10 basic things you need to take with you on fishing

fishing accessories

It is summer and what does that mean? It’s fishing time! Fishing is a fantastic exciting, meditative, truly masculine occupation. This is a great way to relax and spend time with their guys, taking a break from pretty performance. Arsenal of your fishing supplies will depend on your taste, but there are highlights that should not be missed. These ten things necessary to take with itself on fishing.

1. Spare fishing line

fishing line

There are a lot of reasons: you can catch a giant fish, which tries to drag you into the abyss you will tear the line or the line will just get tangled up in some snags — in short, to damage weight. So it is always good to have a spare skein. Its thickness depends on your goal of fish you plan to catch. If the conditions of the fishing is quite hard, you need thicker fishing line. If you are fishing in crystal clear water, it is logical, it is necessary to choose the most transparent fishing line.

2. Spare hooks


Take care of diversity: more hooks, good and different for different types of fish. If you gravitate to a certain type of hooks, get them with the stock. But, again, think about other options.

3. Floats


They will help you to find out when bite — so why am I even talking about this? You yourself know everything! The floats are different, too. Their main form is a plastic red-and-white guys. Round floats are good because they can easily be put on the line. However, this limits the depth of the float, which can drop your hook.

What about moving the float? But with him, the fishing line can take much deeper. Of course, you need more time to get him placed, but many anglers believe that the idea is worth the time, because the hook sinks deeper.

You can always use the old school option and to put on the line piece of bark will work too.

4. Sinkers


By themselves, the hook with the worm will not fall deeply. You will need to use extra weight so they sank deeper. While fishing, I’ve lost sinkers and appreciated very much the idea to take extra. Mostly they are made of lead, but also there are specimens of copper, tungsten, steel and bismuth.

5. Plastic worms

plastic worm

I like to use live bait, but plastic worms will not be superfluous in your backpack. They come in different colors and sizes. They have long tails, and they are much easier to use. Some fishermen swear that certain colors of worms are biting much better. Perhaps this is a fisherman’s superstition, but if you’re lucky with a certain color of hearts, spit on it and be superstitious!

6. Baubles


For most fishing needs quite a classic hook and worm, but sometimes you need something special to overcome the fish. There are literally hundreds of different types of lures, even difficult to imagine. Every kind was created with a purpose to attract a specific fish. For example, a spinner in the form of a minnow attracts minnows. Experiment to find what will work for you, and keep it in its box with fishing stuff.

7. The needle nose pliers

needle nose pliers

They need to remove the hook from the fish when you pry it out of the water. And remove hooks from yourself. Stuck tight assholes!

8. First aid kit

first aid kit

I hope you won’t need it, but just in case, better safe. So, a small injury is inevitable, for example, the hook can stick you in the finger. And to come up with a first aid kit. Put on a bandage, some antiseptic and a band-aid — the rest is up to your taste. To put that wound on its course in any case impossible!

9. Sunscreen


When going fishing, I’ll have to stay in the sun. To protect the face from the burning, have to put sunblock on. Just go with it. Are you going in such a hurry leaving the house, forget to put them in the bathroom. So just put the cream in your backpack: see — remember.

10. Something to cut fishing line

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There are sad moments when you have to admit: the fish can not pull out. Does not work. Will have to cut the line. Of course, this would fit and pocket knife, but dad taught me to cut the line here with this garbage, which is usually cut my nails. It’s much faster and easier.

Have any tips for fishing? Advise in the comments, dude!

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