10 Amazing building technologies that will change lives for the better. Part I

15 years ago we were assured that to change lives for the better but maybe Phillips. Now we skill alone is not enough, want to in other areas there was a loud progress. Especially in construction, as construction techniques can get caught in the impasse of humanity to make a powerful leap forward that Bradbury himself would not believe his eyes. But at the same time a lot of problems would disappear by itself, the main thing is to implement these technologies in life because great promise, see for yourself.

Bamboo house

Most people on the West believes is innocent bamboo decorative material, which is very well grow through people (remember nice Asian penalty), and it forgets about its construction quality. Bamboo grows quickly, is stronger than steel and more stable than cement. That is why Beijing architectural Studio «Penda» wants to use bamboo as the main resource to build a city.

The city will be a sustainable, environmentally friendly and, best of all, inexpensive. The principle of construction of a simple, primitive, and time-tested: bundles of stalks bond to each other forming blocks. «Penda» (or pendency, or even otherwise – it is unclear how) thinks he can build a city in which to live 200,000 by 2023. The house, incidentally, can easily be complement to do addition.

However, looking at Chinese nesting boxes, once you understand that in terms of the extensions they are inferior even domestic residents, make of the loggias on the 8th floor of some tower of Sauron. Also the entire structure can be dismantled effortlessly and move it into place more fun, because it’s just bamboo sticks and rope that can be reused. However, the Asians know how to build with bamboo, and, most likely, the experience will be successful, and the house is moderately warm, with the insulation also decide. But sustainability, of course, do not argue, it all looks like a magic city of elves, modernity does not smell, but the stuffy palaces of the slag does not give.

Diamond nanowires

As far as we know, diamonds are the hardest minerals that occur naturally on Earth. Harder only the will and character of comrade Stalin. If diamond can handle, you get a diamond and dust coating dental drills, and if used right, get a very durable material. At the State University of Pennsylvania researchers have created an innovative diamond nanowires, which is 20,000 times thinner than a human hair. And don’t be confused by the word «nano» here it is not related to corruption. Even so, the diamond nanowires are considered to be the most durable material on Earth. In addition to its fragility and strength, they are also incredibly lightweight. To create their work by applying alternating pressure cycles for isolated molecules of benzene that was in the liquid state. Created rings of carbon atoms that are gathered in an orderly chain. Complex stuff, and not care!? The cool thing is the strongest in the world! Nanowires can be used in daily construction, but they can be used in a Grand project of planetary scale, such as the tether for the space Elevator, which can dramatically reduce the cost of space tourism.


Sounds like the name of the medication, but used it for other purposes. Aerogel is not a new material, he is more than our grandparents. Researched in the 1920-ies, insights and thoughts about the material published in 1932. It is created by removing liquid from gel and replacing liquid gas. When the substance becomes ultra-light, because 90 percent of its content to air.

Aerogel was used to insulate pipelines in industrial zones, but more than that, it is even used on the Rover. One enterprising company with the speaker called «aspen Aerogel» is even planning to use ultralight material for home insulation. They created a product called Spaceloft, a kind of «blanket», but this is not light and thin. Despite their light weight, «blankets» to 4 times higher than its heat-insulating qualities of fiberglass or foam. Through these «blankets» quietly passes water vapor, but what is most strange and, probably, the most striking is that they are fire resistant. A couple of passes, but the fire does not burn. Although the house, upholstered in a material of the aerogel will not be fireproof, house «451 degrees Fahrenheit», but the number of fires should be reduced.

The problem is that the aerogel is much more expensive than traditional insulation, though it’s great to save money on energy in the long run. Also, not all homes can be easily upgraded with the help of this material. It works best in older homes or new ones that were built under the aerogel.

Road printer

To pave the way, need a lot of time, must be winter (to put directly on snow) and many many sawn means. The average worker is likely to pave 100 square meters a day. Fortunately, good people have created a machine that literally «prints» 300 square meters of cobblestone road per day. There are still RoadPrinter that can do 500 square feet a day. One or two operator literally «feed» the car with a brick. Then the machine lays brick road pattern while the roller presses the brick as closely as possible to the ground. Printers run on electricity and do not have many moving parts, making them easy to use and maintain. In addition, they don’t make much noise, especially compared to traditional methods of paving roads.

The main difference: the machines lay bricks instead of asphalt. However, there is a misconception that the brick is even better, and filters the water, and repairing this road easier. In any case, you need to use such robots, because, if we are to believe James Cameron, soon the machines will enslave us, and to lay the road we will again. A work like the accuracy, try to stack it the way they do in our country. So you have at least a little taste of the scientific and technical benefits.

Bi-directional cable-less elevators

The main problem of a large infrastructure lies in the complexity of movement in all directions. It is particularly difficult with transport lifts for car is a long and not always easy task. The German company Toepke seem to have found how to solve this problem. Instead of using cables and wires, the lift will operate using magnetic levitation technology. This will allow the car to travel both vertically and horizontally. It also would reduce the waiting time. Finally, the magnetic lifter will use much less energy, making them better for the environment. In 2016, they even plan to test in one of the foreign towns.

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