10 alternatives to the formal sofa

Zaradi.com.ua_8.07.2014_NnhNl2hNnHf07Summer passes by, and you still can not find the strength to go for a vacation with friends? Of course, it is easier to spend the evening on the couch in front of the TV with a bottle of beer. It will never happen! We have prepared for you a list of classes for the coming 10 nights.

1.Restaurant «in the dark»

Surely you’ve heard of these. And, Yes, they are in Russia! The point is that you throughout the dinner you are in complete darkness. Before you go into a dark room, you and your friends must surrender all cell phones, lighters and so on, that can illuminate the room. In advance you choose the dishes based only on names, not knowing how they will look and what they include.

The evening will be unforgettable, from the darkness you can expect anything.

2.Cinema with hot tubs

No, it’s not cinema full ceramic bathrooms. Just simply this movie under the open sky. In front of the screen located inflatable pools, where you and your friends will settle down. Dude you are guaranteed an awesome party atmosphere with a taste of champagne that you can SIP while sitting in the warm pool while enjoying the movie.


A great alternative to computer games. If you have a lot of friends, then we split into two teams, you must be leading. The facilitator’s role is to consider the entire game. First you need to hide the trophy, and then come up with ingenious riddles, guessing which teams will find a way to win. The winner is the first to find a hidden object.

4.A tent of blankets

Not bad sometimes to go back to childhood. Remember how exciting it was to get under the barricade out of chairs, blankets, pillows. Believe me, it is fun and now! Build a similar house with friends, take him and under the murky shadows of the flashlight tell each other scary stories.

5.The Museum of bad art

Go to the Museum where Michelangelo and Da Vinci are not in the authority of the creators of art. Such sarcastic pictures will definitely lift your mood.


Or rather barbecue. Oh, Yes. Summer in the yard. Go to the supermarket for the generous piece of meat, friends, BBQ, campfire, mosquitoes and here is the recipe for happiness. Put the gadgets aside. Enjoy nature, because tomorrow back to work.


With friends write down the names of cities, shuffle and randomly choose one of the cities. Next weekend go by car to the city. Get an unfamiliar environment. Don’t book hotels in advance and plan the route, just walk around the city and entertain themselves by going to local bars.


Here the women have no place. Get a grip, dude, use more paint for the enemy. It is not for us to tell you the charm of the outdoors, especially if you have the guns loaded with paint balls. Run the command with the mission of «capture the flag»: the flag in center field, the task is to bring it to the enemy base or your base.

9.Theme party

The essence is known to you, it remains only to determine the topics. There are many attractive ideas, such as: rock’n’roll party, party in a truly Russian style, party style favorite series alcoholic party, movie night, tonight in the form of characters of the favorite game, with a quest.


Before you can make an evening, create a snake with their hands. Go to the Park with the company and arrange in the sky relentless fighting kites. As a trophy the winner gets free drinks at the bar.

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