Who is a freelancer and how to become one?

A freelancer is a creative person who can work on multiple customers, not to depend on anybody. Their clients are looking for freelancers in the Internet, thanks to modern social networks and exchanges to work remotely. Who is a freelancer? Let’s talk in detail.

Who is a freelancer

Often referred to as freelancers, consultants, managers, copywriters, rewriters. These people can earn at home much more than their counterparts in the noisy and boring offices, working for the company. On average, free workers can earn in a month 30-100 thousand rubles, the level of earnings depends not only on professional opportunities, but also from experience. Experienced freelancers can earn good money due to its status and rating, which is displayed on the website where they provide their services.

What makes a freelancer?

Many novice workers remote works interested in the question of what makes a freelancer, how can he earn money at home, not getting a job, officially? It’s very simple. As a rule, freelancers are aimed at implementing certain projects, which bring them good money.

The duties of the modern freelancers include:

  • Writing unique content on various sites.
  • The translation of the text.
  • Development of advertising brochures.
  • The preparation of drawings.
  • Creation of sites.
  • Filling sites with useful information.

Duties of the freelancer

Some are interested in becoming a freelancer with zero, and must be an it guy? No, the modern world allows to be a regular freelancer for creative people who love to write articles and to convey useful information to the reader. For example, today very popular such vacancy, as the rewriter. You just need to be able to work with the finished text, correctly and beautifully Express their thoughts.

The difference between freelancing and remote work

Many people mistakenly assume it’s the same thing. In fact, there are similarities but also differences is not enough. First and foremost it is worth noting that freelancers are people who enter into contracts all over the world wide web, they sign contracts and can meet people if need be. But freelancers are people who communicate with their customers virtual, via the Internet.

The benefits of freelancing

Of course, every job has its advantages and disadvantages, and the work of a freelancer is no exception.

The advantages of a freelancer

The advantages include:

  • Saving time and money. To work as a freelancer, do not have to Wake up at 6 am and on public transport to get to and from work. No need to spend money on the road and at lunch at work.
  • The ability to work anytime and anywhere. You are not tied to your job, you don’t need to take time off for personal reasons, no need to wait for the holiday to spend time with my family abroad. You can work in any country, the main thing is to have a PC and good Internet connection.
  • Freelancing opens up great opportunities to generate new business.
  • No need to daily connect with customers.
  • You have no boss, you are they have for themselves.
  • Stable income and new opportunities. After a few years of freelance work in any area you will experience a rapid growth in career that can not but rejoice. As a result, higher wages.
  • Daily «live» money. Working with customers online, you have the opportunity every day to get the money. You no longer need to wait a whole month to get paid a penny.
  • The opportunity to work in their field. If you have a diploma of higher education in the specialty of journalism, and the city just can’t find a job, work as a freelancer is the best option. Choose the position of copywriter and earn money to your time.

Disadvantages of freelance

Despite the fact that the work a freelancer has many advantages, negative aspects can also be noted, they simply can not be avoided.

Disadvantages Of Freelance

Among them we can mention:

  • Searches should work. Today there are many sites for such earnings, payment for work which does not meet the modern needs of people. To succeed and get good earnings, you will have to spend more than one month, it takes years.
  • Lack of social support. Here are not paid vacations, and sick, that’s why only you can decide whether to go on vacation, wasting money, or you can still find the strength to productive work.
  • Disagreements with loved ones. Very often such work is necessary to devote time day or night and even on weekends. Due to the fact that Internet happens to people from different countries, the time zone may also vary. Some clients require to work at a time when Russia night. In order not to lose good customers and high earnings, you have to sacrifice family relationships.
  • The chance of encountering scammers. Most often when the payment is made after submitting the progress report. If you have found a new customer that is not time-tested, it is best to refuse to work without payment, because of scams today, unfortunately, is not enough. Sometimes even experienced freelancers across their network.

How to become a freelancer from scratch?

If you want to start your career with a clean slate, it is best to initially give preference to the more simple jobs. As we have said, to become a freelancer, it is not necessary to be an it specialist. If you want your career are over too fast, give preference to such vacancies:

  • The rewriter or copywriter.
  • The administrator of the Facebook page.
  • The administrator groups in contact.
  • Internet seller.

These jobs will help you to grow in this area, to develop their clients and customers, and quickly find a stable salary.

How to become a freelancer

Once you define their job, you should definitely be trained. You need to learn all the basics related to your work, update knowledge and skills if they are present. It is also worth to learn to quickly adopt and absorb new information.

And the last stage on the way is to register on the corresponding website, if we are talking about copywriting, creating groups and pages in social networks. One must also have patience, free time and desire, because it is not always the first stage of the operation everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Be prepared for difficulties.

How is the payment for this work?

Of course, if you work at a computer in the Internet, then services will be billed to you at the e-wallets. For convenience, you need to create your wallet, you can give preference to:

  1. Yandex money.
  2. Kiwi.
  3. WebMoney.

WebMoney wallet

It is also worth online the exchanger be sure to link your card, which you best withdraw money. The process output and the online exchange of funds occurs instantly, and that’s another huge plus of freelance work. The main thing to choose jobs in this field, patience and time, you certainly will succeed.

Video how to become a freelancer

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