10 amazing building technologies that will change lives for the better. Part II

And we continue to talk about cities of the future. Our narrow-minded ancestors, the word «city of the future» imagined futuristic mess, with spaceships and reminds the Church of the flying dome buildings made of shiny, like a halo my God, materials. We so far do not look and try to consider the materials which will reduce the cost of building and avoid the raging hordes of migrant workers.

Solar paint

The main problem with solar panels is their appearance. They are big, clumsy and stick out to the elegant, Italian marble terrace like an eyesore. Ecology ecology, but no matter they look as if Monica Bellucci on his cheek was a mole, like De Niro, and on the chin – balls.

That though as-that to restore the balance of sustainability and beauty, some produce solar panels that are so small that literally looks like a drawing on the asphalt. This is not a bug, just young scientists from the University of Alberta created a spray with nanoparticles of zinc and phosphorus. If, say, someone sprayed the spray on the roof of his house, he will be able to generate more than enough energy for the needs of the house and reduce dependence on fossil black lures. Didn’t want to write the story of a proud profession oilmen and miners, but… so they will not be charged.

In the solar paint is another huge plus: they are cheaper to produce than the massive battery. While the paint is more effective than the war in Vietnam, but scientists are working hard on this problem.

Vertical city

According to forecasts of the United Nations, by 2050, unless there’s a fallout, the Earth would be over 9.6 billion people. It’s 2.3 billion more than we have today. Be strong, sociopath of the future.

Also, an estimated 75 percent of the world population will live in cities that can not upset because he is literally closely. But psychiatrists and psychologists will be more work. But there is a way. And he is known a long time ago and used since the beginning of the last century. It is a vertical house. Yes, the city of skyscrapers whose celestial spires tickling the swift cloud, and not the Soviet skyscrapers «fence» panel nine-aimed at tens of meters in width and not in length. There are examples, many examples, for example, the cities are already built in one of the districts of the Sahara, Dubai, and China. Huge dark areas, resembling the tower of Isengard, has already provided a working and trading places thousands of people. And most importantly, saves the area.

Megabashni can be self-sustaining and environmentally friendly, in fact all over their surface, you can install solar panels and use geothermal energy and collect rainwater. But it’s still a dream, even though what was built.

Water-resistant asphalt

When it rains, the asphalt smells like a dead dog. But it’s not the most unpleasant. The most disgusting thing that remain deep puddles, and taking into account our roads – lake. The English with this was also a problem, so they have created such a grace, as Topmix Permeable, but in fact the road surface, capable of transmit up to 4000 litres of water per minute, leaving little puddles.

Moreover, as its creators claim, the adsorbing property of the asphalt will in hot weather reduce the temperature of the roads, as the water that seeps into it, might be under him in the system of drainage channels of the membranes and evaporates, cooling it.

The top layer essentially consists of large pebbles, which allows the water to seep inside. Is located underneath the suction lining with drainage channels or a special membrane. And all this is laid directly on the ground.

On its creation worked as much as 60 years, wondering how to eliminate the main drawback – low strength, because of bad roads all over the world. It would seem, take and system, immediately will save all the cities located in the lowlands, which drain the surrounding water. But, as always, there is one «BUT» that spoils everything: the road is only suitable for a warm climate, permafrost asphalt bursts, as the lips in the cold. And, of course, some places will not do without the constant theft of funds for road repair. In any case, or the water flowing will not, or will crack before he will believe.

Smart bricks

The creators of this thing is clearly inspired by «LEGO». Look at yourself: the top shares of the go to the bottom, like a puzzle. Only they are more reliable, but still attached by rebar. By the way, cement is not necessary, the surface is so sticky.

Inside the building there are panels of patterns that are attached to the blocks. And no drywall is not necessary, and not have to paint. There are also panels to build the floor and ceiling. The blocks are hollow, but not for the economy and not out of greed of the manufacturer, and for practical purposes – these cavities are the channels for communication the electricity and water supply.

Home of such «LEGO bricks» have a very important advantage, or rather two: they are cheaper than brick houses 50% or much warmer expenditure of the prototype.


American scientists decided to turn to nature for inspiration and found one better than termites. According to the principle of housing vile drevogubets. Only instead of ugly insects, they use small robots. Simple, low-cost drones quickly and systematically will be assembled at home without much human intervention. Drones are just perfect for building in dangerous places, for example, in outer space and under water. And you are no migrant workers, downtime, disrupting and disputes with the superintendent.

Yes, the idea is not new, but in our time any unrealized brilliant idea worthy of a place in this sense.

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