. Zaprevajut house on the server?

Minecraft is an incredibly popular mainly among students, a computer game from indie developer. Her love for many different possibilities, which can be difficult to understand yourself. For example, many people are interested in how in Minecraft capriatti house on the server.


This question is relevant only for playing on the online servers. The game can be mastered alone – in this case, nobody will be able to damage multiple buildings, which are very diverse.

What is Minecraft?

The name of this project, to some extent, reflects its gameplay. Mine can be translated as «mine» or «production», craft – «craft». The whole game is a so-called huge «sandbox» in which through the production of materials to create different things.

Markus Persson, Swedish developer of Minecraft is positioning as a project with survival elements and open world. At first it was supposed to be a kind of clone of Infiniminer, only with the gameplay of Dwarf Fortress. Version games have started to appear since 2009, and in 2011 was released a full project, which today support many platforms. Not only all known PCs with the Windows operating system, but Linux devices, Android and iOS. Also Minecraft works on consoles past and present generations.

The game world is three dimensional, are generated and consists entirely of an infinite number of cubes. They are used for the construction of anything was, in many respects resembling LEGO.

In Minecraft there is no story, no characters, history and generally anything, except for a set of capabilities from the perspective of research and create items and buildings. Since the game involves elements of survival, there are opponents, which sometimes must be fought.

Some primitive (especially in terms of graphics) did not prevent Minecraft being one of the most successful games in history. The number of players exceeds one hundred million and various awards are implying that in this project. What – everyone will be able to decide only on personal experience.


The basic modes

Skills create a personal area is especially important when a person plays Creative mode. It is necessary to consider its features and other game modes. All five of them, and the first one is the classic Survival.

  • By selecting this mode, the player will have to collect various natural resources in the game world. With it he can create tools, weapons and building blocks. At night, if allowed by the settings, it will attack monsters, like spiders, creeper and zombie. They have to defend a pre-built shelters. The health bar can also decline due to drowning, falling into lava or severe hunger. The latter implies a need for periodic use of products.
  • Adventure mode appeared in Minecraft is not at the start of the project. It is largely similar to the previous one, however, has several limitations. For example, for breaking the blocks you need to create special tools, and some not prone to external influence. All this was done in order to create maps that need to take place. Limiting blocks block the way, forcing the player to find another route. This mode also includes the ability to use the trolley.
  • Again hardcore is similar to Survival. It is characterized by only one thing – in case of death, the entire gaming world will be destroyed, and all will have to start over.
  • The monitoring mode cannot be considered complete gameplay. All it can do is fly, watching other people’s gaming universes. Walls will not prevent movement, and you can also see through the eyes of players and monsters. However, in addition to viewing in this mode nothing else is available.

Question private areas on the server, usually seen in case of people playing in Creative mode or Work. In this version, everything is unlimited – a variety of things and building blocks can draw freely. The necessary elements are destroyed in a moment, with available flight and no damage from anything. The only way to «lose» in this mode is to fall out of the map or to use a special command.

Thus, the mode is used to create various structures. Experienced craftsmen almost certainly replicate existing masterpieces of architecture. Clearly, no one wants to be that such works were in vain.


What is Privat and what is it for

The question of how in minecraft capriatti house on the server quite often on the forums dedicated to this game. However, many users may not understand what it all means and why it is needed?

To begin with, is to deal with the ambiguous verb «deprivatise». It is formed from the borrowed word «private». Copied it from English, where written as private and fully explains its meaning by translation. Private means personal or private, and in the Russian-speaking speech have actively applied the concept of private, is a synonym.

Thus, the private house represents its transformation into private property, where no one can hurt you. Usually, this helps protect the area from destruction, flooding, theft, or intentional damage.

In the game world spread the so-called refersto, has moved almost to a professional level. Players especially attacking others, destroying their creations or bringing harmful or simply inappropriate changes. Often they kill and the players themselves-builders.

work in minecraft

Common types of griping

Regardless of the specific actions aimed at these players always have a different the expense of others. You can highlight some of the most common maneuvers used by griefers.

  • The most simple and obvious action – the destruction of the finished buildings, especially in Creative mode. Plug-ins, especially aimed at creating a save, allow you to deal with them. Private areas also plays a role.
  • Unbelievable but true – griefers can create something that is harming it so much. For example, they could draw a swastika or an obscene image, and add a bench. Privat site will again help solve the problem.
  • Attackers can abuse the chat.
  • The griefers often copying other players nicks or even operators. As a result, can be mistakenly punished the innocent.
  • They produce a mass spawn of mobs, and trying to flood other people’s buildings with lava or water. In this case, the private territory again effective.
  • If the server supports the possibility of spread of fire, the griefers actively use it, setting fire to all combustible materials.

In addition to the above, there are many methods of treatment of criminals, including the use of potions, the appeal of ischitella, deadly bed rails and more. Usually with most types of effects can be combated by different methods. In particular, what can help a private site.


. Zaprevajut house on the server?

In order to retain some territory, you need a wooden axe. It is quite possible to create in the game or get command.

Needed for crafting:

  • To cut down some trees.
  • From the obtained materials are made of two sticks and three planks.
  • You need to combine them on the workbench, thus obtaining the axe.

The weapon is almost unusable or murders, but perfect for the privatization process. If you do not want to waste time on crafting, you can simply use the command //wand, which immediately give a necessary tool.

sokira for Privat

After obtaining the axe you can go to the main – mark boundaries of territory.

  • For starters, you need to approach the right-most point, selecting the appropriate unit, click with the left button.
  • After seem the phrase «First position set» with the coordinates, you can move to the next position.
  • Once at the opposite vertices, you have to press the right button.
  • Thus, it is plane, a thickness of one cube. Using the console, you can extend these boundaries. The command //expand, followed by the number of cubes and the word up or down, will help increase private area.

This designation of borders ends. It remains only to specify that the territory belongs to you.

. Zaprevajut house on the server, the instruction:

  • Need to open the chat by using the button T.
  • It is necessary to write the command /regionclaim.
  • After a space, you specify the name assigned to this region.
  • Then spell the nickname with which the player was on the server.
  • Then click on the Enter key, and the area will become private!

If all goes well, then the area will be protected from most harmful effects.

Privat team

Important tips

To ensure that all went well, you should pay attention to some aspects.

  • It is best to leave the first point a small Prokop, a depth of six blocks.
  • The post on the second point will further increase the height of the private zone.
  • To personal site you can add owners, but you should be careful as it may be for grief.

Finally, it is necessary once again to verify the correct commands and locations. All this will create a private area not subject to the cyber criminals.

. zaprevajut house on the server

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