Why not give watches to loved ones?

To give presents and especially to receive them – work joyful and exciting. On the eve of holidays, we try to find their relatives and friends something worthwhile. But, strange as it may seem, there are a number of signs, according to which there is a list of items not suitable for gift. There are opinions that they can bring harm to humans. Why not give watches knows, perhaps, everyone. Many people are not aware that there is a belief about the negative consequences of such a gift.

Why not give watches to loved ones?

The history of signs

In many countries there is an unofficial ban on gift in the form of hours. The main trend of this fad coming from the East. For example, in China it has long been thought that the clock ticks life time. The mechanism can quantify the intangible, i.e., what not to touch in real life. Chinese people believes that the donated hours can a self-fulfilling prophecy in the form of death. The event, which will be implemented this tribute is doomed to a terrible end. The guest who gave the watch will be an outcast.

About the same ratio to the gift-hours in Japan. It is believed that if you sincerely desire the death of the person the gift is in the form of clocks proof. A gift like this is a severe violation of ethical norms in Japanese society and such a gesture could be construed as immoral. In other words, if you give a clock, it means:

  • Want to man has lived less than the allotted him by nature.
  • Wishing him the disease.
  • To want the duration of his life was in question.

Clock in podarunok

The origin of this sign in Europe began with the time when it was considered that presented any sharp object can cause trouble. A sharp object can cut, hurt or even kill a person. Therefore, any gifts in the form of knives, daggers and swords were considered inappropriate. Subsequently was considered that the sharp hands of the clock can irrevocably cut good relations, friendship or love, and even to bring sickness and death.

Sign in modern life

Many modern people believe that giving a watch is bad luck. This superstition is exposed to business and serious people. So there are several interpretations of this belief:

  • It is not customary to give a clock, since it is a direct path to separation. The years were composed a legend about loving couple. Their feelings were stronger than those experienced Romeo and Juliet. And, it would seem that nothing can destroy them. But, once one of the lovers came up with the idea of a perfect gift in the form of hours. This surprise caused the quarrel and rapid separation. Since it is believed that it is not customary to give the watch its second half.
  • A hint of impending death. In any case can not give a clock to elderly relatives. It is believed that from the date of delivery of this gift begins the countdown to death. Such a gift can be seen as an allusion to the imminent deliverance from an elderly relative. Do not make mistakes and give the mechanism.

Signs associated with the clock

In the section above, prejudice is a belief that for business man gift watch is a good sign. We all know that such people have always little time in the day. And to do this wrist watch will be very helpful. Especially that beautiful stylish watch can be the perfect accessory. Expensive clocks on the hand men have a lot to say for it. This is a great attribute for business negotiations.

The views of psychologists on omen

It is considered that this kind of signs can act and bring real harm to man only when he really believes in it. Raising the so-called blocks — bans in my head, we unwittingly compel your subconscious mind to catch every vital detail associated with the sign. Whether it’s a black cat running across the road or the cleaning lady with an empty bucket, getting water.

Drawing in his head the negative consequences of a superstition, we condemn ourselves to an adverse outcome. The more often a person tells himself that there is a number of prohibitions, the repeatedly of the consequences of such will come true. A positive trend is that over time, people began to pay less attention to the prejudices. Traditional belief about watches originated in China goes back a long way. Young people increasingly beautiful electronic watch together.

Not to bad true belief, you must:

  • Not to pay attention to the signs.
  • Not to ask a close person to give you a gift.
  • Do not accept a gift if it makes envious.

Watch as a gift, which means

Psychologists recommend to come up with explanations for the gifts, this will help to avoid the suggestion of unpleasant consequences from it. For example, if the watch is gifted to a loved one, it is important to make this gift with the intention that this time will belong only to him. If the watch is a gift for the wedding, it’s a good excuse for starting life together. A gift may be the implication that you value every second spent with a person.

Why not watch best gift

Even if the person you are looking for a gift, does not apply to the superstitious, we should not forget that such a gift as watches can be perceived ambiguously. On the one hand, nobody can deny your desire to please a loved this gift, especially if the watch are tasteful. But on the other hand, someone may regard such a gift as a hint of any visible fault. For example, your friend can take the clock as an allusion to constant tardiness. Elderly relatives often to keep track of time and could not help to remember how many of the past years behind. Seriously ill people will be more likely to glance at the dial, in order not to lose a single second. Yes, and people who are prone to permanent freedom, can perceive the clock as a means of restricting it.

Why the girl can not give a clock

Superstitions and omens so much absorbed modern man, that one has to pay attention to the little things. But if you do not consider yourself to be among those who believe everything, then it does not protects you because your other half can’t be superstitious. It is worth remembering that each of us is individual, and the signs we instill from childhood by our environment.

Watch girl gift

When choosing a gift girlfriend, you need to understand that you should give, and what gifts are best avoided. A common superstition about the clock, have their origins far from antiquity. If you want to make a girl feel special, give better:

  • Cosmetics.
  • A beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  • Fragrant perfume.
  • Subscription to beauty salon.

This gift will be for her much nicer. Why the girl can not give a clock is not known to everyone, and not everyone thinks this, but if your significant other refers to the superstitious, it is necessary to carefully select a gift.

It is best to find out from her friends what she wanted for the celebration. Well, try to do the maximum amount of imagination and effort. In that case, you can count on the cheers of her. But if a girl wants to get a gift watch, do not worry, there is always a way. When giving a present but you can ask for something valuable or not. Suitable even for 10 cents. Thus, you are deceiving the prejudices, because such actions do not give you the hours and make the exchange transaction or the sale. This is not a cunning way to outsmart any sign not to incur possible misfortune.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the signs – this is our story. All prejudices are not taken in a vacuum, their roots stretch back to the past. Observing some of them, of course, you can protect yourself from negativity, but it’s best to get as little as possible to remember about their existence. The less we create our own inhibitions, the less we have in life obstacles appear.

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