Who is the gamer

Who is a gamer or what is a gamer? A gamer is a person who plays video games. Used to call only those who played in military or role-playing games. Now the term also refers to people who do not consider themselves full players, and just interested in new released games and give them a lot of time.

who is the gamer

Web rings, forums and other virtual gaming community already existed. Nowadays, various groups of players going in stores that spetsializiruyutsya at the games. When not yet invented the Internet, players were able to play «play by mail» games that look like modern games using regular mail.

The gaming community

The players build community, in keeping with common interests. The community may be one game that won the hearts of many gamers, or the whole genre.

the man behind the computer

Invented a variety of genres, such as:

  • Adventure games.
  • Arcade.
  • Card.
  • Casino.
  • Fighting game.
  • Simulators.
  • Logical.
  • Quests.
  • Race.
  • Online game.
  • Strategy.
  • Mini-games, etc.

But unfortunately, the game belonging to a particular genre is not uniquely defined. Bad sistematizarea the distribution of games for the computer classes. In different sources you can find data about a particular game, but the descriptions can be different. However, the identity of the game to one of the main genres is uniquely defined.

Active and creative communities often embody the plot of your favorite games to life. Fans of role-playing games often are about nature and dressed in armor wielding torches and fake swords. Each of them needs to adequately carry got the role, to perform a pre-prepared tasks (as in the quest). Also, these forays into nature, allowing players to enjoy plenty of socializing with people who share their interests.

children gamers

Today’s players can be divided into several groups:

  • Ordinary players

These players prefer simple games that are not interested in the story and does not take much time. These games will help to lighten the mood in his spare time. The preferred genre of games these gamers is constantly changing. They are not used to purchase new game consoles and other paraphernalia. Demographic data indicates that the number of common players has a significant difference with the number of players who prefer traditional games. This is due to the fact that the players are women and older people.

  • Hardcore gamers (hardcore)

These players can’t imagine my life without the heavy and often bloody games. They are determined by such features as «adversarial». Many people like to take part in tournaments on the network «Quake» and «FPS». They prefer games with complex gameplay, which requires additional time to improve the passage. Hardcore choose games that are difficult to pass and with great length. They always find a free time to dot at their skills and to master the complicated plot.

what is a gamer

You can’t call any long game «hardcore». For example, almost endless «MMORPG» are not. The main characteristic of a hardcore game is the difficult gameplay and the time that players spend on honing your skills and not a long story, mission, and the time killed pimp game character.

  • Progamer (slug)

These players are not only expertly pass heavy game, but make your hobby. A player of this level can take part in the championship, which is a decent gaming Fund. These professional gamers are earning and receive the prize payments, winning the game for eSports. The financial condition of such of the player depends on the games. The time he spends out of the categories «free» and goes into the category «working». Large companies sponsor Pro gamers in countries such as Asia, South Korea, USA and Japan.

  • Noobs (newcomers)

In English the word «noob» is considered derogatory address inexperienced users of video games (in the language of «Leet» is written «n00b»). «Newb» in English, means «new». New is a simple player who is willing to learn. The slang term «Noob» refers to newcomers in a particular game or games.

gamer is a calling

  • Retrogamer

These players prefer the old arcade or console computer games. The name «retrogamer» entrenched in Europe and the United Kingdom. But such names as «old school gamer» and «classic gamer» has gained popularity in the United States. These players choose a classic, modern equipment or with the addition of ports, emulators and compilations. Most retrogamers like to restore arcade machines and old games.

  • Girls gamers

This category includes all girls who play video games. According to the data collected from a major computer company in 2009, it becomes clear that 40 percent of gamers are female.

What is an Avatar?

Avatar is like a picture. It helps to identify the players who are in different communities. He also gained popularity among competitive players, who play online games.

how to use the computer

They often ascribe to the name a prefix or suffix, which is the name of the clan. He points to the belonging to a particular clan. A clan is a group of players who have United to destroy other clans. Multiplayer online games almost always break the players into clans, in which one group of players can compare their gaming skills with the other group. Also clans are formed between supporters of the same games or people communicate with each other.

If you like to spend hours playing their favorite video games and you don’t mind to become a participant of eSports, it means that the gamer is you. Gamers – it’s not the idlers that day disappear from the monitor. It’s the people who are using video games for a living or just love to spend their free time and distract from the problems that have accumulated during the day, with the help of your favorite games.

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