Who wrote Winnie the Pooh?

There are many versions, but the final answer is no, who wrote Winnie the Pooh, a story about a funny bear. English original books were translated many writers from different countries and each considered it an honor to help kids and their fellow citizens to learn more about the life of the hero of this tale. For example, Poland was one of the first transfer sisters of the great poet Julian Tuwim — Irene. There is also a large number of translations into Russian language, but the most classic is still considered the translation of Boris Zakhoder, which was published in 1960.

The story of the birth

the story of the birth

We all loved the main character has two birthdays. First he had celebrated in August 1921, when he presented to the youngest child, Christopher Robin, in this day baby celebrated his first birthday. At this point, the writer Alan Alexander Milne did not know that this plush miracle will eventually become the main character of his book. Second birthday (official) it is celebrated in October 1926, when he published the first edition of the book about a funny bear and his friends, which was written by Alan Alexander Milne.

The mystery of the name

secret name

Many have read the book, watched cartoons about this exciting and fun bear, but most people don’t know that it got its name in honor of the bear Winnipeg. Dipper was kept in the London zoo, back in the early 20-ies of the twentieth century. There she came from the Canadian army corps, in those days the bear was the symbol of the army. After the war, the bear stayed in the capital of England, delighting children and adults at the zoo. In 1924 the writer Milne first took my son to the zoo to see the bear. She loved him and Christopher Robin in the same day called his beloved Teddy bear Winnie. Eventually Christopher Robin, when he was in age, in 1981, will open the monument bears in London zoo.

The first illustration

in the first-illyustraciya

The first illustrated a fun Winnie the Pooh a former army colleague, in the First world war, and colleague Alan Milne one of the magazines, the artist E. Shepard. The artist depicted one of the characters, of the writer’s son, and Winnie the Pooh with favourite toy of the child, the bear. The artist became very famous and popular, he was extremely happy, but then disappointed, because the popularity of this image eclipsed all his other work. One of the first images of the Russian version of the book, did the artist Alisa Poret, but got more and more popular illustration Eduard Nazarov, who portrayed Winnie the Pooh in everyone’s favorite animated film.

Native, Soviet Winnie


After the translation of Boris Zakhoder books, from the original version, our Soviet Winnie the Pooh was a lot different bears Milne. The author of the new version of the book Boris Zakhoder, the translation of the book made to the original text, as it seemed, the best changes, and they were very significant. All Soviet children enjoyed vopilki and chants that said Winnie the Pooh, and also together they repeated them.

Individual stories remain and the film adaptation of the book. Everyone knows the Disney Studio, in the West, made a series of animated films about a bear, but they are not very much like Christopher Robin. But, as a cartoon version of Fyodor Khitruk, which was made in the Soviet Union, with an incredible sound system, where the main characters speak with the voice E. Leonov, V. Savina, E. Garin was not only popular, but also demand among children to this day throughout the former Soviet Union. Unfortunately, the creative team of writers and Directors has developed a whole and unified view of what should be the main character, after creating three series the project was closed. Now, even in the West there is an opinion that our version of the animated film turned out much better American creation.

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