Why sore Breasts before menstruation girls

Body Mature women has its own characteristics and nuances, which distinguish women from men. The chest is part of the female body, which often undergoes continuous change. They start at age 10 and didn’t end until the end of life. All this time the woman may observe various changes, such as increased breast shape change, as well as the presence or absence of pain symptoms. Therefore, the question arises why sore Breasts before menstruation in girls, and how to influence it?

why sore Breasts before menstruation

Some reactions are quite normal, and some make women think seriously, and if they have certain diseases. Of course, every Mature woman is watching regular menstruation, some alone time to take more, others less. But ideally, every healthy woman should «meet» with my period every month. They are characterized by various pain manifestations and pain in the abdomen are not the only one. The presence of chest pain is observed not only before the menstrual cycle, but also during it. Let’s look at why this is happening.

When there is a high sensitivity of the breast?

Breast sensitivity is a normal phenomenon that every woman faces. But there’s a period when women’s Breasts really is hypersensitivity, which is accompanied by severe pain. Statistics show that almost 70% of women suffer from breast pain before menstruation, it is due to such factors:

  • The weakening of the body before menstruation.
  • Seal chest.
  • Engorgement of the nipples.
  • Blood flow to the mammaries.

breast sensitivity

The phenomenon at the time of menstruation is quite normal, is not worth it to dwell on this and try to find in your body for certain failures. Typically, the peak of the acute sensitivity of the mammary glands is observed during the second phase of the cycle, it lasts for one week. A few days before the appearance of menstruation, sudden and severe chest pain should gradually disappear, but often rude and nipple sensitivity is preserved and on time monthly.

Breast pain before menstruation

If girls sore Breasts before menstruation, it indicates that the female body is ready to conceive. He releases the egg to merge with the sperm, that is, begins the process of conception. As a rule, it occurs 10-14 days before your next period.

If a woman is at the age ready for childbearing, the pain at the time of the menstrual period are quite normal. At this period a woman may feel these changes in her breast:

  • The roughness of the skin.
  • Roughness.
  • Soreness.
  • Hypersensitivity.
  • The increase of density.

pain in the chest

If all these symptoms are present, but do not cause bright discomfort with women’s health all right. If you began to see some sharp pain symptoms, which has not been previously encountered, then it is time to visit a doctor and get tested.

Other causes of pain before menstruation

In addition, the main reason for pain before menstruation is ovulation, it can be noted by serious changes in the body, which only occurs before the menstrual cycle. The main cause of pain are physiological changes in the female body, but other causes also should not be forgotten.

In most cases, these chest pains can indicate the presence of pathologies in the female body, the reasons can be:

  • Gynecology. Women diseases do not cause hormonal disorders, but they can cause sharp and severe pain before menstruation.
  • Hormonal failure. Hormones Mature women can be affected by many factors, with the result that we see complex pathological processes in the body.
  • Diseases of the mammary glands. The most common disease is mastitis, most women are prone to its formation.
  • A malignant tumor.

engorgement of the nipples during menstruation

How to respond to pain?

Many women carefully monitor their health and at the slightest changes or discomfort immediately run to the pharmacy for medications to relieve pain. If you are monthly attack pain symptoms, you should immediately seek medical help, because only he will be able to:

  1. To conduct a visual inspection.
  2. To appoint the necessary tests.
  3. To appoint treatment.
  4. Regularly to observe changes.
  5. To assess the effectiveness of treatment.

a breast exam by a doctor

Not need to neglect medical help, but also to consult a specialist at every little pain is not worth it. The female body has a very interesting physiology, to be used at a certain time. Menstruation is a bloody discharge from the vagina of women, which indicate that conception has not occurred, and no egg was fused with the sperm. Such serious processes can be painful for women, why moderate pain in the Breasts before menstruation and the time of them is quite a normal phenomenon that does not require the occurrence of panic and excitement.


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