Why is the Moon red?

Looking at the night sky and watching the Moon, you might notice that its color is different. In ancient times people often by its color determined the weather for the near future. Same with night star tied the various signs. Especially people scared Month red color, as it was believed that this is a harbinger of more trouble or the approaching war. So why is the Moon red?

why is the moon red

A scientific explanation for why the moon is red

With the development of astronomy, man was able to explain the unusual color of the moon. It turns out that all the fault of refracted sunlight. His flow is heterogeneous and consists of multi-colored beams. Each colour has its own properties and wavelength. So, the short rays have a monochromatic blue and the weather is nice, reaching the Ground, they are scattered, giving the lights a blue tint. Long rays reach the surface of the moon passing through earth’s atmosphere. They are not scattered as strongly as short and falling on the Month, shade it in red.

The reason for the red moon in the morning

Before the light reflected from the moon gets to our eyes, it travels through the air, which is saturated with vapors of different gases, including oxygen and nitrogen. Together with fine dust, smoke and various pollutants, they contribute to the change of the light spectrum towards the red hue. So in the morning, more red color of the moon. This is clearly seen in dry, windy weather or during large fires, apply when wind flows microscopic particles of earth do not have time to settle to the surface, floating in the air.

red month

Why red Moon has a huge size

While over the horizon the lunar disk may seem incredibly large. The researchers give several explanations for this phenomenon:

  1. This optical illusion depends on the characteristics of the organ of vision, which is called irradiation. In other words, all objects that have a light shade on a dark background will always appear to us as bigger than we really are.
  2. In the 60-ies of the last century, scientists James rock and Lloyd Kaufman voiced the theory that our brain, for unknown reasons, believes that the heavenly dome has a flattened shape. So being near the horizon, objects seem larger than its actual size.

What color might still be a Month

the color of the moon

Except red color, a Month is painted and others:

  • White-yellow. Such most often we see it. Such a pale shade of lights obtained through reflection from the moon is sunlight. Angular diameter between the bodies such that our eyes are the surface of the moon appears lit.
  • Ash. Periodically, depending on the phase of motion, the Orb of night dimly lit by the Sun. So before the new moon, at the beginning and at the end of the first quarter we see a small piece of the moon has an ashy color.
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