Why not look cat in the eye

Talk about why you can not look cat in the eye. Cats are very graceful, elegant and largely mysterious animals. Why mysterious? Yes, because a lot of mysticism around them. For example, people say that cats can see other worlds. They argue that the fact that cats often look at one spot, eyes locked, as if someone saw.

Why not look cat in the eye

It is about a cat the eyes of many legends. And legends, in turn, give rise to prejudices. One of the most common of these prejudices is that cats can’t look in the eye.

Went from superstitions about cats?

No researcher of mysticism does not know exactly why, in the minds of people there is such a ban. According to ancient legends, cats are messengers from other planets. The main purpose of these animals is to steal a small part of the human soul and move it to another planet or to another world. This explains our ancestors gaze of the cats. Thus, in their opinion, when the cat looks at the man, it is visually steals his soul. Hence the ban on eye contact.

In the literature also present an image of cat-villain. Recall, the cast of «the Master and Margarita» or a cat Baba Yaga. It is an insidious and vindictive characters, distinguished and endowed with a certain degree of anger. Of course, that literature affects people’s minds, therefore, this prejudice could get out of there.

cat eyes

But not always, cats were considered criminals, and their view is dangerous. Everyone knows that in Ancient Egypt cats were very much loved and even created a cult of them. Every Pharaoh had a couple of cats, and all the rich people they were. Loved them, cared for them, and worshipped them. Japanese emperors similarly the Egyptians are very good to these animals. An interesting legend exists in China. It claimed that every merchant has his patron-cat, but if it does not, then he is a bad merchant.

It is believed that each cat is associated with the other world thread, which an ordinary person cannot see. With this astral thread, the cats receive information from other worlds. Such reasoning may surprise many and even cause stress, because millions of people adore cats and keep them home.

Anyway, a common legend of the origin of all the superstitions associated with cats, no. As we had not treated the cats, they look mesmerizing, and sometimes frightening.

So why not look into the eyes of cats?

Since ancient times man has tried to find answers to their questions about the nature of man, his being, God and the devil. With the development of science began to receive the answers to these questions. One of those that concern people the question, was the issue of prohibition to look into the eyes of cats. To answer it, you can apply as a science, and mysticism.

mystery about the eyes of cats

  • A mystical explanation. Cats were brought to Earth by extraterrestrial intelligence. This intelligence is present in another world, the existence of which humanity knows nothing. Cats are sent to earth with the purpose, first, the transmission of alien intelligence information about people and their actions, and secondly, in order to «steal» from them a piece of their being (soul). Why extraterrestrial intelligence the souls of men, is not known. Information is transmitted from cats extraterrestrial intelligence via special astral thread, invisible to humans.

The ancient Egyptians knew about this mystical entity of the cats and worshiped them. By the way, there is a hypothesis that due to the concern of the Egyptians about cats, extraterrestrial intelligence gave them the technology of building the pyramids.

Mystics believe that the cat is able to conjure man, thereby, to bring him misery and unhappiness. So when we look into the eyes of the cat, I want to look away.

  • The scientific explanation. It is scientifically proven that the mesmerizing eyes of a cat hypnotic. People at all desire can not long maintain eye contact with the cat. Hypnosis happens not because the cat is some kind of magic or evil, but because that’s the way his eyes. The sight of the cat was intoxicating to a man makes her psychologically vulnerable. There is, however, another explanation as to why look into the eyes of cats aren’t.

Direct contact eye to eye in the nature of mammals occurs only in the conflict. That is, if you look at the cat directly, she may see it as a threat and will prepare to attack you. Looking at you, the cat becomes aggressive and dangerous, it can back up and start to prepare for the attack. No offense to your pet, if after an eye contact he made an attempt to attack you, because he was guided by instinct, inherent in his nature.

By the way, about cat aggression. Specialists-zoologists noted the fact that the yard cats don’t tend to attack humans after eye contact, unlike home. Why is it so difficult to say. Perhaps living on the street, yard cats have learned to Express their animal nature, what can be said about domestic cats. There is one more suggestion: it often happens that cats pooch hungry, and the person perceived as the breadwinner. But a hungry cat will hurt your income? Looking into the eyes of the man, he hopes that it will feed. Harm to the person in that eye contact there’s no.

why look cat in the eye

It turns out that the mystical gaze of the cat is not so mysterious. Understand this, we have rejected a number of issues associated with the prohibition to look into the eyes of cats.

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