10 best books about leadership

manygoodtips.com_4.03.2015_dxYP1sTJQ4ot4Great leaders are great readers. Remember that before you start a business. Although in any case, leadership is needed equally in the business sphere and on the personal front. So tonight, man, we will try to inspire you to find inner charismatic person with another collection of excellent books about leadership. Ready? Go!

1. «Emotional leadership. The art of managing people based on emotional intelligence,» Daniel Golman


Let you are not cheating boring long title of this book: in fact, the thoughts and ideas expressed in it, may well be considered worthy of your precious attention. Take her in hand and meet the classic lessons of interpersonal communication based on empathy and understanding, because it is incredibly powerful tools that are completely underrated in our modern society. The author describes how to use empathy you will be able to manipulate people and lead them, blinding the unfortunate aura of his charisma and charm. Most importantly, remember that we are responsible for those who tamed.

2. «Seasons of life» Jim Rohn


Book-the meditation, the main idea which focuses on the fundamentals of human behavior and how it affects the optimal performance, personal and professional. The author tries to help the reader learn how to generate complex ideas and simplify them so that they bring fast results. Kind of this is another tutorial on how to learn to live well. But unlike tons of other paper of this book really knows how to «catch» and to reach the consciousness of the reader.

3. «Leader without a title», Robin Sharma


All the books by this canadian writer and trainer on leadership are read easily and with interest. «Leader without a title» is a work which will be appreciated by held as a business owner, and those who just began on the thorny path of entrepreneurship. The author writes: «To be a great leader, first, become a great man,» and this idea is the red line runs through all his work, which is popular with psychologists, and ordinary mortals, who wants personal growth and self-development.

4. «The 21 irrefutable law of leadership», John Maxwell


The moral of this book is that if you follow the laws «of leadership, then leadership will follow you. Maxwell’s essay is a powerful set of principles that are very easy to understand, clear and vivid examples accompanying each item, will help even the most miserable rag to find the beginnings of leadership skills and apply these skills in their life today.

5. «Emotional intelligence 2.0» Travis Bradbury


It turns out that successful people owe their status not so much high IQ, how many EQ – emotional intelligence. It determines the effectiveness of human interaction with others and with the world in General. Self-awareness, self-control, empathy and relationship skills – essential components of a harmonious emotional development of the human being. How to establish the relationship of all these components and improve their quality of life, you can learn if you read the book of Travis bradberry, well, or just drink a cold beer in the warm company of their best friends.

6. Expand your ship David Marquet


The book is written by the commander of a nuclear submarine U. S. S. «Santa Fe», by captain David Marquet, a compelling and clear guide for those who want to change direction in your life, but don’t know where to start looking. Tips, examples, tools, and tactics – all of this you will find in the pages of this clever work, where the preference is given to practice than theory.

7. «7 habits of highly effective people», Stephen Covey


This is one of the most popular books on personal development ever published. Stephen Covey created a desktop guide for everyone who holds in his hands the reins, or only thinks of such a thing. Global bestseller, written in clear language and not deprived at the same practicality and humor, will fill your gaps of knowledge about leadership as a personal as well as professional, and set the right course for change, to which you finally decide.

8. «How to become leaders,» Warren Bennis


The author refers to the lack of leaders as a new social disease and aims with his book to help the reader to understand themselves, thereby adding to the ranks of the doctors of the above disease. Flipping through these pages, we read that leaders are not born – they definitely are. Managers of any level and in any sphere, who believe investing in education is the most beneficial investment, must read the work of a recognized guru and coach with leadership Warren Bennis.

9. «Good to great», Jim Collins


Jim Collins will introduce you to best practices of leadership, gleaned from the experience of world famous organizations and enterprises. Forbes magazine has included «good to great» in the list of the best business books that were published over the past 20 years. This encyclopedia is essential reading for CEOs, business owners, Directors of development, consultants, management and all those who want to raise the bar and try to threaten on something more than has now.

10. «The power of full engagement», Jim loer and Tony Schwartz


The authors of this book argue that the real key to high performance is not how well you can manage your time and how you skillfully control your emotions and wasted energy. So even if you ate a few dogs for scheduling and time management, you are powerless without good health and stable emotional state. «The power of full engagement» is you need a crash course with a very important subject: «well-being».

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