Why Ozersk, a closed city?

In the Chelyabinsk region is located the town, who is credited with the abbreviation INSTEAD. This means that it is a closed administrative-territorial formation. Many wonder why Ozersk, a closed city?

why the closed city of Ozersk

The history of the city

The creation of the city of Ozersk is directly related to the problem that appeared during the second world war. Stalin was well aware of the fact that other countries, like Germany and the USA, has long been engaged in the development of large-scale operations associated with the development of nuclear bombs. He didn’t want to keep up with them, and therefore began a long process of formation of various commissions, centres of atomic weapons and committees. Ultimately, all this led to the fact that the head on this issue was Igor Kurchatov.

Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov

After his appointment, about the middle of 1945, the search began for where it would be possible to create the first Soviet nuclear reactor. The future construction site was not easy to be easy to build, but able to hide this process from prying eyes. Explored the territory of the Ural foothills, considered numerous lakes. In the end, it was decided to begin construction on the interval between the towns of Kyshtym and Kasli. There, near the lake irtyash, was a fairly large Cape Demidov and the road. Once upon a time this space was occupied by a camp of pioneers and a variety of farms.

Thus, stroitelstvo work commenced on 9 November of the same year. This day is considered the founding date of the city. Gradually the settlement developed – it appeared plank for cars, and then different roads, including iron.

Less than ten years this territory has already created six nuclear reactors. This thought of this new era in the nuclear field, but the Ozersk as had never shone on any map. All the inhabitants of the town were obliged to give a subscription about nondisclosure – to keep everything in strict confidence. Up to 54, no one could leave the city.

Why Ozersk, a closed city?

Ozersk and to this day remains a closed area, which cannot be accessed, not to leave without special permission, and it’s not always as simple. Why Ozersk, a closed city? The thing is that working there businesses are still a state secret. The government strictly protects the technology of the production of radioactive isotopes.

radioactive Ozersk

Kyshtymskaya accident

Although Ozersk and closed, it is unlikely very many people want to live in the city, built at nuclear reactors. In September 1957 one of the tanks on the production exploded. The result freed up a huge amount of high level waste. Tenth rose a column of smoke and settled on the different people and buildings. Other contamination has spread production, including reactor plants.

In addition to the appearance of contamination, the explosion led to the fall of the concrete slab, the mass of which was 160 tons. They also destroyed a brick wall. First and foremost, the staff drew attention to it, and meanwhile, pollution has spread with movements of people and machine wheels. The whole damaged territory was eventually called the «East-Ural radioactive trace». It extends to a distance of three hundred miles, and in this area lived more than 270 thousand people. Also there were fields, different bodies of water and forests.

Impurities to the end is not derived from the zone of destruction. Radiation in the territory approximately three times above normal, and the street bearing the name of Lenin, considered the most «dirty» in Ozersk.

Kyshtym accident

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