10 best inventions for those who like to drink

Booze can be difficult. Like and is great fun, and the like, and revolve: the hangover in the morning, the beer’s warm, something tasteless. And so science is not static: scientists dudes try and come up with different things to drink was even nicer and more fun. We offer you a selection of ten cool pieces with which to drink will be more interesting.

1. Hangover Paradise

hangover Paradise

Perhaps it is the hangover place on Earth – Las Vegas. Bro, we are confident that everyone who gets into this crazy city, the first thing to get a hangover, and then arrive at the hotel. One man – an anesthesiologist and part-time entrepreneur (that’s what it brought!) created mobile Paradise for hungover guys that goes on this City of Sin and puts on his feet within an hour! Gambling dudes create all conditions that they continue to squander your cash. Hooray for capitalism!

2. Robot brewery

robot brewery

I agree, it is always nicer to use something if you did it yourself. Unfortunately, to make more or less suitable for drinking beer, you need a lot of time and skills. Instead of so much bother, you can buy a robot to cook for you beer, who also smells like raspberries.

3. Beer mug for science

pivni kuhol

This giant beer mug steampunk-would appear to be a monster, but it is a real masterpiece, a synthesis of love of science and beer. In this large mug fit English gallon (which is 4.5 litres – just think, man!) beer, and it is stored there in its optimal temperature. That is, can you get there all the beer you want to drink today, and it will not warm and will not become less enjoyable. Good people are scientists guys.

4. Elettrobar


To be a bartender – that’s manly and cool, but not when you have no idea what kind of liquor and what it is better to mix. Fortunately, the robot-the drunkard will come to you for help! This electropar can mix about 15 different doctors and drinks – is only a click away. And you can sync it with your tablet and impress guests with the wonders of technology.

5. Portable cooler for beer

portable cooler for beer

Nice beer to drink until, until it becomes warm, then it turns into one of the nastiest things in the world. A guy named Kent Hodson, apparently, very soared this problem, and at 22 he invented a cool device – a portable cooler for beer. It contains liquid carbon dioxide, which helps to cool the beer in the bottle to optimum temperature. Thank You, Kent!

6. bar2d2

portable bar

If you love Star wars (and who doesn’t love Star wars!), this thing is guaranteed to win your heart drinking. Here is such a droid bar was invented by guys to drink was even nicer. Note: the girl and Hoop not included!

7. Cooler for six bottles «and Jägermeister'»

cooler for Jägermeister

If your party is «Jägermeister» means that it will last all night. This drink of the gods becomes a hell of a cough, if it does not keep for a week in the lair Sub-zero. On this occasion, a special cooler, which fits six bottles of luxury liquor (Gee, how can so much to drink!) and white pile of ice. In addition, a gizmo equipped with a knife, through which you can easily pour the vodka – it is only necessary to substitute for the cock shot.

8. Dropper-lush


The only reason dudes want to get to the hospital (except for those who have a fetish for nurses), – drugs. There is sometimes watered very cool stuff. And now you can’t get to the hospital to enjoy: with this device you’ll be able to drink without getting up and without lifting a finger. Or to drunk to such a state that your only ability will have to lift a finger.

9. Kega – slot machine

kega - slot machine

I remember as a child my mother edifying told you about «combining business with pleasure»? It’s garbage, we found a way to combine the pleasant with the pleasant! TA-da: this thing combines two wonderful things – a slot machine and kegu. In English it is called «Arkeg», two words: arcade — slot machine — and keg — in fact, kega. It would be cool to have this at home!

10. A beer can with a large hole


It happens that sometimes you want to drink your beer faster than it could the laws of physics. Not always want to strain the drink through this ridiculous hole, which happens when you open a regular Bank. Overseas brewery Sly Fox have decided to come to the rescue in this situation and make a beer can with a large lid. High.

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