Who is the supervisor and what does he do?

The labour market offers more and more every day occupations with unusual and sometimes incomprehensible titles. One of these positions is a supervisor, which can be found in the area of trade. Specialists in this field are always very popular, but not everyone is clear what is included in the list of requirements and duties. Try to understand more who the supervisor is and what he does.

who is the supervisor

The role of the supervisor. Job responsibilities

The word «supervisor» sounds nice and unusual, but means «to look, to nasmotrelas», that is, literally, the position is called «superintendent». But in fact, he leads the sales representatives or other employees. What is a supervisor and what are his duties?

This head low-level is responsible for coordinating the work of 5 to 20 employees, serving as a liaison between senior management and ordinary rank and file workers.

The functions of the supervisor include:

  • The establishment of normal communication with each subordinate, determining its strengths and weaknesses, for the efficient organization of its work.
  • Recruiting workers for the formation of a single team that will be with high efficiency to achieve goals.
  • Adaptation of employees in the collective determination of load in accordance with the level of training of the person.
  • Monitor work of each employee and the team as a whole.
  • Monthly report of the work done.
  • Analysis of changes in the market.
  • Check the assigned tasks and achieve results.
  • The resolution of emerging conflict situations, decision-making within its competence.

the role of the supervisor

That’s all, what does a supervisor, if to speak in General terms. Actually its multitasking and provides the ability to organize, delegate responsibilities to all employees. In some companies the supervisor may be given the responsibility of staff training or presentations to subordinates.

How to become a leader?

At first glance it may seem that there is nothing difficult in doing the job of the supervisor is not, and to do this everyone can, but it’s not. In fact, she almost never appoint people without experience usually take the position of successful sellers. In universities there are no directions that have been taught and produced for future supervisors. To achieve this position, you should comprehend the peculiarities of its work from scratch.

Here is a small sequence of actions, without which this work could not be raised:

  1. To get a job as an ordinary employee in a trading company with a well-functioning system and cohesive team.
  2. To achieve its goals and to fulfill all the plans.
  3. Learn how to get along with employees and develop interpersonal skills.
  4. To constantly learn and understand the working mechanisms of the market.
  5. Learn to understand people and to work in a team.

supervisor I team

All this does not give 100% guarantee to obtain the coveted post, however, makes it possible to define a path of movement in the work. It should also be remembered that the supervisor in the trade meet a number of requirements which it must comply when submitting an application for consideration of candidacy.

In General, the points are as follows:

  • Age limit 21 to 35 years.
  • Higher education (preferably in trade or economic).
  • The absence of health problems.
  • Having a personal vehicle and driver’s license category B.
  • Computer skills, including 1C.
  • Ability to handle stress.
  • Fast learning ability.
  • Competent speech.
  • Experience in the sales field.
  • Leadership qualities.

Without all this to apply for the position of supervisor is not necessary, since the chances of getting it is very small. In addition, the employer will take into account other factors, such as the presence or absence of certain skills. In some cases, the presence of practical skills even in higher price than the possession theory from the lectures at the University, higher education.

What are the practical skills needed to be a supervisor?

A lot of supervisors have only vocational or special education, but have achieved their positions due to the ability to solve tasks and efficiently organize workflow. What practical skills can increase the chances of getting the supervisor’s position?

obligations of the supervisor

  • Experience as a merchandiser or promoter for a period of not less than 1 year.
  • Knowledge of English or another foreign language.
  • Courses of business etiquette.
  • Knowledge of employment legislation and the ability to track changes in the regulations regarding the scope of activities of the firm.
  • The presence of skills in the field of personnel management.
  • Commitment and constant growth in the professional field.
  • Certificates of trainings of various kinds in Commerce or management staff.

You should soberly assess their strength, because the supervisor does not just work in the team, but responsible for them, is constantly in motion and controls the process that is stressful.

What rights does a supervisor?

In order for the supervisor to effectively perform all its tasks and its staff, endow it with certain rights. In the framework of control over the activities of his subordinates, the supervisor may:

  • Free to browse the personal Affairs taken his team of people.
  • To request information from the accounting Department regarding payment terms of work of their wards.
  • Demand from the top management part of the workflow, providing all the necessary materials and equipment for productive work.
  • To file a petition for award or recovery of the employee.
  • Participation in planning for the next year the profit of the company and distribution of scope of work for each employee in their team.

rights of supervisor

But it is important to understand that the head receives not only the power but also great responsibility. Moreover, the salary of the supervisor almost always depends on effective work of his team, so he is always interested in creating the most suitable conditions for performance of each employee assigned to it plan.

In General, his salary varies from 25 thousand to 60 thousand rubles, in the capital or regional centers the head often can a month earn up to 150 thousand rubles. For this, the head will have to work 10 to 14 hours a day (and sometimes more), to experience constantly the psycho-emotional load and be responsible for each ward, not just the leadership, but also each client.

Video about supervisors

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