Why the Joker is «pudding»

In 2016 the new movie «suicide Squad» was a very popular in all theaters of Russia and Ukraine, it looked, perhaps, everything. We all know that this is an American action, it is therefore not always Russian fans translation are doing at full strength. Many wonder why the Joker «pudding», if translated into Russian is an American word sounds better in the interpretation of «sugar» or «pie». Surprisingly, almost all the comics and cartoons, and now in the movies, the Joker will not stop calling pudding.

chomu Joker pudding

American film «suicide Squad» today won the heart of millions of lovers of the new adventure film from the tape. It was the most anticipated film across Russia, which already looked by every person. This film was based on the comic book, and it was high expectations that he, in fact, acquitted, but not fully. The audience was pleased with the work of heroes, but the work of the Director, in the opinion of the majority, could be better.

The reaction of the audience

The audience really liked the acting of Jared Leto and Margot Robbie, they were just in a pleasant delight. As we found out from the mouths of critics, the characters are really laid out in full force, they made simply not possible. Viewers believe played the story, which still for a long time remained in their memory. Now back to the main question: why pudding?

No need to delve into the investigation, because the answer is quite simple and is at the top. The problem in translation. The fact that Russian translation could not cope with all of the words, which sounded in the film, and that is the main problem arose with the name of the Joker. Russian translator identified himself as «pudding». If we consider the original version, in the film she calls Harley Quinn «sweet», but our perception is the name of the man becomes unclear. That is why the «pudding» in this context sounds a bit different, more appropriate, in the opinion of the interpreters of the film.

a squad of suicide

Also the word «pudding» can still denote the following versions:

  • Pie.
  • Sweet.
  • Marshmallows.
  • Caramel.
  • Candy.

But our native translators came to the conclusion that the most suitable name will be «pudding». Many viewers do not understand, that is why there were so many issues with this film.