Why not sleep facing a mirror?

Today, modern apartments can’t boast of large volumes, they are family, so talking about a large space is not possible. As a result, in order to provide maximum comfort in the house and use every part of your area, we place the mirror near the bed and live in peace without worrying about various people’s superstitions. But sooner or later we may hear that to sleep in front of a mirror is not recommended. Why not sleep in front of the mirror and what it may lead? Let’s try to understand with this theme.

Why not sleep in front of the mirror


Folk omens

Many of us already live with modern realities, and no longer believe in a different ancient superstitions that are confidently spreading the people. But there comes a time when you can believe, even in hell, if it comes to our personal happiness and comfort. It is possible that the mirror is a huge energy killer, which can have both positive and negative impact on human rights.

signs of people

In ancient times, all the mirrors were perceived as something fabulous and mysterious, something that can bring danger to health. Today few people believe in it, but still wish to spare yourself and do not put the mirror opposite the bed.

Dream and mirror are incompatible

  • The mirror is a door that can be transported to a different reality. Many countries are of the opinion that a mirror near the bed helps man open the door to another world, the world of inanimate people. The mirror tends to erase from the subconscious of a person something is good, it does not reflect the best side of her life.
  • Bad dreams. Many scientists have proven that the bad dreams may come to a man, not only because of negative thoughts before sleep, but also because next to it is a mirror. In my childhood my parents always told us that sleep near the mirror is dangerous, because in a dream may come a wicked witch and much to scare us. They may not fully understand the essence of his words, but partly right. About this they were told by mothers and grandmothers who lived in this world a few before, and understand more.
  • Mirrors can kill. Today, you can find quite a lot of different information from which we can understand that the mirror is a killer. Of course, energy killers, which help a person accumulate negative energy, which sometimes brings us to rash decisions and even suicide. All this negativity direct way reflects on the man and his actions, therefore, can lead to extreme measures.
  • Mirrors take away the human soul. We all know that at the time of sleep the soul can leave the body, and accidentally hit the mirror, from which escape will be difficult. There were some cases where perfectly healthy people, who had not complained of any changes in the body, fell asleep and never woke up. There have been countless studies, scientists have concluded that the cause is the release of the soul from the body, and it does not return.
  • The mirror power can wear out the person. Besides the fact that mirror the force takes energy and «eats» the beauty of a person, she can still contribute to rapid aging. That is why many experts and scientists do not recommend a long look at yourself in the mirror, especially before bedtime.
  • Large mirrors lead to insomnia. More than once has been scientifically proven that if before going to sleep for a long time to look in the mirror, you may encounter such an unpleasant phenomenon as insomnia.
  • The reflection of the bed leads to failure. If at the time of sleep you Wake up and in the mirror sees the reflection of his bed, through the years one can observe a loss of strength, failure at work, a lack of desire to move forward and develop new projects. The family is disintegrating, there were frequent and constant scandals, that anything good ever lead.

Dzerkalo - warrant newdec

How to place mirrors?

A lot of people don’t believe in these mystical signs until that time, until we begin to notice a rat. Sometimes, if you do not do self-hypnosis, nothing like that will happen, but as soon as we start to think about the fact that all of a sudden the culprit is the mirror of problems and disappointments inevitable.

If you also believe that you can not place the mirror opposite the bed, you should definitely read some tips on buying and placing mirrors in the room. Their placement and the choice should be according to Feng Shui, namely:

  • Best buy oval or round mirror, because its placement will be much more convenient and practical.
  • It is important that the mirror could cover you in full growth. It doesn’t have to be large, just place it correctly in your room.
  • A small mirror should fully capture the head looks, not to «cut» it, because in this case the person will be able to observe severe headaches, dizziness and even loss of consciousness without apparent reason.
  • Double bed in any way should not be reflected in the mirror, because not only is it dangerous to dream, but also fraught with scandals, quarrels and even breakups.
  • If in the mirror in addition will be shown the door, then failure to double.

the placement of mirrors in the room

Only you can decide for yourself whether to believe all signs of people, as to why you can’t sleep near the mirror, and why its location should be away from the bed. If you live your life, not to pay attention to various superstitions and omens, it is possible to avoid many disappointments in life. You won’t spend time on the interpretation of a placement of the mirror will not write off all bad dreams and failures at work on the wrong placement of mirrors. Throughout the important role played by self-hypnosis, which is why it depends only on you believe it all, or to live in peace.

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