Why are cucumbers bitter?

Almost every cottager cultivates his garden of cucumbers, besides several varieties. It’s so nice a few weeks after planting to approach the intertwined leaves and discover there are a few very tiny, but ready to be eaten with pickles. However, it often happens that plucked the vegetable has a high degree of bitterness. Why this happens and what to do in this situation?

Why bitter cucumbers

Causes of bitterness in cucumbers

Cucumbers, like all vegetables of the gourd family, develop substance – kukurbitatsin, because of which there is an unpleasant bitter taste. As the birthplace of cucumbers are tropical Indian forests, where they grow almost without light access, the home is also recommended to plant them in the shade. But the European conditions, the cucumber was not used, so the plant feels bad as during the hot summer day or after a night reduction temperature.

So in a sense, she feels stress. To protect against these conditions, the cucumbers and produce kukurbitatsin. Usually, it is contained in the peel of the vegetable, and the strong bitterness is observed in its stalk.

What to do with bitter cucumbers?

Because the bitterness is concentrated mainly in the skins and stems, before eating a vegetable, it is recommended to clean. Although it is in the skin of plants and contains a large supply of vitamins. In addition, cucurbitacin decomposes during heat treatment. So bitter cucumbers can be used for marinating.

Besides, several to eliminate the bitter taste will help the soaking of fresh vegetables in cold water. For this it is necessary to add a few ice cubes. To remove the bitterness, the cucumbers need to sit in water for 2-3 hours.

Peeled cucumber

Is it possible to eliminate the bitterness?

To cucumber is not bitter, first of all, you need to choose varieties for planting. In the process of selection were derived varieties of cucumbers which are suitable for fresh salads, as the level of bitterness in them is minimal. But for canning they are not used, because a twist can not stand for a long time. These classes include: Midget, fidget, Quadrille and others.

In the process of growing any of the varieties of cucumbers, it is necessary to provide them with optimal conditions. To do this:

  • Before planting you need to choose a suitable place. Better to have the minimum amount of sunlight. After just five days of bright sunlight will cause bitterness.
  • In addition, on clay and sandy soils produce a lot of cucumbers cucurbitacins. So you need to choose a place to land with a mixed soil type.
  • It is important to observe temperature and light. Watering should be done only in warm weather separated by water.
  • If there is a sharp cold, the cucumbers must be covered with cloth or tape.
  • You must make regular feeding in the form of composted manure.

In the process of growing vegetables is also recommended to taste the leaves. If they get the bitterness, the fruit will be bitter. So, we need to try to change the conditions for their cultivation. Often kukurbitatsin produced and because of the dry soil. So you need to ensure that the roots of the plants had enough moisture.

Cucumbers for canning

In itself, the substance harmless to the human body. It helps to improve liver and pancreas. In some countries even specially grown bitter cucumbers for obtaining cucurbitacin. Therefore it is better to plant several varieties on the site. Some can be used in fresh form, while others, for canning. Therefore, observing all the rules of growing, you can grow delicious cucumbers.

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