Time’s Up«!

Give with a pure heart all around. I wonder how the girlfriend would show Sasha grey?

10. Camel Up! (8+)

The trend of this year: the Arab sheiks, desert, oil field. How to move on the game map? Yes, in fact, does. However, with the Arab sheiks all is not lost, because there is «Camel Up!» – a game that allows you to grow into the role of owner of a racing camel. Desert rally is held somewhere in Egyptian territory, because the added powerful the pyramid, which, as the creators say, it is possible to build without the use of slave labor. We are willing to believe them, and therefore recommend this camel festival.

To give to whom? Children, of course, and fans of Egyptology, as well as oil from the Arabian Peninsula.

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