Why is the sky blue?

Many curious people at least once in life thought about the color of the sky, after all, we see that the Sun sends to the Earth’s surface is yellow or white rays, and the vault of heaven that is blue, not yellow, green or red as the sunset.

The sky is the atmosphere

Blakytne the sky

It is worth noting that we see is not quite the sky, the blue atmosphere, and it is painted the sun’s rays with this color.

What is called atmosphere? If you avoid scientific concepts and complex language, we can say that it surrounds our planet and is represented in the form of a mixture of gases and other particles contained in the air. Basically it consists of nitrogen and oxygen, with the latter only 21%. Some «supplements» it can get and oceans, for example, salt, but its concentration is too small to be felt. Also the composition of the atmosphere can vary depending on the weather, for example, when strong winds and rains, the amount of water in it increases, and when the drought — reduced.

Technological disaster

In addition to salt found in the atmosphere dust, smoke and even ash, who annually throw tons of volcanoes from around the world! One need only imagine how bad the air can produce factories, but it’s still a small problem, since the atmosphere can recover, however, for several hundred years. Another influence on the composition of the air and man-made disasters, and they, unfortunately, occur almost daily.

Thus, the atmosphere consists of:

  • nitrogen (78%);
  • oxygen (21%);
  • argon (1%);
  • water;
  • dust;
  • soot;
  • the ashes are.
  • pollen;
  • salt, etc.

The white light of the sun turns into blue

View z space

How many people know that white color is derived from several base, which may vary: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo and violet — that is the colors of the rainbow. So, to the land of the white sunlight comes in a modified, diffused appearance due to the wavelength of light, and the astronauts, in turn, see the white daylight shone against the black sky.

And now for the question on the answer to why the sky is blue. Remember red light, it is strange that it’s not blue or green? The fact that he almost never dissipates, and through the layer of air we see it the same orange distorted a little, yellow more, and so on up to purple — it changes the most.

Now it is necessary to imagine that at sunset the Sun is approaching the Earth closer, so the sky in this moment we see red, but the higher the light rises in the sky during the day, the more the light is scattered and is no longer white, but yellow. But if we look away from the Sun in the sky, we see only scattered blue or violet rays, as all other colors from the list just pass us by. In other words, the air particles are influenced most strongly to blue, Indigo and violet rays, for this reason, the sky and painted in blue colour.


Lord Relea

Surprisingly, until 1899 people seem to wonder about why the firmament is as we see it, or at the time it just didn’t look up as the explanation of the colors of the sky humanity was only in that year. The discovery was made by Lord Rayleigh, John William Stretton.

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