Why not photograph the sleeping

In our world, has led the assertion that it is impossible to photograph sleeping people. The question arises why and to what it may lead. There are so many claim, but none of them were brought. Some suggest that pictures of people sleeping can lead to such consequences:

  • The subject will see bad dreams.
  • Might not Wake up.
  • His life will be a lot of evil eye and spoilage.
  • It is associated with pictures of dead people.
  • Waking up, the person can be frightened.
  • The subject will Wake up feeling tired.

Why not take pictures of sleeping

This is only a small number of what people say, hearing the question. In fact, such claims are very much with them in detail.

Mystical reasons

  • Sharp and long-lasting health problems

Many people assume that taking photos of a sleeping person violates his / her energy field, it is approaching the energy field of a dead man, that’s not good for normal healthy person. If you sleep will feel photographing, it may quickly face the reality of a dead man and after waking up seriously ill.

  • Sudden death

Other side of the coin says that at the time of sleep the soul of man goes into another world, and at the time of waking comes back to my body. Therefore, if you abruptly take a picture of a sleeping man, during which he suddenly wakes up, to face his death, because the soul will not have time to return to the body and the body will die.

photo sleeping

  • The evil eye and spoilage

Different magicians and clairvoyants say that the photograph appears not only a person’s appearance, but also his soul. At the time of sleep, the energy body is quite weak, and on the photo to bring the evil eye or spoilage will be much easier than an ordinary photograph. To avoid such incidents, don’t let other people even think about what you can photograph at the time of sleep. Also not recommended for the superstitious to photograph small children at the time of sleep because their aura is much weaker than that of an adult.

  • The loss of the guardian angel

Religious belief says that if you take pictures of sleeping people, to deliver them from their personal Guardian angel that can fly away from a sleeping person without the right of return.

Realistic explanation

  • Fear through the awakening

At the time of flash photography or loud sound can scare a sleeping person and take it out of sleep, thereby increasing heart rate.

  • Sleep disorders

Some biologists argue that at the time of sleep in the human body synthesized sufficient number of melatonin, which is responsible for circadian rhythms. So he developed a dark. Flash can disrupt this process, not only to provoke a premature awakening, but also a violation of these processes in the future.

Pictures in a dream

  • Side aesthetics

Very few people want to be photographed in sleep mode. All people sleep in different ways and completely not in control at the time of sleep, which is why the photos are not such as you want. If, after awakening to show people these photos, they will be able to call him in a bad mood and dissatisfaction with the fact that you allowed yourself to take a picture. As a result, you simply spoil relations with a person out of the blue.

Many young parents take photos of their small children in the dream, because guess what nothing wrong with that, they just support the story of their growing up. In fact, if you are not a superstitious person and believe that the pictures of sleeping people, nothing is forbidden, mystical and nasty, then remove all doubt and do what you want.

There is not one scientific fact, which would be able to confirm that the pictures of sleepy people can lead to something bad. Many worked on this, and will continue to do, oblivious to any mystical statements. If you like, feel free to continue to photograph their family at the time of sleep.

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