Who is pacemaker?

A fashionable word «pacemaker» translates to English as «the party planner». Who is pacemaker? This man, whose every day is a holiday, and in the literal sense. It’s a demanded profession.

Who is pacemaker

What is the job of pacemaker?

Specialist holidays are invited for a big party with lots of people. He is a frequent guest at weddings, corporate parties, meetings classmates. Moreover, when it comes to the wedding, do not confuse pacemaker and toastmaster. Are two different things. Just toastmaster entertains guests, and pacemaker, in turn, engaged in a full celebration. His responsibilities included:

  1. The choice of the venue of the celebration. He agrees to lease, selects hall, agreed with the customer place
  2. The hiring of staff. Waiters, DJs, bartenders, musicians, photographers, singers – they all must be interviewed with pacemakers. Typically, experienced master party already has accumulated database, which includes reliable staff
  3. The organization of the competition program. Pacemaker takes on the role of toastmaster or master. He ensures that guests do not get bored. If you participate in the contests of the unit, and the participants sit in the corners, so pacemaker bad at his job. Its main task – to make so that the hall was full of cheerful atmosphere
  4. Disco. Specialist holidays is able to hold it himself, after agreeing a music sheet with the customer. Or he can hire a professional DJ
  5. Working with the menu. He picks up the different options of food, becomes himself, or ordering food for celebrations. On any holiday it is important that the guests were well fed and happy


The secrets of success

The organizer should be aware of the budget. If the holiday will be spent a lot of money, pacemaker left without wages.

Master the party should be aware of some tricks associated with his profession:

  1. Rent. This is the most expensive item of expenditure. Often is spent on rent 50% of the budget. An experienced specialist will always try to get the hall for free, promising loud shows with DJs or presented to the owners of tickets for other events. If these options do not suit the owners, it is possible to arrange a number of free parties. So pacemaker shows that his show can lure customers. If the financial profit in the evening has increased, the landlord may enter into with the organizer of the celebrations, the contract on carrying out of holidays. Pacemaker free rent or a substantial discount. So prudent pacemaker acquires a private room for parties
  2. Useful contacts bring income. If pacemaker have a proven staff of dancers, musicians, bartenders and waiters, so the income from the holidays already in his pocket. When ordering on the show he doesn’t need to run around town in search of experienced workers. All that is required of him, dial the number and find out busy DJ or the bartender and the appointed day.


The Golden rules of pacemakers

Advertising is a very important point. Posters on social networks, sweepstakes invitations, organization of VIP-zone all of this should work pacemaker that his business became successful. Proper marketing is bearing fruit. Some experts in the field of party give discounts to anyone who does repost the entry on the page. It’s a good publicity stunt.

No need to wait for a lightning fast profit. The first party will cause damage, that’s fine. You must have a small starting capital to begin to engage in the celebrations.

Pacemaker is the person who should take care as the bread and circuses.

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