10 absolutely free things on the Internet that you should try

In this world everything has a price and should pay for everything. Not money, time. And, unfortunately, not always time and money are rewarded with the pleasure that you wanted just get. Fortunately, there are some secret passages in the field of leisure, education and use, which will help you to get the full benefit of their energy costs. They are all before your eyes in the browser window. Will not have to pay, promise.

1 Free training


It exists, and classes in a free online lecture halls can become quite formal — you even the appropriate piece of paper can give you to show it at the Institute. For example, for this purpose you can use the platform for open education, where courses of leading universities of Russia, among which was a place MSU and the HSE.

The tuition is absolutely free, provided very different profiles and is intermittent. That is, you have to follow, what courses appear, disappear to find what you need you personally. Teachers are some of the best in Russia.

The system of education is built conveniently. The material studied on the personal page, then it seems using the online form at certain times. Actually, if you don’t need an official piece of paper from, for example, Moscow state University, then you can take the lessons at your convenience, at any time and to saturate your brain unique knowledge.

In addition to «open education», there is a free training for more specialized, focused on the online profession, which become every day more necessary. For example, if you take University online jobs «Netology», they regularly hold a free course on programming — «the basics of HTML and CSS». 18 Nov starts. The course is ideal for those who want to learn programming but doesn’t know where to start.

There is also free open classes for each of these areas (marketing, design and UX, project management and programming) set out in this center. For example, if you are promoting goods and services on the Internet, then you will be useful to look at lessons in marketing — they give this kind of knowledge that can be immediately applied in practice. Important benefits, even free University education online jobs «Netology» are complete and high quality study material, individual mentoring by experts, and learning in groups of like-minded people.

Also the Internet is full of lectures, which are free of charge. For example, if you love literature, then look for the lecture of Eugene Zharinova. If the history, discover the lecture of Arzamas.

2 Disposable e-mail addresses

You should do that. Thanks to 10 minute mail you can easily register on the website you are interested in and discard the danger of the spam explosion in your personal box. These addresses are an excellent tool for anonymous action of depravity. For example, if you wanted to register for pornosayte, but do not want to Shine their data, or if you want to do hard-core trolling my boss. Go nuts and be anonymous. 3 Ambient for work, study and sex In our country there are no copyright issues as in the United States. We can safely pirate and not be afraid that in a month we in the post office comes a huge fine for downloaded the album Red Hot Chili Peppers, which we didn’t even like. And perhaps it is our luck that today everything is free, and we don’t pay for the music we love.

But even when its gone, we will be able to go to YouTube to drive in search of the word «Ambient» and get a 2-3 hour music absolutely free. It will be one of the last lines of defenses of free information along with the author’s projects, which are not in contact with Mercantile RAO.

4 Any language of the world at your feet


Today it is impossible to feel isolated from the rest of the world. Globalization. Every Internet user can easily flirt with the Argentine, French or Polish. Only language you need to know, because it is the last barrier on the way of the title «citizen of the world».

But the language can be taught for free, if you wish. Download the most simple tutorial and looking at the page, get in touch with a foreigner on Skype — chat, chat, chat, and very soon you will be able to talk in a foreign language. A little courage, time, arrogance, and you will succeed!

5 Unlimited access to documentary films

Use this until you shut it down. BBC films and National Geographic’re actually free to access. You can watch them one after the other, enlightening and culturally enriching your body. Every day you can learn something new, only viewing several documentary films, which will absorb a little more than «the scandals, intrigues, investigation» Russian talk show. So recommend less sticky on funny and look smart and useful erudition more harm to anyone not brought. 6 the support Group and anonymous chats everyone there are days when you just want to talk to anyone: problems, dilemmas, suffering, joy, lust, and failures. About what lies under your skull. That you’ll never show your loved ones because they don’t understand or are against. The Internet is full of paid counseling, but they, by and large, represent the huts of the astrologers who are trying to hold your attention just as much as you have enough money.

But don’t be discouraged. There are online anonymous chats and onigbogi where you will listen and perhaps understand. Be prepared for trolling, but it’s better than keeping it all to myself. Alternative platform for communication — pornocity like BongaCams. They are ideal not only for Masturbation but also to communicate with the girls who, surprisingly, can be smarter than you.

7 Free things


Social networks are full of groups of hoarders where people come to give their stuff out of kindness or for pennies, or even free. We found the authentic bags that look as if they were transporting cocaine or the last treasure bluesman who sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads of all roads. Besides Luggage, you can find a lot of interesting books, that gets discarded when you move to a new house, and all sorts of clothes that were the wrong size, but throw their owners do not want to. And it’s not that the times are harsh, but because for every free thing you have to cling to, and that some «gifts» may have a greater cost than is assumed by their owner. Some good money on this lift.

8 old school Game

For our generation, one of the best memories of childhood were primitive games that have crashed into our consciousness as something incredible and impossible. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to what’s outside the window the bright sun and the perfect weather for football, it was the screen where rode the little men with swords, machine guns, and they saved the world from any misfortune. Every cartridge game was a journey into another world. Today all of this stuff was moved directly into the browser. Thank you for this emulator, which can give us the chance to experience the experiences of childhood. You can start with games sastlevania — it is freely available. 9 Coupons and discounts


If to Express in the words of the official surveys of the population, today in Russia live so well, that there was a fashion economy that is «good» show less. Along with the fashion for savings came to limit yourself to eating and movement, as well as the mass use of coupons or discounts. Live so well that you join this fun, it’s not worth anything, and the Internet is full of promotions that you can flaunt with full dedication.

First, you can use the service, which we’re often told — cashback. Secondly, you can download a app official «Thank you from Sberbank» is there with every purchase you return some money and give a lot of shares. If you always go to Burger King, then you will enjoy 20% discount on the order. For coupons and discounts to watch out for by the networks — they always report that they will soon be some action.

10 helping neighbor , no One believes the petition when it comes to various corruption scandals or Affairs which affect the honour of those in power. It is foolish to sign a petition, which should serve the glorious cause of modernization of the Russian state. On the other hand, we cannot say that the signatures are absolutely worthless. Many high-profile cases have become such thanks to the people’s anger, which was reflected in the fact that unhappy people visited the site Change.org and filled a short questionnaire. The regional authorities are afraid of the noise, the police also does not like to create congestion in their work, when she is being watched hundreds of thousands of angry people.

For example, not long ago, the information space was blown up with news about the girls (pretty cute, by the way) who abused animals, and then completely destroyed them. Animal rights activists raised a howl, as people are pulled in — now those beautiful nutjobs faces real jail or prison. At the time of this writing the petition to investigate the case of giodarno signed 323 thousand people, and it is clear that the Executive authorities had to theseverity their buttocks, because rolling history will not succeed. So on the Internet you are free to take part in the people’s punishment or relief.

According to the materials of will Fulton

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