Who are the vipers?

In fact, the answer to the question, who are the vipers is very simple – is a character from the popular computer game Dota 2. However, people who are trying to understand the meaning of the word, mean something quite different. The fact that what they want to learn, called vapers, not vipers.

who is the Viper

Who are the vipers

So, Viper is a character from the game, whose name in English sounds like Viper. His attacks are far to type, and a key characteristic is agility. Like other heroes of Dota 2, Viper has its own abilities. For example, they help enhance the action of its poison. This reduces the speed of movement and attacks.

The other ability, which is also passive, not only slows the enemy, but causing him harm. However, it works only in case if some damage gets the character. Also this ability helps the Viper to resist spells.

Finally, the third ability, in addition to everything else, periodically deals damage to the opponent.

By itself, the Viper is a graduate of the magician, which was found in the dungeons of the Lower bounds. For some time he was subdued, but then realized that his poison is pretty strong weapon, and he doesn’t have to learn magic. Viper poisoned his master and became free.


The meaning of waper

Most people are asking who are the vipers, in fact, want to know about the vapers. Although calling them vipers is hardly possible, we should still answer this question.

So vapers is a new kind of subculture that emerged in connection with the active development of electronic cigarettes. Her supporters believe that she found a healthy replacement to traditional cigarettes. According to them, they relax and have fun without harming your health. Such Smoking they are paying a huge amount of time.

For vapers two very important components. First, the classical electronic cigarette them almost not used. They buy (and create) more complex devices allowing to implement such an important component.

Secondly, it is important for vapers to make a lot of smoke. The more steam the better, he usually has a certain flavor.

Believe it or not that is Smoking completely safe, everyone must decide for himself. A full study of this issue has not previously been conducted, and meanwhile the number of vapers is growing steadily. They are already incredibly much in the United States, and the fashion gradually conquers Russia.

who vapers

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