Who are the haters?

Borrowed words it is increasingly common in the modern world: the Internet, in the language of the people, on the screens of television and radio. To follow the innovations are often not so simple. The word haters recently entered our lives, but has already gained popularity among young people.

Who are the haters and what they do

A few years ago, nobody knew about the existence of the word, and now who did not ask youth to date. We will try to understand with this concept in the article.

who are the haters

The origin of the word

It’s the word «haters» to us from abroad. It is not known exactly invented it, the British or the Americans. What do you mean Hayter is easy to guess, if you attended classes at the school. A little knowing the English language, it becomes clear that the word comes from the English HATE — which translated to «hate».

Accordingly, the haters — people who hate something. Someone hates subjective objects, people, and someone — the whole world, the planet or even the cosmos. And strongly it is expressed the extent of his education.

Since the word has come to us from the world wide web, the haters are often limited to angry posts on the Internet, negative reviews and articles in their own blogs or discussion forums.

the hate for comp to view these files

The main victim of haters

That means a hater, we understand. Now let’s see what they have become known, and what attracted. Who pay attention haters and hate the most?

  • Athletes.
  • Musicians.
  • Leading.
  • The creators of anything: electronics, clothing, shoes, etc.

The creators of the blogs on the Internet

Activity here does not matter. Haters hate those who are able to achieve something, become famous and popular. And the more a person is popular, the more haters.

Every star has fans. So, haters are the opposite of fans. Who will be more dependent on the individual «stars» and the quality of the material.

trolling the Internet

As can be seen from the description, the haters create negativity around their chosen object or subject. Therefore, a positive assessment from them should not wait. What they can Express their hatred?

  • Discussion in a negative way.
  • Nitpicking all the little things.
  • Saying negative rating action.
  • Search pitfalls.
  • Condemnation of any position.
  • Taking all the words for a lie, call recording.

Words can hurt more than actions. However, they’re not the worst thing that can happen. Haters can go and such acts as the abolition of reservation of a hotel room on behalf of well-known personalities. But that is still disorderly conduct. Much worse, they can disrupt the concert, bring a man to madness, and even go to criminal actions. This, of course, rare cases, but they are in the modern world. Catersto are not only well-known personalities.

In the previous paragraph the emphasis was on the fact that the object of the haters — people. However, most haters turn their hatred upon creation, objects of art, movies, books.

Expressing his opinion about the shortcomings of an object, people try to achieve cancellation of the film screening, the abolition of the continuation of the series, reducing the circulation of books. Special attacks are the most popular TV shows and movies.

the haters on the phone

If Hayter and fails to reach the goal, the creation of a negative image around the object of hatred they cope perfectly well. People who doubt the purchase, watching various reviews, so may abandon it because of them. And, therefore, one of the goals of the haters will be achieved: fewer people see the object of their hatred.

Than Hayter is different from criticism?

One might get the impression that Hayter is the same as critic. And critic and a hater do what Express my opinion about an object, Express its position and attitude to a given situation. But it is not, words have different meanings.

phone haters

Unlike criticism from Hayter is that a critic has some knowledge about the object, able to analyze, which allows him to judge the quality of an object or the functions of a famous person. That’s why listen to his opinion.

In addition, you will never hear from the critic of judgment about the object in which he does not understand and knows nothing about him. Haters, on the other hand, often criticize what they don’t know only due to the hate at first sight or other-imposed negative evaluation.

From haters can only hear value judgments, objective arguments in the debate, they are rarely used. Critics are willing to challenge their point of view, to prove his position, and if they understand that their opponent brought sufficient arguments can change my opinion. Haters will never change opinion, they will be happy to Express their negative emotions in discussions, despite any counterarguments.

Haters will not even listen to arguments, they will repeat their arguments the same day, not even thinking about their meaning. Them in language uses memorized phrases, which they use on a daily basis.

What a hater really is and that they are guided by

It would seem that some reason should be the person to Express negative attitude towards what I do not understand. Why haters hate anything that is sought, and why can’t you just remain silent?

who are the haters

One conclusion: they want to be the center of attention, but can’t create or make anything for themselves. There is only one to criticize the one who did it. So, of the attention of a famous person will go to Hayter. In the case of some object, like a book- all the same. Of the attention given this product, go to Hayter. It will engage in dialogue, listen to it and follow the advice. Not popularity, which is lacking in the lonely everyone hates the man?

So the correct answer to the question, what is a hater? This is a man who is deprived of attention and wants to bring him in at the expense of others.

What are haters?

  • Inadequate personality. They leave comments in all the blogs and forums. They often offend those who argue, and move on to the individual charges. And can refer to gender differences, social and other. With such people it is better not to communicate, they need to ignore and not respond to their negative «attacks».
  • The haters on Instagram. It’s usually the haters who leave negative reviews and comments on the social network. It’s a cowardly people, their own pages are always closed and the message they write is impossible. The method of dealing with them is trolling.
  • The usual haters. They often write in social networks, negative nature of the message. They should reply in a jokey way, to argue makes no sense. No arguments they are not taken adequately.

haters at work

So, haters are people who want attention and can only be achieved at the expense of offending others. Most of the time their rating is not based on any objective reasons, therefore contact them and communicate no meaning.

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