10 ambitious buildings that people are trying to build

More isn’t better, but people can’t prove that. Especially not prove it to the people that played this world on my finger. They are like the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, want to make a difference, ambitious projects for them is something that you must do while still alive. Here and the Royal family of Saudi Arabia wants to build a huge «Royal Tower», China wants to build a dam so big that it will literally slow the rotation of the Earth. But it’s one thing to chatter about these projects and the other to do, to invest, to build and make a reality.

1. Chinese super city

An area of 790 square kilometers, the Metropolitan area with a population of 20 million people. This is new York – one of the largest cities on Earth. But China likes to overtake on the scale of everything he sees. And this project is no exception. It is supposed to link Beijing, Tianjin and Heibei in one giant metropolis, where it will reside 130 million, while the total area of this city is larger than many countries of the world. Estimated size – 212000 square kilometers.

The President, XI Jinping, assured his people that each city retains a semblance of autonomy and special role. For example, Beijing will become the cultural and technological center of «super city», and Tianjin – a hotbed of productive forces. Working on a bunch of cities started in 2013, to 2020 should be built high speed rail.

2. Hyperloop

Billionaire Elon Musk decided to build something amazing for the urban dwellers. A system of sealed pipes, which could move at high speeds passengers between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Something similar happened in the TV series «Futurama». And at first, everything was like crazy rich people nonsense. However, the work began. And in may 2015, the California-based company got the nod to start the construction of the first in the world hyperloop’. The company Elon musk has already reached all legal transactions necessary for the continuation of construction. It is assumed that such movement can significantly reduce transport intensity of the major cities. The project promised to be completed by 2025.

3. Nicaragua Canal

Hold.kom.ua_4.08.2015_c4D5ZPO4LChpdPanama water remains one of the greatest engineering feats of all time. 77 km in length is really a lot. But in Nicaragua, conceived the project. The estimated channel will be three times more than Panama. Its cost is estimated at $ 50 billion and work has already begun in 2014. We are always wary of the human intervention in the ecosystem of nature, but sometimes to do that you just need. On the other hand, such a monstrous size channel gives concern both the US and Nicaragua. Even shipping companies fear that all this will end badly. Optimists argue that the first ship can cross the channel in 2019.

4. A giant solar farm in Tunisia

For the sake of.com.ua_4.08.2015_f1ceKUVrEVAVwThe theme of alternative energy sources is not out of fashion a couple of years ago. This is the most promising direction where there is even the traditional sources of energy. The government of Tunisia hopes to use only 0.3 percent of the total area of the Sahara, to ensure a happy life. The contractor performs energy company Nur. In 2014 decided to create a 100 square miles of solar farms until 2018. After solar panels will be dispersed on the area, equal to three Macau. According to the independent newspaper, the farm will be able to provide energy to 2.5 million homes in the UK only on their resources. Although now it all seems to be fantasy, but the project is being implemented, slowly but surely.

5. Artificial mountain in the Netherlands

What is not in the Netherlands? Gender equality, legalized drugs, great beer, and public house – like in Holland has it all! But it’s not. In this country there are no mountains and it’s all a mistake, wants to change the journalist Thijs, Zonneveld. Surprisingly, he found a company that will help him in this absurd project, and got permission to build mountains. This year appears to be an early prototype, and the mountain is expected in the next ten years.

6. Monster-hotels in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Over the past few years, Saudi Arabia is busy modernizing the ancient city of Mecca like Las Vegas, however, in the middle East. A craving for luxury, five-star hotels like the blood of the Arab sheikhs and billionaires of the East. Case in point – the Abraj Kudai – vertical city-state where every citizen is guaranteed to be a millionaire. 45 floors, and everything about this place screams wealth. Abraj Kudai will be the largest hotel in the world, but he will retain the title. Mecca is teeming with new cutting-edge construction projects that will fill the old city a theocratic state.

7. Vertical mega-cities

Once someone has decided to compete by size. And again this is China. Imagine the building is so massive and so Autonomous, where all the action is, where people live and die, that only one building can rightly be called a city. This can only be read in science fiction. But now there is construction, and it is in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, on the Bank of the Pearl river. The structure will include three interlinked towers, a huge tower, only slightly inferior to the height of a terrible Burj Khalifa. The surface area will be slightly smaller than Monaco. Officials hope that the project will be implemented. How will he look like? How will people live? It is not quite clear. The whole thing seems a scene of another dystopia.

8. Giant smart cities

Sounds pretty strange, even more strange is that this project come from India. Smart city is a city where everything is kept on an Internet connection and a network connects the lives of every citizen. Easy the dream of the futurists can become a reality. Infrastructure project called «Dholera». This city needs to build from scratch on reclaimed land, where it is subjected to high technology. There will be no traffic jams, no dirt, no crowds of people, which precipitated various municipal buildings. Each house will be connected to the Internet. Size Dholera was designed «oversized». City want to make two times larger than modern Mumbai. And although the project stumbles and makes many problems, he still is slowly moving to implement. And if the city is successful, India expects another 23 such projects.

9. Artificial archipelago, Azerbaijan

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2015_Wuwu8Uzq3Fe8HAzerbaijan is developing very fast due to its energy resources. They also invest where necessary, but sometimes I like to do crazy things. In the waters off the coast of Baku, on the Caspian sea, creating new Islands. The archipelago will consist of 55 individual Islands have their own airport and yacht club, the track for Formula 1 and 800,000 of the population. Azerbaijan in the framework of the creation of the archipelago is planning to build the tallest building on Earth. The cost of the tower will cost more than the entire GDP of the country, but to pay for the construction of a going private investor – Ibrahim Ibragimov. All this madness, of course, but madness is interesting.

10. The new silk Road

When the silk road was the largest trade route in all the Land. Financial flows of the old world moved in his arteries, carrying money, religion, refugees. The Chinese government decided to recall the old days and build a new silk road that will be relevant in the twenty-first century. The idea was to combine a new overland trade route with the railway network, the transport branches, and pipelines.

When the road is finished, it will give China the corridor’s financial strength from XI’an to Moscow, and then to Rotterdam. This is more than 10,000 kilometers of Chinese domination. But the project will not stop there. India and Russia was chosen as an important economic corridor. But there is the other half of the plan, which is to build the corridor into the rest of Asia and East Africa. 2020 – the year when everything is working as it should. Change this world? Completely.