Who and when introduced the term hypertext

Many who have to work with a large amount of information, heard the term «hypertext», but not everyone understands what it is. Those who roughly understands, preoccupied with another question – «who and when introduced the term hypertext?». And to work with hypertext, have been much easier you need to clearly understand what it is and who and why it was created.

what is a hypertext

What it is

Hypertext is text which contains links to other fragments or segments, which in turn serve as the explanation of the sending of the fragment. To cite a modern example, this text, which is a wide variety of information markers. Clicking on them takes you to another page or information resource which explains the word that has been allocated by the marker.

The concept of hypertext is quite simple. There is a specific database that is divided into a large number of important objects. The objects themselves – is often text sections that are responsible for a particular topic. With the help of special computer commands, these objects stand out against the text. All objects in the database are linked, and there is the possibility to easily move from one to the other, and if you want to add new objects and to establish contact with old objects.

the idea of hypertext

That is, the hypertext is a large network of texts that are interrelated and have special markers for the transition between major sections of the text.

The term «hypertext» was used in 1965 by Ted Nelson, he is considered its founder. This term they have been described as follows — «this is the text that divides itself, has its own nature and is able to perform a large number of actions at user’s request».

Hypertext in literature

Although the wide distribution of the received hypertext with the advent of computer technology, prior to their appearance the principle of presenting information have long been used in the literature. The first and most famous book, which has been used this way of structuring information was «Bible.» To track the hypertext in this book is not difficult, almost every Chapter makes direct reference to another head, or on a specific line of a specific document.

It is in such a way and built the hypertext in the literature — the text is littered with special units that refer the reader to other chapters and sections, with additional information on the topic or issue. Hypertext most often used in scientific and applied literature, as in these areas its use is most justified, because the author has to consistently explain a large amount of information, and with the help of special links it can explain the controversial and difficult-to-grasp moments, without departing from the main narrative.

Methods of implementation

After the term was introduced to professional turnover, a large number of academics thinking about how to make use of the hypertext more easily understood. At the same time and began developing special programs for different operating systems, which made it possible for ordinary users to create a database using hypertext.

Ted Nelson is the founder of hyperlink

The most significant discoveries based on the hypertext:

  • The first such device was the «Memex» was created by Annavaram Bush. The main feature of this device, in addition to the ability to read and use the letter of the hypertext, is the ability to transmit information using a special «memes.» Used «memes» was taken from one of the most popular work of Dawkins, in which «memes» were presented to units of cultural development of society. Thanks to this approach, a way of organizing information has become more systematized and generalized. However, the great popularity of this device has not received, since due to the complexity of the terminology, it required a lot of knowledge from the user, and therefore, use it could only scientists.
  • The second man, who used hypertext as a basis for his invention, was Douglas Engelbart. First, the main objective of the study was to find a way to expand the mental abilities of a person. But later, the main task of the study has changed a bit, and created a technology «NLS». The essence of this technology was the preservation and transmission of information, by strictly distribution database structured on specific departments.
  • And the most important person for «hypertext» has become – Berners Lee, who with the help of this method of structuring information created the Internet. The Internet itself, since its inception, was a large database with a large number of links and sections are interrelated.

Now you know exactly what kind of idea and who first told him about it.

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