Who is a copywriter and what does he do

A copywriter is a modern creative profession that is gaining momentum in different cities and countries from year to year. Modern people can’t imagine life without the Internet and media, which draw a lot of new and useful information. Everyone has heard, but many have no idea of what a copywriter is and what he does?

who is the copywriter

The concept of copywriting

Copywriting is writing unique articles for future posting on the Internet, as well as advertising texts and slogans. It is aimed at the promotion or review of any goods and services, people and ideas, public awareness.

Who is the copywriter

What is a copywriter? A copywriter is a person who is engaged in writing unique articles on a particular theme for your customer. After the sale of the high content uniqueness, the person that wrote this or that text, loses the right to authorship and ownership article, and has no right to claim of the customer in the future. When ordering writing articles, the customer can not only identify themes, but also prescribe the required number of characters for a key or introductory words, the terms of reference. What does a copywriter is usually, and what qualifications should possess:

  • To be able to write meaningful texts, without errors.
  • To deliver the finished article in due time, without delays and to be able to improve them in accordance with comments of the customer, if necessary.
  • To be able to paraphrase, i.e. to rewrite any sentence in other words without loss of meaning, to persuade and to change the words and phrases in some places.
  • To be able to understand various control systems unique articles and modern software.
  • To be able to quickly print.
  • To be able to write selling and promoting (SEO), as well as advertise texts.
  • To be able to disclose the topic of the article in a specified number of characters to write the introduction and conclusion.

a copywriter

Many customers, in addition to the ability to correctly and competently build a sentence without spelling, punctuation and stylistic, lexical and speech errors and typos, require copywriters ability to self-publish your texts on the Internet. This requires a basic knowledge of markup language documents, HTML, and CSS, as well as skills in designing content. Also from copywriters often requires knowledge of foreign languages and a selection of unique photographs in accordance with the theme. Popular uses copywriting, aimed at translating texts from various foreign languages, with the subsequent structuring of the text to the desired specification. These types of writing are evaluated in the order above normal.

In order to master the profession of a copywriter, most do not need to have special training, higher education or the completion of additional training courses. Enough to possess such qualities as restraint, responsibility, competence and desire to learn and grow professionally. For beginners in the field of writing unique articles, customers often help, give advice, write unbiased reviews and comments that help to understand the technical objectives, extend the deadlines for articles stipulate in detail all conditions and requirements.

A lot of specifics, such as medicine or Economics, require the copywriter of higher or secondary professional education (medical, economic or legal, etc.), as well as experience in this field, and examples of finished works from writing articles on the given topic. Most often in the form of a completed portfolio or online links to the location of the previously written articles posted on the Internet.


Earnings in the Internet

Nowadays, in the Internet there are many different exchanges and sites that allow you to work as a copywriter, increasing the level of qualification and gaining skills. The work is constructed in such a way that the person who wishes to enter the profession of copywriting, finds a permanent customer or delivers the application to perform any tasks on the topic of interest, with a predetermined price for every thousand characters with spaces or without them. Further detailed studies of the task subject and requirements of the customer article. Then the performer writes a unique text on a given topic, observing all the requirements for uniqueness, the number of characters entered is correct and concise writing in the text and insert key words for search engines.

Then the copywriter can verify uniqueness and other necessary parameters, such as: academic or classical technotest, zusammensto text, the presence of «water», the presence of unique and meaningful words, stop words, etc. using semantic analysis of the text, identifying spelling and grammatical errors, and validation uniqueness. Then the contractor hands over the check to the customer and in the case that the article fully complies with the specified characteristics and the like to the customer receives the money blocked on your account.

Working on the Internet, copywriters can fill your portfolio, collect positive or negative feedback on the job from customers, as well as to raise the rating. From these indicators, potential employers will be able to make an opinion about the professionalism of the copywriter, and make the decision to work with him or not. The level of skill of the author of a man depends on his earnings. Newcomers to the profession earn less than a long time are people who know the specifics of the work and who can write unique and literate lyrics in a shorter time.

earnings in the Internet

Written texts must reveal the essence of the theme of the work, and to be literate and interesting. Easy to read and to convey the essence to the audience.

It is important to consider the choice of profession responsibly. Before becoming a copywriter, it’s important to know who a copywriter is and what he does, to understand whether you are able to cope with the task to take constructive criticism from strangers and get acquainted with the specifics of the profession, and then make a choice «for» or «against.»

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