Who is considered the inventor of the WWW, and when it happened?

Today difficult to find man who would not know about the existence of the world wide web, in other words – the World Wide Web. This system is almost everywhere, in PCs and phones, laptops and tablets. She also lets you know who is considered the inventor of the WWW, and when it happened.

who is considered the inventor of the www, and when it happened

What is the world wide web?

This «web» is formed from a huge number of web servers that provide access to related documents. Almost all resources based on the technology of hypertext, that is, pages with cross-references. For example, by going to some online encyclopedia that people can read an article and then find it in the link to other information and to use it.

Such hypertext documents and web pages. When they are on the same server and usually have a common design, referred to as a web site. People see them using special software called browser.

Very many who consider the Internet and WWW are identical concepts, but actually it is not. We can assume that the Internet is the physical basis WWW. It is a system of interconnected computer networks that uses the IP Protocol.


Key figures in the creation of the WWW

In the creation of the world wide web has separated two people – Robert Cayo and Tim Berners-Lee. The first was born in Belgium in 1947. He graduated from the University of Ghent, becoming a specialist in the field of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. In the seventies he became a master in computer science.

Future life Robert Cayo was directly related to computer science. He was engaged in computing systems, processing of data and creation of a system of hypertext.

Robert Cayo

Tim Berners-Lee was born in 1955 in London. His parents were famous mathematicians and made a huge effort to create one of the first computers. He gathered such a device during training at the Royal College, but, after the attempted hacker attacks, Type of Berners-Lee lost access to all University computers.

After graduation his life as Robert Cayo became inextricably linked with computer systems. He was involved in distributed transactions, and later began to write software for the printers and made some analogue of the operating system.

Tim Berners Lee

Who is considered the inventor of the WWW, and when it happened?

The lives of these two people, to some extent, found common ground thanks the European laboratory for nuclear research. Robert Cayo worked there first with the proton synchrotron, then became a leader in the division of data processing. In the late eighties, he proposed the system of hypertext.

Independently, about the same, and in a similar time doing Tim Berners-Lee. At CERN he worked as a consultant in the software and in the early eighties he created a program Enquire.

In 1989 the views and designs of these two men, to some extent, be connected – and this has been the establishment of a global network. If you ask, who is considered the inventor of the WWW and when this happens, the accepted answer «Tim Berners-Lee, 1989«. However, it is quite obvious that the answer is not quite correct.

First, of the merit in this invention belongs to Robert Caillou, although the immediate author of the HTTP Protocol is considered Berners-Lee. Secondly, the creation process took many years, a relatively modern version appeared only in the nineties, and in ‘ 89 it is suggested that the underlying hypertext system.

The development of the WWW

After the invention of innovative technology, it has never improved. Considerable technical specification added the Berners-Lee a few years after release.

This same man was made first web server, which is viewed with the help of another revolutionary development web browser. Tim Berners-Lee and called him WorldWodeWeb. It is widely spread already until the summer of 1991.

6 Aug Creator WWW posted in its network the first site where you can find information about the concept of the world wide web, on how to use the browsers and to install servers. Later in «the web» appeared the first picture. It was a parody picture of the band Les Horribles Cernettes.

the first photo in the Internet

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