Why not look in the mirror when you cry

People began to be afraid of mirrors since its creation. Object that copies all the actions of the person standing in front of him, fascinated and frightened. There are many superstitions associated with the mirror. One of them is associated with tears. Why not look in the mirror when you cry? And what if it still reflect your tears?


Magic mirrors

A superstition is a superstition with no basis of logical reasoning. If you believe the superstitions, the mirror has always been a symbol of peace that is beyond. Magicians and sorcerers like to use this attribute in your practice. They build corridors of reflection to discern in them the answer to the question.

The mirror is considered a portal to exit in another dimension. This version I like to beat the authors of mystical thrillers.

In the famous fairy tale the mirror answered the question of the Princess, the author took as the basis of legends about the magical power of mirrors. Girls wonder at her spouse, using this magic attribute. If you put two mirrors opposite each other, in that mysterious hallway you can see the face of her future husband.

If a man died, decided to close all the mirrored surfaces, white sheets. It is believed that if a living person looks into a mirror near the corpse, the soul of the deceased will take it with me. It is also believed that the soul, flying away from the body, can get through the mirror to another world and stay there forever. In other words, the spirit gets stuck in the mirror forever. There were cases when after the funeral, the mirror surface grew turbid and covered with scratches. It’s a bad sign, the mirror is thrown away.

The priests say that the mirrors cross is displayed incorrectly. That’s blasphemy. So in front of a mirror it is impossible to pray, he distorts the truth.


What do the wizards

People interested in spirituality, I believe that looking in the mirror when you cry, in any case impossible. This act leads to the fact that a person is able weep all the happy moments in life. Tears in front of a mirror surface cause problems in the family, career decline and numerous diseases. But don’t you believe the words of witches at one hundred percent. Perhaps the truth in their version is present, but each with his own hands builds a life, and regular reflection can greatly affect it.

Also superstitions state that reflected the tears can leave a negative imprint on the destiny. The mirror remembers the tears and program a person’s life so that this situation is repeated again and again. People shed tears in front of the mirror, going to cry a lot in the future waiting for his unhappiness and problems. Displays the screen absorbs the information her to cherish, and then splash it on you even bigger. This law is the reverse. If you often laugh, looking in the mirror, it will take only positive data. Having saved them, the mirror will give you joy and hope for the future.

The mirror and the girl

What psychologists say

Psychologists believe that the person is programming your future. If you believe in superstitions associated with the mirror, and cry in front of him, then expect trouble.

Psychologists say that if in a moment of grief a person sees himself in the mirror, the hysteria is likely to increase. Sad facial expression and tears make you feel sorry for yourself, and that you should never do. The position of the victims always losing. Tears of a victim who feels sorry for himself is unconscious call for himself to suffer even more.

There are other tears, they bring the person relief. They psychologists do not see anything wrong. And the mirror on them has no effect.

The mirror and the woman

Starting to cry, just in case, step away from the mirror. Do not increase your tears numerous prints.

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