Why is the grass green and what does it depend?

All of us a nice warm summer day to go for a run barefoot on the gentle and soft grass, enjoy her scent and warmth, forgetting all the hardships. We get enormous pleasure and just can’t get enough of these moments. But have you ever wondered why the grass is green and what contributes to this?

Why is the grass green

The formation of colors

If you want to know the answer to the question why the grass is green, you should definitely consider, how is the perception of color in humans. Color and light are related things that are not possible to break. The laws of physics say that the human eye can reflect that color, which is present in a particular subject.

Sunlight has many colors that can be seen only through the prism. If you send a prism on a beam of light, on the other hand we can consider a variety of colors.

Where does the green color?

Since school years we know that green color items get due to the pigment chlorophyll, because it is involved in photosynthesis. So the grass grew and find your green, it will definitely need sunlight. Using molecules of grass gets purple and red, it is extremely essential for life, because they pass only molecules of the cells the necessary energy for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll reflects the green color in grass.

Green grass

It is from this green produces the nutrients that we need for life. Among them we note:

  • Starch.
  • Protein.
  • Sugar.

Of these components is a plant.

This is why the green grass is not only endowed with beauty and comfort while walking on it, but useful components, which we never thought about. In autumn, when grass chlorophyll disappears, we see how the plant gets yellow and orange color.

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