Who are the hipsters? What is characteristic of them?

There are many subcultures. Most of them keep their popularity a few years and then disappear as if they never existed. Some subcultures are sometimes revived, with a little varying. Who are the hipsters – it’s a question asked by those who want to learn about one of the latest trends in the field of subcultures.

who are the hipsters

The history of hipsters

People ask, what is a hipster, when you want to know about the subculture that have gained strong popularity in recent years. But in fact, it existed in the forties in the United States of America.

Then this subculture carried a completely different meaning. Her name appeared in the thirties. It was formed from the words «hep» and «hip», and the second is a more recent version first. This concept can be translated as «one who in the subject.» Described person who specializes in jazz. Culture hipsters of the forties was based on the music supporters appreciate her and her performers.

In the late thirties KEB Calloway created Dictionary Hipster, which gave a definition of the phrase «hep cat». It was designated people who know the answers to all the questions that understands jazz. Thus, the answer to the question «what is a hipster?» at that time was – those people who love jazz.

Supporters of this trend were trying to copy the style of life of the jazz performer. They dressed accordingly, and used a certain slang and used drugs. Also they were notable for their ironic attitude to life, wide use of humor, the rejection of most material goods and freedom in relation to sex.

hipsters of the forties

Who are the hipsters?

Subculture of hipsters was replaced by an era of emo and the Goths, who for a long time was popular in many countries. Although this change occurred in 2008, the greatest popularity of this fashion gained until 2011.

Some common essence of hipsters survived with 40s. In particular, in Russia supporters of this culture actively repelled by the images of fashionistas – fashion, which existed in the USSR at the same time as the culture of hipsters in America.

Modern adherents of this culture rarely pay attention to jazz. Typically, they focus on indie rock, movies, designed for a wide audience, as well as on contemporary art. In particular, among the hipsters extremely highly regarded vintage style.

fashionista hipster

Features hipsters

In order to easily recognize the supporters of this culture, you need to know who are the hipsters and what is characteristic of them.

First and foremost, the hipster style is associated with vintage using vintage fashion and style. However, most of the young people makes it a little different.

Hipsters wear tight-fitting jeans legs, that is «skinny», they often tuck pant legs. On their heads they flaunt glasses usually with a thick rim, while they do not affect vision, and are only used as an accessory. Supporters culture wear t-shirts with different prints and often shoes in shoes of the brand «Converse».

The appearance of hipsters often accompanied by certain gadgets. For example, many armed with film cameras, while others go with the iPhone, some are holding Notepad «Kolesnik».

Fashion mustache, beard and shaved whiskey is largely due to the trends of this subculture. This includes the wearing of hats. A distinctive feature of the girls there are t-shirts and plaid shirts.

what is characteristic of hipsters


Most of the hipster trying to stand out not only clothing style, but also by certain peculiarities of behavior. For example, they often lead their blogs on Twitter, and praised the London.

These people like (or pretend like) bikes and scooters, their frequent accessory are scarves big size and the same bags. Often hipsters preach vegetarianism.

Hipsters have nothing against tattoos. As a rule, they have a lot of them, and color. Completely clogged hoses, as pictured below, is not uncommon.

Although the representatives of this subculture and belong to the middle class, as a rule, they are spending a lot of time in coffee shops, constantly traveling and, of course, to put this report in a social network. It is believed that hipsters perceive life as a game.

hipster tattoo


Most people who are not part of this subculture perceives it negatively. One journalist said about hipsters that, although their essence is to avoid labels, they all dress in the same clothes, the same brand. They are against conformity, but at the same time keep the standards very conformist.

However, not all agree with the harsh criticism of the subculture. For example, Rob Horning has raised the question of whether or not there was hatred to this fashion before fashion itself?

Anyway, most people who dress in hipster style, hardly call themselves hipsters. However, this trend was quite apparent for several years.

girl hipster

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