10 best things printed on a 3D printer

It will soon radically change our life, bringing industrial power for the home and beyond. 3D printer reproduces a digital model by adding materials in layers. Here are some of the best things created on a 3D printer!

1. Ear


Scientists from Princeton University have designed this bionic ear that can hear BETTER than ours, human!

2. Bikini


The world’s first 3D-printed bikini was presented in 2011, created by designers Jenna Faizel and Mary hang. It is called N12, the design comprises discs of different sizes which are connected to each other by means of springs. This bikini successfully emphasizes the contours of the body. Designers imagine the future of the garment can be made based on the scan of the client’s body.

3. Prosthesis to the skull


In March 2013, one person in the U.S. has replaced 75% of his skull 3D printed plastic prosthetic, and it was the first operation of this kind.

4. Gun


In may 2013, with the help of a 3D printer, was made the world’s first weapon. To make the weapon, Wilson received a manufacturing and seller’s licence from the us Bureau for control over the observance of laws on alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, firearms, and explosives.

5. Plaster bandage


When Jake Evill, a recent graduate of Victoria University in New Zealand, broke his hand, he felt that his plaster cast was «archaic», so he created a breathable, lightweight, recyclable and washable exoskeleton.

6. Dress


Earlier this year, new York designer Michael Schmidt and architect Francis Bitonti created this 3D printed dress for dancer Dita von Teese. Comes to sex nylon gown was made using selective laser sintering (SLS), a process where the material is created in layers from plastic powder fused together with a laser.

7. Guitar


Developed by Olaf Digel, the first line of 3D printers printed electric and bass guitars are available for more than$3000.

8. Aston Martin DB4


Ivan Senche, a programmer in Auckland, New Zealand, began to print an exact copy of the 1961 series II Aston Martin DB4, piece by piece, at his home. He worked on the project since about Christmas last year, and now the work is finished approximately 72%.

9. The skull of a dinosaur


Spanish design Studio Namisu created the 3D printed sculpture of the head of Tyrannosaurus Rex for home decor. It is an innovative work of art can be hung on the wall or put on the table. This is a new way to show the prehistoric legend on their own.

10. Bike


Airbike is «grown» with nylon powder using a process called the cumulative production of the layer, like 3D printing, but with the added benefit of laser sintering to reinforce the structure.

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