10 benefits of lemon juice

manygoodtips.com_3.12.2014_UtL5C9qaPjQNoWinter, which is the hand cold, you must find hot tea with lemon. Can tea. Faster zatarivatsya at the grocery this citrus, because his favor can not be overstated!

1. Vitamins

Lemon – a citrus fruit crazy with a very high content of vitamin C. this of course, you know. Here’s an interesting fact for all history lovers: gold diggers, who have lived in the mid-19th century, the lemons have been weight in gold. At the time one lemon worth more than a dollar in 1849, few could afford such luxury. But it was one of the few that is able to protect sailors, gold-diggers and all seekers of the easy life and adventures from scurvy. Now, to put it mildly, not the most common disease, but a lemon is still a constant supplier of the daily requirement of vitamin C, one large lemon contains 45 mg of vitamin C – 75% of the daily requirement.

2. He heals all…

Well, maybe not all. Lemon juice won’t save you from swine flu, Ebola, hemorrhoids and ringing in the ears. But vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system, which, in turn, is able to protect you from many nasty colds and the weakness of the frail body. The antibacterial properties of lemon help to ease the sore throat inflammation of the tonsils. Just as often as possible to rinse throat water, mixed with lemon juice.

3. The lemon juice will help you focus

It is scientifically proven that citrus fragrance helps to improve concentration and increase alertness. So if you need to focus on something, put on the stove and boil water, generously mixed with lemon juice.

4. Cosmetic

Perhaps now you are not concerned about the condition of their skin, after all you’ve been through a period when your face was covered with pimples of all stripes and sizes. But after a couple of decades you’ll remember all these «girly stuff», when your face will become like the ass-Pei, and the hair starting to fall out of his head in the slightest breeze. No, dude, you won’t look like Statham. Rather, as another balding weirdo. Lemon juice to help you! Its daily consumption reduces wrinkles, improves the condition of skin and hair. You can even dilute it with water, the reduced your level of severity and brutality.

5. Prevent kidney stones

Urolithiasis is one of the most frustrating types of ailment. You never know if you’re going to add a little lemon juice in your daily diet.

6. Lemon lightens your soul…

Lemon – your reliable ally in the fight against insomnia, stress and anxiety.

7. … and the body

The antibacterial properties of lemon juice will help you to reduce unitatem stay on the throne trying to squeeze out something worthwhile. Lemon juice mixed with warm water, improves digestion, relieves heartburn, nausea, indigestion, bloating and cleanses the blood, helps with hiccups and has a beneficial effect on the liver.

8. It is a powerful detox

Toxins, which adversely affects the body and overall health, lie in wait for us everywhere: poor quality food and water, household chemicals, environment, medicine, furniture, and even clothing, especially synthetics. All this affects your health and mood is much stronger than you think. But our yellow friend will gladly come to you for help. Lemon juice helps to restore a General cleaning in your tormented body.

9. Helps to lose weight

Lemon juice contains virtually no calories, as we have seen, helps digestion and reduces the feeling of hunger, due to the contained pectin.

10. Help for toothache

RUB lemon juice on the gums, mix it with water and swish it around your mouth. This will provide you a cool effect and a pleasant breath.

Some practical advice

1. Lemon with thin skin is the best donor for juice. This fruit is easily identified by the presence of smooth skin without bumps, while tolstoshkurye variant has a bumpy surface. The peel should not have dark spots, but to be elastic and «glossy».

2. In the fridge the lemon can be stored for up to one month, and outside of it – about a week at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. But if you squeeze the juice all at once in the refrigerator it can be stored without losing its useful properties, a few centuries and another couple of weeks.

3. Do not drink concentrated lemon juice.

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