Why not to swim in Elijah’s day?

Despite the development of science, most people still pay great attention to the various traditions, superstitions, and signs. They affect numerous aspects of everyone’s life, for example – can interfere with proper rest. Many wonder why it is impossible to swim in Elijah’s day?

Ilyin day called the second of August, when it is celebrated so-called Day of Elijah the prophet. If we turn to the old style calendar, the correct date will be in July 20. This discrepancy makes us think about the Orthodoxy of the existence of signs prohibiting swimming. In order to understand why this date is given much importance, it is necessary to understand the roots of the celebration.

why not to swim in Elijah's day

The day of Elijah

The prophet Elijah, to date, remains one of the most revered saints. It is believed that it guides the lost. The prophet Elijah is able to control such natural phenomena as rain or storm, affects what will be the harvest. In addition, it is believed that he protects people in battle, taking care of airmen and Marines.

Born this Holy nine hundred years before the birth of Christ. It happened in Fexvii Gilead. Immediately after this, the father of Elijah received a vision in which the men wrapped the boy in fire and fed it to them. It is believed that this was true, as later the son went into the wilderness, where he fasted and prayed.

All his life he consecrate chastity, destroyed idolatry, and worked divers miracles. For example, when Ahab, worshipped the sun God, refused to accept the true God, Elijah staged drought. After that he ordered to make two victims, his and others ‘ God.

He stated that the true God will punish the victim of fire, while the other will remain untouched. It just happened. This miracle is often referred to by different priests. It is believed that the Holy ascended alive, going to heaven in a chariot ablaze, white horses. His successor was Elisha. The first Church that professed Orthodoxy, created in Kiev and was named in honor of Elijah the prophet.

Elijah the prophet

The celebration of the second of August

So, this Saint is widely venerated, and the feast in his honor belongs to the category of especially large national events. All this does not prevent the fact that it almost did not celebrate, at least, ordinary people.

The occasion was celebrated by our ancestors. On the specified day, people were forbidden to work, and especially work in the field. Instead, they held a feast, which often lasted much more than one day. Directly in Elijah’s day the people danced, and at the head of the table stood a bull or lamb. It was a kind of sacrifice to the prophet.

Another important element of the meal was the bread, which did the women of the fresh ears of corn collected recently. Today, Elijah’s day is celebrated only by the priests. Of course, feasts there, but the specified day Ilya praise prayers. Sometimes even arranged the Liturgy or even religious processions.


Why not to swim in Elijah’s day?

The biography of this Holy and historic features of the holiday is not given to understand why people were forbidden to spend time swimming. An interesting subtlety of this moment is that even the clergy will not be able with confidence to answer this question. Moreover, most of them say that not only those who agree with prejudice, because they are sin.

If we turn to logic, then the reason you can put the fact that in August summer is coming to an end. If on the street there were obvious signs of autumn, it really is a reason to abandon the swim after the second of August.

However, most of this time is stored previously beautiful summer weather. Some scientists believe that this superstition came from the fact that earlier in August was much colder. Thus, people continued to swim not because it was a date, but because the water was already cold.

From the point of view of scientists, current climate conditions lead to the fact that the reservoirs before starting to blossom, and it is bad for human health. However, most of it by August, rivers and lakes reach their maximum purity.

Overall, we can summarize the following result. The only reason people stop to swim through Ilyin day, this Ghost fear. From antiquity have reached us certain beliefs that stop some from bathing in one of the most favourable periods.


The legend of the day of Elijah

The most common superstition is that on August 2 in the water from the prophet hides a different evil. The result is water and mermaids can swim drag to the bottom, and the water itself provokes diseases.

There are some other signs:

  • On the feast day of flying across the sky Elijah in his chariot, with one horse comes to the horseshoe. It hits the water, because of what he is becoming too cold for swimming.
  • It is believed that the second Aug is a risk of lightning in human human.

Day of Elijah are related and some other signs. For example, the ancestors on this day I tried to wash with water from the source to protect yourself and others from spoiling. If the day of the Prophet sun shines brightly, it is a sure sign of future fires. Happy was considered rainy weather.

Another belief – the evil that runs from Elijah in this feast, turns into animals. The prophet became angry, it is important not to let your house cats and dogs. In General, it is believed that the second of August marks the end of summer and the rapid approach of autumn.

day of Elijah

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