Why not to swim after 2 August?

It is human nature to imitate many of the signs and traditions, especially without going into their meaning, history, origin. Many are simply taken as a given fact, so taken and all that. For example, people do not always know why not to swim after August 2, and in this matter it is necessary to understand in order to understand whether there are any objective reasons to follow this tradition.

why not to swim after 2 August

The day of Elijah

Elijah’s day, the date of which is August, is one of the biggest national holidays. However, it differs from most similar to those in this day people don’t do any special rituals. With the holiday associated with many beliefs and take.

Previously it was believed that from this day the summer ends. This is due to the fact that begin to show some first signs of autumn. In particular, changes in the behavior of the beasts, is beginning to change weather.

However, very often the heat and bright sun kept to the end of the month, so why not to swim after 2 August?

the day of Elijah

Common prejudices

Despite the fact that the date associated with the prophet Elijah, it is difficult to find priests who would be able to explain why August is considered to be prohibited for swimming. In fact, most of them even say that the objective reasons for the termination of the bathing season, and on the contrary, adherence to the prejudices of sinful.

However, all this does not prevent people to think that you can not swim after the second of August. So what thoughts is it connected?

  • It is believed that the pond fell horseshoe one of the horses of the Prophet, and it made the water too cold.
  • This supposedly leads to development of diseases.
  • On this day, the waters become polluted with impure force.
  • Elijah is often associated with thunderstorms, so after the second of August man allegedly can strike lightning.
  • Mermaids are scared of the Prophet and returned to the water, so the second number that they can begin to drown people.

mermaids are evil

Why not to swim after 2 August?

It is necessary to consider this question from a scientific point of view. The fact that over time the climate has changed. Earlier in the beginning of August was already quite cold weather, but because people are not bathed, not only because of will, but simply because the water went cold.

Now the situation is different, and it has two sides of the issue. On the one hand, global warming leads to early flowering of water, and it can cause infection in humans. On the other hand, scientists believe that up to August of the reservoir maximum cleansed from harmful elements using the thaw.

Thus, don’t have to bathe since the beginning of August those who believe in various superstitions and mystical creatures. Those who do not believe them, should be based on the weather. If the water is still warm and clean, there are no objective reasons to refuse bathing.


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